Just About Everything I Love About Romance: Hot in Hollywood Duet by Katee Robert

Just About Everything I Love About Romance: Hot in Hollywood Duet by Katee RobertTies That Bind (Hot in Hollywood Book 1)
by Katee Robert
Release Date: September 19th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Format: eARC
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

Once upon a time, Cora Landers was America’s Sweetheart and destined to be the Next Big Thing in Hollywood—but that was before her sex tape ruined her image and eliminated her contracts. These days, instead of being an A-lister, she’s divorce attorney to the A-listers. So when her ex—and fellow sex tape star—Jack shows up, needing her expertise, she wants nothing to do with it.

Jack McArthur might have costarred in that sex tape, but he didn’t share Cora’s fate—instead of tanking his career, the tape skyrocketed it. Now, as one of Hollywood’s most buzzed about new directors, Jack has everything to lose—especially when he wakes up after a friend’s bachelor party gone wrong to find that he’s apparently married a woman he’s never met before…and now can’t find. Desperate, he goes to the only person who he knows can help—Cora.

Cora reluctantly agrees to help Jack—both because he’s offering an absurd amount of money and because she loves seeing him as a disadvantage for once. Neither of them anticipate the very real problem of their being unable to keep their hands off each other—or that Jack’s accidental marriage might be anything but accidental. With both her heart and career on the line—again—Cora has to decide if she’s going to take the high road or leave Jack hanging in the wind the same way he left her twelve years ago.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Ties that Bind is another hit romance story for Katee Robert. Though it’s only a novella, it packs a lot, and you wind up with a story that’s sexy, romantic and plain fun. Sure you’ll be left wanting more, but not because the book is a novella, but because these characters are so lovable, you simply want to spend more time with them.

In Ties that Bind, we have the second chance romance of Jack and Cora. These two have a short, but powerful history, and when they reunite, there’s no keeping the sparks at bay. Years ago, Cora and Jack starred in a sex tape that essentially destroyed Cora’s career as an up and coming actress, while boosting Jack’s career as a movie director. Years later, Cora is now an attorney, while Jack is a filthy rich director with many successes under his belt. Ties that Bind may only be a novella, but Katee does a brilliant job with the characters here. Their personalities shine through the story and I loved what I saw of them. Cora is hardworking, tough, confident and a firecracker of a heroine. Jack is a sweetheart who has no qualms about going after what he wants. Both are characters that were very lovable, and very easy to ship and root for.

When he comes to her for help in annulling a Vegas wedding that he can’t remember, the chemistry between the two just about torched my Kindle. They are so good together, and I just couldn’t get enough of them. The sizzling hot chemistry leads to some of Katee Robert’s steamy bedroom scenes – seriously, this woman knows how to up the steam just through the couple sharing a look with each other! It’s filthy hot, but the two also reconnect emotionally. Usually with second chance romances there tends to be a lot of angst, but I’m glad that Ties that Bind was more on the fun side, with the characters not dwelling too much on the past. I promise that you won’t stop shipping Cora and Jack! I also adored Cora’s best friend and roommate, Brooklyn, who is the funniest, and brings humor to the book. Their shared scenes together portraying their supportive bond are some of my favorite scenes from the book. I just love books that show the strength in female friendships, and Katee does that here.

Once again, Katee Robert managed to sweep me off my feet with this  deliciously sexy second chance romance. Seriously folks, if you haven’t read her books yet, you’ve got to change that ASAP. They are some of the best in romancelandia!

Just About Everything I Love About Romance: Hot in Hollywood Duet by Katee RobertAnimal Attraction (Hot in Hollywood Book 2)
by Katee Robert
Release Date: September 19th 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Adult
Format: eARC
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

A private investigator might not be as glamorous as Brooklyn James had expected, but it pays the bills. Or at least it used to. In dire financial straits, she no longer has the luxury of saying no to jobs if she wants to pay her bills—which is how she ends up in a tree, spying on a billionaire who’s accused of dognapping. Not her finest moment.

Levi Turnbull made his fortune by creating tech that melds exercise with video games. It sounded great at the time, but now he’s got more money than he knows what to do with and he’s bored out of his mind waiting for the next game to launch. When he realizes a neighbor has been neglecting his dog, he takes matters into his own hands—by taking the dog. If he’s been trolling the neighbor ever since with hilarious fliers around the area… Well, he’s only human. When he finds a pretty redhead trespassing on his property in search of the missing dog, he sees the ultimate distraction until the launch.

Brooklyn initially agrees to a date in order to get close enough to Levi to find evidence of his dognapping—but that motivation gets complicated when they end up in bed together. She’s unable to resist his charm, and as they grow closer, Brooklyn can’t avoid the truth—not only did Levi steal a million dollar dog…he’s in danger of stealing her heart, too.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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What’s better than one Katee Robert release? TWO Katee Robert releases in ONE day. Yes, you read that right! The author wraps up her Hot in Hollywood duology with Brooklyn’s story in Animal Attraction. I thought I loved the first book, but this right here epitomized everything that I love in a feel-good romance novel!

