The Book-Baby Hater & The Book-Dad Fan Fawn Over Do Over by Serena Bell

The Book-Baby Hater & The Book-Dad Fan Fawn Over Do Over by Serena BellDo Over
by Serena Bell
Release Date: January 30th 2018
Published by Loveswept
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 219
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

Toe-curling? Check. Sheet-twisting? Check. But is that enough for a second chance?

I’m pretty much as tough as they come. But when a woman comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. Scratch that—when Maddie Adams comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. That’s how we ended up making our incredible son five years ago, and that’s why I practically beg her to move in with me when she’s in a tight spot. Of course, the last time I got the chance to be the hero, I let her down, but I’m not making the same mistake twice. This time, I’m going to be the man she deserves—and then I’m going to lay every ounce of sexy on her until she lets me back into her heart.

Jack Parker is hot, and he knows it. What he’s not is a family man, something this single mom had to learn the hard way. Still, moving into his place until I get back on my feet makes all kinds of sense. He’s an old friend. He’s, ahem, the father of my child. And let’s face it, now that I’ve just been colossally dumped, we’ve got nowhere else to go. The truth is, I never could resist Jack. Living under the same roof puts dirty thoughts in my head. And when my brilliant plan backfires, my whole body is begging for a do-over. . . .

Do Over is a standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a satisfying happily ever after. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Nereyda: Books with kids in them and I just… don’t get along. When Do Over showed up in my email, there was something about it that made me want to request it despite the pesky kid. The big reason this one caught my attention was because this book reminded me so much of Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson, which is not only one of my favorite books, but also one of the rare books with kids that I love.

Nick: Unlike Nereyda, I’m not a baby hater! But I do love all things second chance romances (and hot dads), so I had to get this one. Plus, I had seen Lauren Layne rave about Serena Bell’s books in the past, and I have had her on my TBR ever since. Do Over was so much more than I expected. I went in knowing that I would probably like it, but I was very pleasantly surprised at just how much I loved it.

Nereyda: Exes are a favorite trope of mine, enough that it made me overlook the kid thing. I’m so glad I did because this was such a refreshing book that I just ate up, I couldn’t stop reading it! Another selling point for me was that the kid belonged to the main characters so not only do they have an established history, they also have an established history with the child. I can’t tell you how much it annoys me when a new person comes in to the picture and they basically become mom/dad to a kid after a short while.

Jack and Maddie were childhood friends. Their son was a result of one night of passion that ended in a misunderstanding. Jack knew he would never be cut for the hands on dad role, so he offers to support Maddie financially and see his son on his assigned days. I’m not gonna lie, how Jack acted towards his soon in the beginning was very off-putting. He actually referred it as babysitting on weekends when he had his son and he basically dumped his son on his mom and sister and was happy to let them take care of his son.  That laid-back dad lifestyle changes when Maddie shows up at his door crying after catching her boyfriend with her best friend. A crying Maddie has always been a weakness of Jack’s and he ends up offering to let them say at his place until she finds a new place to live. Living in close quarters with your ex who you still find very attractive is a bad idea. Even worse knowing their child will be affected if things end badly between them again.

Nick: I agree! There was just a very readable and addictive quality to this book. Once I started, I had a very hard time stopping. Don’t you just love books like that? I might just go and re-read this one as soon as I finish writing my review!

Anyways, I really really loved both Jack and Maddie. They were great likeable characters. I especially liked Jack. He is a bit of a fuck boy at first, but he grows for the better as the story progresses. He struggles with being a dad at times, but he tries to 100% be there for his son. He was an absolute sweetheart when he tried to make more of an effort for his son. It was the cutest seeing the two of them interact. Definitely had my ovaries exploding there, which I know, such a cliche thing to say! But besides that, I loved loved loved how he was 100% devoted to Maddie. He wants her, and is so patient, and kind to her. He offers her his support while subtly trying to seduce her, but never ever pushes her into something she doesn’t want. I liked Maddie a lot too. She’s a great girl, smart and with a good head on her shoulders. I especially liked how she wasn’t someone who waffled in her issues. When she faces an obstacle, she rises up from it, because she knows she has got to be brave for her son.

Nereyda: One of my favorite things in the book was seeing Jack’s evolution as a person and as a father. I loved seeing him grow from someone that cares about things like going out and girls to someone that puts his son and the mother of his child first. I liked seeing him bond with his son, without the help of his mom or his sister and I really liked seeing his relationship with Maddie grow as he realizes he may be cut out for this whole family life after all. Maddie was also a great character. She had every excuse to break down but she always remained strong for her son. I loved seeing her bond with Jack’s new sister and making new friends and pull herself out of a shitty situation. I absolutely loved the romance between her and Jack and loved seeing them all interact as a family.

Nick: YES! The OTP is real, folks! I loved the progression of the romance. Do Over was definitely a second-chance romance written well. I also appreciated that the book didn’t have too much angst or drama. Instead it remains light and hopeful throughout. And let me tell you, Serena Bell sure knows how to bring steam to the pages. The chemistry between Jack and Maddie was so good! I could feel the romantic tension between them, and I was just on the edge of my seat waiting for their first reunion kiss! There’s great banter and dialogue in the book, as well, which just amped up my enjoyment of the story.

Nereyda: Do Over was one of those rare books that reminded me that maybe not all books with kids are bad when done right. If you’re like me and hate books with kids, I would still highly recommend this book. I would also urge you guys to check out Any of Man of Mine while you’re at it, or any of these other kid books that made my favorite list. This is my first book by this author but I will keep an eye out for more books by her.

Nick: I’m with Nereyda! Do Over was a wonderful story of second-chance, family and romance. It’s the perfect sort of book to spend your time with when you’re feeling down or glum. The characters are sure to charm their way into your hearts, and the romance between the pair will have you swooning for days after (which isn’t as bad as I make it sound! 😉 ).

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