The Weekly Recap (250): Nick Goes Overboard With The Books

Weekly Recap

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hi guys!

How are you all doing? It’s only me this week. Nereyda is off camping somewhere, hopefully not getting eaten by bears. I swear that woman is always camping and I don’t understand why – haha! I initially was going to skip the recap, but decided to do it because I was bored at home and had some time, and I also have some exciting new books to share which I’ll probably forget about if I skip.

Anyways, this week went by really fast. For the most part we were rushing here and there for my dad’s toe surgery. He had to have his toe nail removed because he dropped something on his foot and it caused an infection. He’s recovering now, but oh my gosh, he can be such a baby – haha. Men and their intolerance for pain! Last weekend, I also got to go to the beach, which was fun. It’s winter time here, so it was still a little chilly, but it got warmer as the day progressed. The sea was a little rough though, which is unusual because we have coral reef that stop big crashing waves. So I had to remain closer to the shore, but it was still fun nonetheless. I also had a dim sum lunch with my parents that day, and then came home and had a loooong nap.

I’m all signed up for classes for the fall. It seems like it’s going to be a tougher quarter for me. The classes are a lot more intense this time around, and I’m trying not to stress, but I’m a giant ball of stress anyways, especially because I got some news earlier this week that completely bummed me out. I’m over that now, but still. Usually stress is good for me though because then I channel all of it into hard work!

That’s it for me this week, let’s go on to my book updates for the week:

What I Read:

Temporary Breaching the Contract (Conflict of Interest, #1) The Good Daughter It Happened One Autumn (Wallflowers, #2) Autoboyography Highland Flame (Highland Weddings, #4) Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)
It was another decent reading week for me. I read Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry, and it was a fun book though there were times when I felt like it did feel a little lengthy. I was excited to pick up Breaching the Contract, but ugh, it let me down. I didn’t like it all that much because the characters were one-dimensional, and the romance was really flat. I was in the mood for a suspense/thriller book, so I picked up The Good Daughter and it was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it and it’s a hefty book at around 520 pages. I also re-read It Happened One Autumn because I was in the mood for it and loved it of course. I was also pumped to pick up Autoboyography, and it was fabulous. It made me feel so much! Definitely add this one to your TBR. Highland Flame was a good book, but not my favorite of the series. I finished off the week reading Wonder Woman, and it was a blast! I loved the focus on friendship here and girl power. I am a little hesitant about the series overall since I don’t particularly care for the other authors, but I hope Bardugo writes a sequel for this one! 

What I’m Currently Reading:

East in Paradise (Journey to the Heart #2)

I loved the first book in this series, so I have high hopes for this one. So far, I adore the male character, but Bryn, the heroine, is putting me off a little. She’s so unnecessarily mean to Mitch.

Review Copies Haul:

The Queen's Rising Love, Life, and the List The Hazel Wood Wild Beauty Legs (One Wild Wish, #1) Unraveled (Whiskey Sharp, #1) Undercover Attraction (The O'Malleys, #5) Ties that Bind (Hot in Hollywood, #1) Animal Attraction (Hot in Hollywood, #2)

Thank you to the authors and publishers for the review copies!

Purchased/Library Haul:

The Good Daughter Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1) I See You


Our Weekly Recap:

Fun Search Terms:

ruthless people review book
books like “the hating game”
the day of the duchess sarah maclean read online free (check your libraries instead!)
black ice book

We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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  • Hahahaha “ruthless people review book” and that brought them here? It’s funny sometimes what kind of searches bring people to our blog.
    I’m glad you got to go to the beach last weekend, even if the water was rough. There’s just something about the sea 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll do well in school, even if it will be more intense this quarter. You can do it!
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  • Yay! Glad your dad is doing fine and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Wonder Woman!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  • Maree Jane

    oooh Autoboyography sounds great! Have a great week 🙂

  • Nice haul 🙂 have a great week! And camping can be fun!

  • Great book haul this week! So many great looking ones! And you are so right, men can be such babies about pain and being sick. lol! That being said, I hope you dad has a speedy recovery. I’m one of those crazy people that really enjoy camping…well, maybe that’s a lie. I enjoy the hiking involved, the campfire, smores, and quiet BUT I’m a big sissy about being cold so I don’t like tent sleeping so much. Camper/cabin sleeping is much better. haha! Hope you have a great week, and happy reading!

  • Great haul this week. Glad to know your dad is on the mend. You are so right about men. They can be big babies during sickness and pain. Have a great week

  • I’m bummed that Breaching the Contract let you down because I have a copy too. Thankfully it’s a short book. I’m so thrilled you loved The Good Daughter! It was awesome! Love Karin Slaughter!

    Bummer about your dad’s toe. Hope all went well with the surgery. Hope you get more fun days in at the beach! 🙂

  • Oh so many new pretties!!! I dropped something on my toe years ago and it was AWFUL! My toenail eventually fell off on its own because it was so damaged, but I had to keep the toe covered for like 6 months because of the high risk for infection. AWFUL! I told my husband I wasn’t cleaning ever again because thats how the injury happened. Sadly, that didn’t work.
    Good God, why do people camp?!? Indoors is so nice-running water, electricity, beds, netflix, wi-fi….I don’t understand the desire to give those things up for ‘fun’. Weirdos!

