A Favorite Series Ends

A Favorite Series EndsInto the Bright Unknown (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #3)
by Rae Carson
Release Date: October 10th 2017
Published by Greenwillow Books
Genres: Historical Fiction, YA
Format: eBook
Pages: 368
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The stunning conclusion to Rae Carson’s New York Times–bestselling Gold Seer trilogy, which Publishers Weekly in a starred review called “Simply terrific.” A historical fantasy brimming with magic, romance, and adventure—perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sarah Maas, and Westworld.

Leah Westfall, her fiancé Jefferson, and her friends have become rich in the California Territory, thanks to Lee’s magical ability to sense precious gold. But their fortune has made them a target, and when a dangerous billionaire sets out to destroy them, Lee and her friends decide they’ve had enough—they will fight back with all their power and talents. Lee’s magic is continuing to strengthen and grow, but someone is on to her—someone who might have a bit of magic herself. The stakes are higher than ever as Lee and her friends hatch a daring scheme that could alter the California landscape forever.

With a distinctive young heroine and a unique interpretation of American history, Into the Bright Unknown strikes a rich vein of romance, magic, and adventure, bringing the Gold Seer Trilogy to its epic conclusion. Includes a map and an author’s note.

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Finishing a series is always such a bittersweet experience. I have loved The Gold Seer trilogy since the first book, so I went into this finale with a lot of expectations, but also a bit of hesitancy as I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters. Into the Bright Unknown wraps up Lee and her friends’ story brilliantly, and I know for sure that this is one series I will be revisiting over and over again.

Without a doubt, this book and this series’ stars are the characters. Lee, in particular, is a terrific protagonist. She has come a very long way since the first book when she lost her parents, went on a long trek and faced danger after danger. She has learned a lot from her experiences, and has become a strong, bright and tenacious young woman. I didn’t just love Lee for her strengths – I admired her even more for how kind and selfless she was. Every action of hers was driven by her love and desire to protect her friends and her family. It’s a quality that makes you root for her through and through.

Into the Bright Unknown would not have been a good book had it not been for the secondary cast. They are all so engaging, unique in personality, and make for such a merry band. Along with Lee, they’ve faced numerous hardships, but they found positivity and happiness in every corner. There was banter between them, they taught each other how to be better individuals, and were just constantly willing to fight each other’s battles. They made me a very happy reader. Of course, I have personal favorites. Becky, the mother figure of the group, Jeff, Lee’s sweetheart, and a boy with a golden heart, and the newly joined Mary, who was another strong and resilient character.

Once again, Rae Carson did an outstanding job making the Old West landscape come to life. While this final installment is not as adventurous as the previous one, as this time around we only see the cast travel to San Francisco. She still vividly described the new emerging city, and the accompanying dangers. I have to say Into the Bright Unknown was a very mellow book when it comes to the plot. Most of the major storyline was wrapped up in the second book, but I was still invested in the story here. We meet a new villain in here, who with his riches and his cunning ways, made for a brilliant adversary for Lee and her friends. Just don’t go into the story expecting an action-packed and twisty tale. You won’t find that here.

In the end, I was truly happy with how Into the Bright Unknown ended. It left me satisfied, but also a little bit sad because this is it for me and these characters. Rae Carson is one of the best YA authors out there and I can’t wait to see what she dishes out next.

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