Monthly Memories: December 2017

Hi everyone!

I’m wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year! I hope 2018 is amazing for all of you and your loved ones. I’m excited to be back to blogging. Nereyda and I took a break for the holidays, but we’re back for the new year, refreshed and rejuvenated (haha!)! Let’s get to my December recap! I was up to a lot of fun stuff!

  • December was the last month of my 1st quarter of my final year of grad school, so it was hectic! I had finals, studying, and a whole bunch of assignments. I have to admit, that this quarter wasn’t the best for me – I was stressed out a lot, but it worked out in the end, and I did well on my exams and got good grades.
  • As soon as school finished, I headed off to Colorado to meet up with my friends and to spend Christmas with their family. I had so much fun just being there. I absolutely miss Colorado, and being there just made me feel so much lighter and happier. My friends were wonderful hosts, and they took me to do lots of fun activities. They also have an adorable chihuahua named Pumpkin, so I was happy to be reunited with that sweet fella.
  • On my way back from Denver, I saw Armie Hammer at the airport!!!! He was in the ticketing line right next to me. I was going to ask for a photo, but it was really late, and he was there with his whole family, so I didn’t want to bother them. He is so handsome and SO TALL! And his wife is so gorgeous!
  • I got some shopping done in December, mostly Christmas presents for friends, but I bought some stuff for myself too. I got a dress, a bunch of sweaters, some new skincare products. It was treat-yourself month for me! 😉
  • I also met Ari early in the month. She’s one of my closest blogging friends and I went down to see her in NYC for a day. It was nice meeting and chatting with her. In the new year, I hope to meet more blogging friends!

December wasn’t my most active reading month. I was too busy with other things. I read 18 books.

Books Read by Rating

    5 stars

Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, #2)
4.5 stars

Foolish Hearts

4 stars

Breaking the Ice (Juniper Falls, #2) Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2) The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, #1) A Duke in Shining Armor (Difficult Dukes, #1) Hurts to Love You (Forbidden Hearts, #3) About That Kiss (Heartbreaker Bay, #5) Zero Hour (Wired & Dangerous, #1) So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2) Hidden Truths (Boots, #1) Forever Right Now

3.5 stars

Busted Heart on Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles, #3) Bedding the Billionaire

3 stars

Indecent Exposure (The Academy, #2) Retrosexual (Frisky Beavers, #0) Beautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4)

Book Which Surprised Me The Most

Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2)

As much as I love Lauren Layne, I didn’t like the first book in this new series of hers, but I still wanted to read Runaway Groom since I will always read her books. And it was so wonderful! I had a ton of fun reading the book, and it made me very happy.

Book Boyfriends of the Month

Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, #2) Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2) About That Kiss (Heartbreaker Bay, #5) Zero Hour (Wired & Dangerous, #1)

The boys from all these books were amazing!

Most Exciting Books on Deck For Next Month

Say You'll Remember Me Next Year in Havana Beyond Scandal and Desire (Sins for All Seasons, #1)

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Yes! That’s lots of Christmas movies for me! Elf, National Lampoon, Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Home Alone were all re-watches for me and they were super fun! A Christmas Prince, A Spirit for Christmas and Christian Mingle were pretty terrible but I couldn’t not watch in amusement.

 Tell me all about your December in the comments below! Happy New Year, again! 🙂

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  • Happy new year Nick! Sorry to hear that this term hadn’t been good on you, but yay for all the good grades you got! <3 I've been hearing quite a buzz about A Christmas Prince- a lot of people watch for the sake of ridiculing it but ended up being their guilty pleasure! I need to watch it myself 😀

  • It sounds like you had a nice, but stressful December. I actually really kind of love The Spirit of Christmas. I mean, I know it has issues, but I am a sucker for a ghost romance. I have no idea why! If you want to see a truly terrible Christmas movie you should watch Netflix’s A Christmas Inheritance. Wow – that was awful! And all the snow looked like shaving cream.

  • It sounds like you had a good month to recharge Nick! I need to go to Colorado one day, I hear nothing but wonderful things.

    You’ll be happy to know that hoopla has a bunch of Lauren Layne titles so she is officially on my TBR. I really liked An Ex for Christmas.

    Yasss you watched Christian Mingle? That movie was soo cringe-worthy. Someone brought to my attention that the main girl was Gretchen from Mean Girls.l

    Happy 2018!

  • Yay for good grades! Colorado sounds like it was a good time. i have never been there before. Looks like a good reading month. Home Alone and Elf were on a lot in my house this month. Hope you have a great January!

  • Oh goodie!!! You read Marrying Winterborne….LOVED Rhys so much especially at the end there. WOWZERS. So swoony. I am super excited for Beyond Scandal and Desire, I just love Lorraine Heath.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  • So cool you saw Armie Hammer!!! And that you met a blogger friend. Those are moments I love. I have been lucky enough to meet a few blogger friends. Congrats on your studies too! Happy new year!!!!

  • Congrats on being so close to finishing grad school! I don’t miss those times one bit, but they will definitely be worth it. I’m amazed you were able to read so much with everything else going on! Happy New Year!

