Blog/Life Balance: How To Handle It All When There’s Not Enough Time in the Day

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best book blogger. I even did a post last month about how bad a blogger I really am. But you know what, I like blogging, still after 6 years and right now, that’s where my priorities lie. To enjoy blogging and not let it turn into a chore. I’m a busy mom of two girls, 11 and 8 and I wake up at 4:45am to start my early shift where I work full time, then I come home and I have to do all the mom and house things like making my kids lunch, cleaning, laundry, dinner and the ever dreaded homework. There’s also my other hobbies like bullet journaling, audiobooks, long showers and exercising. Add all that up and that leaves little to know time to devote to actually reading or blogging not to mention all other blog related things like commenting and replying to comments. So, how do I manage to do it all?  Its very simple.  I don’t.

I’ve come to accept that there’s just no way I can do it all. Not unless I wanna give up sleep and frankly I don’t see that happening. Over the last six years, my priorities as a blogger have changed so much. At first I just wanted someone to read my blog and be interested in what I had to say. When I found followers, I wanted more followers. I wanted publicist’s connections. I wanted to be friends with authors and other bloggers and I wanted all the pretty ARC’s and no, I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Now, my priorities are completely different.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the countless nights that I stayed up reading until 3am because I was trying to finish a book that I had a blog tour for the next (technically the same) day, or how many times I forced myself to read a book I wasn’t loving because I was embarrassed to tell the author/publicists that I wasn’t loving a book, or al the times that I missed out on things like going to the park with my kids because I wanted to read instead. Now, I read when I feel like it and when I can, even if that means going a few days without reading a single page or taking two weeks to finish one book. Now, I care about reading books that genuinely sound interesting to me and regardless of the hype or pretty cover. Now, I just wanna share with you guys the books I’ve read, even if they aren’t many and hear about what books you guys have been reading and loving.

I blog when I can and take some time off when I need it (huge thanks to Nick for being such an understanding blogger and for having to answer stupid questions like ‘how do I log in the blog?’ over and over). I comment when I can and not because I want comments back but because I want to know what you guys are reading or are up to. I’m not on social media so I 100% rely on Nick and the bloggers I follow to let me know what books are coming out.  Sometimes, this means that I will go two weeks without checking my blog feed or a month without replying back to comments or skipping my blog days here and there because I have to learn how to draw a fucking hammerhead shark for my daughters project (true story, my hammerhead shark turned out pretty good) or using my 30 minutes of free time to set up my journal for the week or exercise or go to bed early.

So for all those days where you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to work/study or even spend time with family and friends, just remember that nobody said you have to do it all. Skip a blog day or two (or more) when you need to. Your followers will still be there, publicists won’t stop emailing you, authors will always want readers to read their books,  book bloggers will always want to talk about books and the blog will still be there.

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