  • Haha, we live up in a mountain, and I went out to the mailbox yesterday and was talking to our neighbor and my husband came out to see if I had gotten eaten by a bear. lol…. I don’t go camping, but I guess we pretty much to everyday where we live. 😉 Hope Nereyda has fun.

    Good luck with your classes and I hope you enjoy all the new books you got this week.

  • Great minds think alike Nick…because I re read It Happened One Autumn as well!!! I have heard East in Paradise is a really good book!! hope you enjoy that one.

  • So worth the post this week! You DID get so many pretties this week!! I haven’t seen that series from Katee Robert but I’m going to go check it out!!!!! I do love her “stuff” Hope your dad is feeling better soon – yuck on removing the toenail!! Poor guy!!!

    Have a great week!

  • Jasprit

    Nick I’m glad that you had a great week reading-wise! And it doesn’t look like Winter at all where you’re staying (your photo on twitter looked so pretty!). I actually can’t wait for winter, one of my all time favourite seasons! And I can’t wait to start Wonder Woman, I need something to blow me away right now and I’m hoping this book will be it. I’m not feeling the rest of the series as much as you are either, but we’ll see how it goes! I hope your classes go okay Nick, I’m here if you ever stressed out or just need a chat! I hope you have a great week!

  • A recap because you were bored at home? i can think of no better reason to write one. And what insanity on Nereyda’s part, camping! I just don’t get some people’s logic. And you’ve signed up for your classes! Now the return to school is getting real, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll channel your stress into being productive and it may get tougher but the past year will have prepared you, right? You read so many books again and you’re reminding me I’ve not read any Kleypas still! I will fix this eventually. I’m planning on reading East in Paradise next, hopefully I’ll like it.

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ooh nice! Yeah, I’m not much of a camper either. Mostly because I hate the heat and Missouri enters heat and humidity from May to October! Which is pretty much the camping season! Lol!

    Nice new reads! I’m really curious about the Hazel Wood! Seeing it a lot lately!! Hope you enjoy the all the new lovelies!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    Glad your Dad’s surgery went well. I need to request The Good Daughter and Wonder Woman from my library. I’m interested in them both. Good luck in school and try not to stress out too much!

  • I AM SO EXCITED for Wonder Woman! It will probably be my next read. I just binge-read all of Kasie West’s books and had so much fun, so I can’t wait to read Love, Life and the List. I look forward to seeing your future reviews on it!

  • Charlie Anderson

    My cousin had his toenail removed once because it was so ingrown. I’m starting to wonder if I need to ask my doctor about my big toe on my left foot. I’ve been having such problems with it. Glad it all went well. Men are definitely intolerant to pain! The Man had strep this past week and he was a bear to be around. Good thing I don’t go camping either, although I’d like to go camping one time to say I’ve done it. People look at you weird in Texas when you say you’ve never been camping.

    I also had something very stressful happen, and now that I’m getting older, my channeling it into hard work isn’t working so much. It just turns into anxiety and I mull over it constantly. I have come to depend more and more on music to help soothe. I hope your classes aren’t as difficult as they are seeming. Enjoy your last bit of vacation!

  • I’d like to read the Karin Slaughter and Mary Wine books. I hope you enjoyed reading them. Have a great week of reading and blogging!
    My Sunday Post

  • I didn’t get a chance to do my Sunday post this week. I am so behind on blogging! Oh I don’t get camping either. No thanks!! Hope your dad is ok. So many good books you read and got. I am hoping to get the new Kasie West. Love her books. Have a great week!

  • Hi Nick!

    Gotta check out The Hazle wood, it looks interesting

  • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    Forever impressed with how many books you an read in a week. lol My last book took me two weeks. Womp womp. I just received one of my two Wonder Woman pre-orders so hopefully I can get to it soon though I have a lot of September/October review books I should probably focus on first. The new Kasie West!!!! I’m definitely looking forward to that one!

  • I am NOT an outdoorsey girl. My husband is always trying to make me camp with him but NOPE. I need plumbing thank you very much. I didn’t know your dad had surgery! I’m happy it was minor, I’d probably be a brat about it too. :p

    You’re gonna rock this semester Nick, don’t you worry! When do you fly over to Philly?

  • Hi, Nick! I’m sorry I haven’t
    been around. Real life has been a little bit crazy.

    I wish your Dad quick recovery. I
    relate to your stressing about the classes, but I’m sure you’ll sort it out.
    Good luck!

    I’ve totally missed new Katie
    West’s book. I need to check it out.

    Have a great week!

  • A Novel Glimpse

    Temporary was a fun contemporary. I can understand what you meant by the length, though!

  • Aw, c’mon, camping is fun! Glad your dad is doing okay after his surgery. And hope you don’t get too stressed!

  • I hope Nereyda is having a blast camping. It’s been years since I’ve been camping and I miss it. It’s so much fun! This past week has been all about catching since I just got back from a vacation with my family.

    I love Mary Wine’s highland novels and The Hazel Wood is on my tbr for this month. I can’t wait to get to it.