Review Policy/Contact

Nereyda’s Review Policy

Due to my endless TBR, I am currently only accepting review requests for books that I have featured in my WOW posts or from author’s I’ve previously read books by. Please do not contact me otherwise, all other request will be ignored. If your book matches my criteria, feel free to email me at (addressed to Nereyda).

Please make sure to include the following in your review request:
1. Your name
2. Name of book
3. Book cover
4. Brief summary of book
5. Link to Goodreads book page
6. Book release date

What you can expect from my reviews:
-Book Cover
-Book summary from either Amazon or Goodreads
-My honest opinion.
-My rating
-Some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes
-Link to buy book on Amazon, B&N and Audible (if applicable)

***My reviews will always be spoiler-free. However, if I am reviewing a book that is part of a series, there will be spoilers from any previous books which I will clearly mark before my review***

Nick’s Review Policy

I am currently NOT accepting books for reviews unless it is for an author/publisher I have worked with in the past or it’s for a book that I have expressed interest in. I can be emailed at Due to time constraints, I do not have time to personally respond to every review request I receive and therefore, will only respond to the ones I’m accepting within 2 weeks. Please be sure to check that the book belongs to one of the following genres (all other genres will be automatically rejected):

Genres of books I accept ONLY
– YA (all sub genres included)
– New Adult
– Adult (UF, Paranormal romance, Contemporary romance, Chick Lit and Historical Romance)

What you can expect from my reviews:
-Book Cover
-Book summary from either Amazon or Goodreads
-My honest and polite feelings of the book(Even if I disliked the book, I make sure to talk about what others might enjoy in the book and I never engage in author bashing)
-My rating
-Graphics if it’s a for book that I loved