One Letdown, One Redemption: Sacked & Jockblocked by Jen Frederick

Sacked (Gridiron, #1)
Sacked by Jen Frederick


I seem to have a bit of a hit or miss relationship with Jen Frederick’s books. There are some that I really love (like Undeclared) and some that I think or so ridiculous over the top in terms of sex scenes. Sacked was like a mix of both, there were parts I really liked, but there were also some parts that just felt so hard to believe for me which took away some of my enjoyment of the book overall.

Sacked is a book that I’ve wanted to read for a while now but I’m always wary about books with male virgins.  Depending on the situation, most of the time I just find it… not realistic? I’m not saying I think every guy is a man whore, although it is nice to have that change.  Unfortunately, in this case I did find the situation hard to believe that a super popular football player was a virgin. But whatever, I went along with it and that wasn’t even really what bothered me about the book. What I struggled with the most was Knox’s character. He was just so intense, and not always in a good way. The whole ‘everyone does what he says’ situation got on my nerves. I don’t have a brother, but if I did and he told me I HAD to go to dinner with all the football players because his football teammate said so, I’d laugh in his face. He was so intense that I kept switching back and forth from feeling smitten by him and annoyed by him.

Ellie was… I’m not sure how I felt about her actually. I liked her but didn’t really find anything special about her. I really liked her relationship with her brother and how close they were, but I just didn’t see how there was any way that her brother didn’t realize that Ellie had basically been doing most of his school work for years. In terms of fabricated drama, this one was high up there. I could see why this would be an obstacle for her relationship with Knox, but I just didn’t think it had to be the big deal it turned out to be.  The romance in this one was actually really good, despite my annoyances with Knox and the situation with Ellie. I liked the way that Knox just knew he wanted to be with Ellie, even though he did come off too strong at times, and I liked that Ellie played a little bit hard to get. I loved the buildup and the actual relationship and wish we had more of that and less drama.

All in all, despite my annoyances with this book, I still ended up enjoying it. I do wish that I liked this one more since a lot of bloggers I follow seem to love it. I think a problem I have with reading NA is I feel like everything is so overdone and dramatic so it’s easier for things to annoy me. I also think I just had higher hopes when it came to this book.

Jockblocked (Gridiron, #2)
Jockblocked by Jen Frederick


Even though I wasn’t blown away by Sacked, I knew I still wanted to give this book a try because like I said, Jen Frederick’s books are hit or miss for me. Since the last one was just okay for me, I was hoping that I liked this one more than that. Luckily, the odds were in my favor this time around and I found myself enjoying Jockblocked much more than the first book.

We met Matty is the first book and I went into this book already liking him.  He has such a loud and fun personality and he meshed perfectly with Lucy’s more quiet personality. He’s up for captain of the team, only he has to convince the current quarterback, Ace, to give up his position. When he meets Lucy at a coffee shop, he knows right away that Lucy is unlike most girls he knows, but there’s something about her that makes him want to take a chance on a relationship for once. Lucy doesn’t like risks, her health already puts her at enough of a risk so adding a flirty football player to her life isn’t part of her plan. But Matty is persistent and not to mention charming as hell and I enjoyed seeing him break down her walls little by little.

Unfortunately for both of them, Lucy happens to be Ace’s best friend, the same guy that is standing in the way of Matty being captain. It also looks like he’s the same guy standing in the way between him and Lucy since he seems hell bent on convincing her that taking a chance on Matty will be bad for her heart. I liked that although this provided a dilemma between them, it wasn’t really drawn out much. For a new adult book, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this book was relatively low on drama, which is rare and fantastic. The romance was pretty much perfect, a great combination of sexy, fun and sweet.  I loved seeing these two become friends and falling in love.

Not only was this a great romance, it was a also a great character growth story. Both Lucy and Matty go through tremendous personal growth throughout the book. I loved how being together gave them each the boost of confidence they needed to grow. There was also some pretty great friendships on both sides. I love sports romances and this one is really good! I’m glad I ended up giving this one a chance although I am a bit wary about book three since it’s Ace’s story and he was kind of an asshole, but hey, I’m all about a good redemption story so I’ll be adding that one to my TBR as well.

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