Fall In Love In 36 Questions – A Love Experiment

Fall In Love In 36 Questions – A Love ExperimentThe Love Experiment
by Ainslie Paton
Release Date: October 2nd 2017
Published by Carina Press
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

Can you fall in love in thirty-six questions?

The closest rookie lifestyle writer Derelie Honeywell gets to megastar reporter Jackson Haley is an accidental shoulder brush in The Courier's elevator. That is, until the love experiment: a study designed to accelerate intimacy using thirty-six questions and four minutes of sustained eye contact.

As far as Derelie is concerned, Jack Haley has always been a man best imagined in his underwear. He's too intimidating otherwise. But participating in the love experiment is her make-or-break chance. With another round of layoffs looming, Derelie knows holding on to her job means getting the story no matter what. Even when the what is kissing Jack like a maniac.

Jack Haley has zero interest in participating in a clickbait story. He didn't plan on finding Derelie smart and feisty and being mesmerized by her eyes. He certainly had no intention at all of actually falling in love with her.

The conclusion to this experiment? Thirty-six questions might lead to love, but finding the answer to happily-ever-after is a lot more complicated.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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I heard about this book from Lucy Parker when she retweeted a link to it. I read the summary and was immediately intrigued. As much as I adore romance, there’s no denying that there’s sometimes a lack of creativity in the genre. So, the concept of The Love Experiment was a breath of fresh air. I just loved the idea of two people who would otherwise never connect falling in love through a proven survey experiment, and I thought Ainslie Paton  worked with the concept beautifully.

One of the reasons why this book stands out is because of how well-developed the characters are. When authors take their time to build up their characters and flesh them out slowly over the course of the book, it makes any book a 1000 times more enjoyable. I loved what Ainslie Paton did here with our two protagonists, Derelie and Jack. Both could not be different from each other in terms of personalities, but we get to see growth and progression in both their personalities. Derelie was a lovely character. I think what works so well about her is that she’s a normal girl working at a normal job, so it’s easy to relate to her. You’ll find bits and pieces of yourself in her, and I love that she was so authentic. She’s hardworking, bubbly, kind and overall has a very pleasant personality. Jack, though, is the complete opposite of her! He’s a buttoned-up grump, who is very hard to get a read on at first. But then, we slowly see his personality emerge as we get to know him better, and argh! I loved him so much. I mean the guy may be stoic, introverted, but he also loves hopelessly and has a cat, so very hard not to adore him!

So you’d think, how would these two even work together as a couple? In comes the love experiment, which though does not start off the strongest for this pair, develops into a romance and relationship that had my heart racing and toes curling. Through the questions that Jack initially wants nothing to do with, the two form a connection, get to know each other intimately, and obviously fall in love. I just loved how slow-burn the whole thing was, and add to that all the sexual chemistry between the two, I couldn’t resist this pair. Seriously, folks, you all need to read and experience this romance on your own. I’m smiling like a dork just thinking about it! I also really loved how deeply Ainslie Paton goes into the lives of Derelie and Jackson as reporters. They are both in different fields, and we get to see both of them in action, which added another dimension to the story.

Anyways, I’ll leave this review with this: read The Love Experiment if you’re a lover all things romance, especially slow-burn romance. The writing is gorgeous, the characters are phenomenal, and the romance is simultaneously sweet and fan-yourself hot. Tell me that does not sound good?

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