The Weekly Recap (264): The One In Which Nick Wins A Contest

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Happy Sunday, friends!

It’s only me today for the weekly recap. Nereyda is up in the mountains with her family, spending time in the snow. I had a good week back to school. It’s always a little weird trying to get adjusted to a new schedule, but my quarter is pretty spaced out this time around, which I’m happy about. So yeah, it’s been a mostly busy week with me trying to adjust, going to class, getting reading done for school. It was also nice to see my friends after 3 weeks of break.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much. Just watching some TV shows – I have obsessively been watching Chicago Med these past few weeks, so I did a little bit of that. I also caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine. I seriously love that show and I feel like it keeps getting better and better.

Ooh, I did win a contest on Katee Robert’s FB page. She was asking for title suggestions for her upcoming newsletter serial story, and your girl’s title won! It will be called Recipe for Temptation. 😀

I also got a decent amount of books read this, which I’m very happy about especially because the books were so enjoyable:

What I Read:

Holiday in the Hamptons The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1) Next Year in Havana One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1) Most Likely To Score

All of these books were truly wonderful. Holiday in the Hamptons was an adorable second chance romance. The Cruel Prince was bloody and twisty and all kinds of epic. It’s one of the best YA fantasy/fae novels I have ever read. Then, I picked up Next Year in Havana which was AMAZING. This book is easily a 5 stars for me and it made me feel so many feels. My heart aches every time I even think about it. It was just that good. One and Only was also a cute read. I had fun reading it and I especially liked all the great female friendships. Then, I finished up the week reading Most Likely to Score by Lauren Blakely, and I enjoyed it a lot. The guy was an adorable bean!

What I’m Currently Reading:

Blood and Sand

Just about started this one, and it’s interesting so far!

Review Copies Haul:

Blood and Sand  I Am Justice (Band of Sisters, #1) My Plain Jane (The Lady Janies, #2) The Other Side of Lost Relative Strangers From Twinkle, with Love

I may have screamed when From Twinkle, With Love showed up in the mail. I’M SO HAPPY.
Thanks so much to the wonderful authors and publishers for the review copies!

Purchased Haul:

Most Likely To Score Dangerous Promise (The Protector, #1)

Our Weekly Recap:

Fun Search Terms:

“candy nick”
list of romance books with groveling hero
alex approximately characters
beautiful bitch
excerpts about first kiss from famous books
zoey redbird worst character
hd flash very unicorn lipstick fucking

We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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  • Oh man getting back into the routine can be tough but glad your schedule is spaced well this semester. Congrats on the contest win!!! Glad you enjoyed that Sarah Morgan book – I need to check that one out. Yay for the review pretties. Have a great week Nick!

  • SUPER exciting that you got to name something! I haven’t had the privilege yet myself, but I know I’d explode with excitement if I did! <3S

    Also so glad you enjoyed The Cruel Prince!! It's up next on my reading list and I hope all those twists destroy my brain. In a good way.

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  • You named something? Check you out, that’s very awesome go you. And you enjoyed The Cruel Prince! Yay, I’m so excited, I’m always nervous when folks read books I love cos what if they don’t like them too? I have been doing a whole heap of TV watching over the past week too. I am now on to season 2 of Bones, I didn’t intend to do a rewatch but I never saw the last couple of seasons so I wanted to rewatch now the show is over and I am loving it. I also intend to rewatch Hart of Dixie because I was craving some cute easy TV so that is what I plan to watch when Bones feels to heavy for me.

  • Congrats on winning the contest!!! That is a great title. 😍 I completely forgot about the Harper haul! My head has been a mess lately. I downloaded a few. OMG I am also reading Blood and Sand, how cool is that?! It sounds awesome. I think it’s part of a trilogy? Happy reading, Nick!

    Have a wonderful weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • What an awesome contest to win. Congrats! And you have the new Paula Garner. I want! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  • I’m glad your quarter is off to a good start! I also started back this week, and I agree that it was so great to see all my friends and also to get back into a normal routine. Yay for winning the contest, too– I love your title! I picked up The Cruel Prince this week, and I cannot WAIT to get to it. I also can’t wait to hear your thoughts on From Twinkle With Love (ahhhh!). Also, WOOHOO for Brooklyn Nine Nine. <3 Have a fantastic week, Nick!

  • laura thomas

    It’s nice to hear you are off to a good start this year. And congrats on your win. Such a clever title!

    My Sunday Post

  • Glad you are having a good start to your quarter! I’m so happy you got a copy of From Twinkle with Love. I know you enjoyed the first book by that author. And congrats on the win! Great title!

  • Charlie Anderson

    Sometimes it takes me a while to fully adjust to a schedule change. Glad things are going well! I’m in watching limbo right now. I finished Forensic Files and now my life is empty. Barren. I need some crazy…and to know when someone is trying to kill me. Just in cases. Happy reading!

  • Ooo congrats on winning; I’m shit at naming things.

    I’m sooo happy you enjoyed The Cruel Prince, it was sooo messed up and I want to know more about Cardan’s life.

    Ooo and Twinkle is available for ARCs? I hope it’s adorable!

  • I’m thrilled you loved Next Year in Havana since I have a copy, too! I need a copy of My Plain Jane! The first one was so funny, and I loved their version of history! I just read my first Sarah Morgan last month and loved it so I definitely want to check out Holiday in the Hamptons. Happy reading, Nick! 🙂

  • Looks like you have had a great week Nick!! And so many good books you received. I received some fantastic books I can’t wait to get to. I have heard that Most Likely To Score is wonderful. I can’t wait to grab it.

  • I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, too! It’s such an amazing show. I need to catch up though.

  • A Novel Glimpse

    Congrats on the win! That’s awesome!

  • You received some wonderful books Nick! I am especially curious about Blood and Sand. Congrats on your win 🙂

    Sharon – Obsession with Books

  • Omg, Chicago Med! Colin Donnell though! <3 <3 <3
    Congratulations on your win! 😀