  • You had such an awesome break. And now the count down to graduation! The other 3 WLABBers are all graduating in May (2 undergrad, 1 grad). We can all have a simultaneous celebration! I am so jealous you have the new Katie McGarry book! Harlequin Teen never approves me, so I wasn’t holding my breath for it. Hopefully they get it at the library. I loved Joe in About That Kiss to. There was so much more to him than met the eye, and I love that! Good luck back at school and Happy New Year!

  • Glad you loved Marrying Wibterborne! It’s one of my favorites in that series to date! Can’t wait for Hello, Stranger!

    I couldn’t get into The Christmas Prince so I turned it off halfway through it.. LOL I’m just not into Hallmark type movies.. 😉

    Happy New Year, Nick!

  • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    You read 18 books and it wasn’t an active reading month for you?!?! I am jealous LOL! Still can’t believe you saw Armie Hammer in person, even more jealous! Glad you had such a good trip though, it always great being with friends 🙂 Elf and Christmas Vacation, yay! I haven’t seen Christian Mingle but I found out the male lead in that is also the love interest in The Mistle-tones which I love. Hope you have a great January!!

  • Your Christmas sounds amazing!! Lovely choice of books and TV…definitely going to pick up some of your highly rated books.


  • I’m glad you had such a great time in Colorado! And wow-great reading month 🙂 I hope you have an awesome new year!

  • PS-I have no idea who Armie Hammer is….(guess I will google him!)

  • Happy new year to you too Nick! And I feel you about the end of grad school. I didn’t get as much reading done as you did (even though you think it’s little too lol), but I got good grades toooooo (not that they really matter haha). Also have no idea who Armie Hammer is, BUT YAY YOU SAW HIM.

  • Happy New Year! Congrats for making it through another quarter. You’re almost done! Ahh I always enjoy Colorado. I have a wedding to attend in CO this month, so I’m excited to go back.

  • Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    Happy New Year! I miss Christmas movies already. lol I can’t believe you saw Armie Hammer! So cool. I would have been too embarrassed to ask for a pic or anything. I hope you have a great reading month. 🙂

  • Ari

    “…one of my closest blogging friends…” *CRIES*

  • Happy New Year Nick! I hope 2018 is good to you. 🙂

    What did you think of The Trouble with Mistletoe (the movie)? I haven’t watched it all the way through yet but I plan on it in the next week or so.

    As always, your reading is total reader goals. I only read 6 books last month so I’m hoping January is a better reading month for me.

    I love Colorado, too! My sister lives near Denver and it’s always so pretty and nice when I’m up there visiting her. I never want to go home.

    That’s awesome that you saw Armie Hammer. He is gorgeous.

  • A Novel Glimpse

    Ooo! This Runaway Groom business makes me happy. I have it to read. Maybe it will be my next one!

  • It sounds like you had a good December, and congrats on your good grades! 🙂 I read Next Year in Havana last month and thought it was fantastic. The setting was so rich and I thought Chanel handled the dual POVs beautifully. I hope you love it! 🙂

  • ‘December wasn’t my most active reading month. I was too busy with other things. I read 18 books.’

    18 books is more than most of us combined probably read, even on a slow month you’re flogging us. There’s no hope for us people. Is Ari as little as she looks? She looks tiny, like pick her up and pop her in your pocket. It sounds as though you had a wonderful Christmas and so happy to see you treating yourself Nick, all that study and balance between working and blogging, you deserve Nick time. And lots of it <3 <3

  • Happy New Year Nick! I’m glad this semester is over and that you enjoyed your vacation. You are still a reading machine my friend 🙂 I adored Mr. Wnterborne and I still have to read the last book in the series. I also liked Heart of Fire.

  • Charlie Anderson

    Happy New Year!!! It sounds like you had a phenomenal December, Nick! I am so glad you got to spend the holidays with your friend’s family in Colorado. How fun! I (sarcastically) LOVE that you’re all “This was a bad month for me. I read 18 books.” You’re still kicking probably 99% of everyone’s tushies. I think I read six, seven books? I can’t even remember. I hope you have a great start to January!

  • Congrats on your scholarly successes, Nick! Exam time and finals can be such a drag, so I’m glad to hear that you pulled through. Christmas in Colorado — I bet that was picturesque! I didn’t realize you’d lived there before (for undergrad?) but going back to an old town can be so good. Add in an adorable pup and you’re living the life! I’ve never met any blogging friends in real life, but I’d love to at some point! If all else fails, we’ll just talk endlessly about favourite books, right? 🙂

    HOORAY! I’m so glad to see that you liked The City of Brass (one of my fave books last year, despite its slower start) and A Duke in Shining Armour. LC is one of my favourite historical romance authors.

  • Yay for finishing the first quarter. It may have stressed you out but at least at the end of that you got a break in Colorado. It’s always nice to return to a place you really like, I’ve never been but I hear it’s very pretty there. You saw Armie Hammer? That is very cool I am extremely jealous (even if it was literally seeing him in a queue) I’ve never met anyone famous so that’s exciting. I’ve never met any blogging friends (everyone is too far away and also I am kind of awkward on the internet I am much worse in person).

    You read so many books! I am going to check all those you loved since I’ve not read half of them. And you watched Christmas movies! Wasn’t A Christmas Prince so bad it’s kind of good? You kind of can’t stop watching because it’s so cheesy.