Brooklyn, a PI, is hired to find evidence that Levi, a video game/tech millionaire, has stolen a giant million dollar dog. When Levi catches her snooping into his home, he turns things around by asking her out on a date. Brooklyn is a great heroine. She’s funny, sarcastic, and super witty! As much as I adored her, it’s Levi who stole the show in Animal Attraction. O.M.G! What a specimen! He’s a total sweetheart who LOVES animals (he has like 50 billion cats and dogs), is unapologetic about his love for Britney Spears, and loves his family even though he complains about how big it is. He’s a soft-hearted hero who is impossible to dislike. I swear guys, I could not stop swooning and sighing over him any time he was in a scene. I just loved how humble he is despite being so rich. And his genuine love for animals, and him saving Barbaras, albeit through eyebrow-raising ways, made me want to melt into a puddle, because *sobs* where will I find a guy like Levi in real life?!

The romance that builds up between the Levi and Brooklyn is one that undeniably sizzles with the fan-yourself hot chemistry, but it’s the witty banter that makes them a couple that you just want to read on about forever. Though Brooklyn is reluctant to go out with him at first, Levi’s persistent ways breaks down her walls eventually. They are so cute together, I just wanted to smush them together! They were definitely a couple that fit gorgeously together. I really really wish their book had been a full length novel because I could have read more of their interactions forever. Cora and Jack also make several appearances in Animal Attraction, and I loved every scene with them too.

I love a lot of books by Katee Robert but Animal Attraction might just be one of my favorites from her. I need everyone who loves a happy, feel-good and deliciously swoony romance to read this book so they can meet one of the best male heroes ever!


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  • I have to say, Nick, that absolutely nothing about the blurb for Ties That Bind appeals to me. For one, not really a fan of second chance romances (I’m thinking of making a post about it). But also the whole sex tape thing, and that the hero sort of benefitted from it, but she didn’t. Nope. So not for me. BUT, I am so glad that you really loved it.

    Animal Attraction appeals a little bit more to me. I do love puppies in romances. Well, I love puppies period. And it seems pretty cute that the hero dognaps the dog because he thinks it’s not being treated right. I have heard good things about Katee Robert, but I’m not sure she’s an author up my alley. Still so glad you loved these two. There is nothing like reading books you love.

    • Quinn, she voluntarily asks him to help her make a sex tape because she wanted to quit the industry and her mom wouldn’t allow her to. She saw it as a last resort. And it’s a second chance romance yes, but they had only one encounter in the past, so I hesitate to call it a typical second chance romance.
      I actually think you are missing out on her books because she writes some of the best romances, but it seems like you’ve made up your mind about her books. Hopefully, someday you’ll change your mind.

  • Well that sucks Hollywood! Not cool to make her bad and not him

    • She asks him to make her look bad! She wanted to get out of Hollywood and this was her only way.

  • Animal Attraction sounds like my kind of read! Love witty banter and a guy who loves animals? Sold! Wonderful review, Nick! 🙂

    • Right? Irresistible!

  • A Novel Glimpse

    The first book sounds right up my alley! The second I wasn’t so sure at first. This may sound weird, but I usually steer clear of books with PIs in them. I don’t read much past that in the description. But since you obviously enjoyed it, I read further and I should probably give both of these books a try! You have great taste, so I’d probably love them! Great reviews!

    • I hope you give these a try, Deanna. They are right up your alley, in my opinion. 🙂

  • Must admit that I haven’t heard about her before but I love me some second chance romance. I wish more authors would give it a crack rather than instant love type scenarios where they’re shagging by page two. But Levi has caught my attention. A man who has billions of dogs, steals a bonus dog and isn’t ashamed to admit he likes girly pop songs. Can you read the second novella as a standalone? Brilliant review Nick, totally digging romancelandia 😀

    • Oh I know! I looove second chance romance.
      Yes, you can most definitely read Levi’s book as a standalone. 🙂

  • Sold! I want these now. I’ve only read one of her books, but I did love it. She really does no how to develop a story in a short amount of space and bring on the heat.

    • Yeah, she’s definitely very talented!

  • I’ve read The Marriage Contract, which I loved. It sounds like this series is very good and now I’m intrigued 🙂

    • I love The O’Malley’s series! You should definitely check these books out too. 🙂

  • I want these books! They’re going to the top of my wishlist. Thanks for this post, Nick!

  • oh I agree that this author is one of the best among all the authors of romancelandia. She is superb, but I still need to read this one.

    • Yes, she’s so great! I hope you get to them soon! 🙂

  • Ugh, these sound totally awesome. I definitely want to read these, who even cares that they’re novellas? I know I shouldn’t be buying new books (I literally cannot afford it, my bank account makes me want to weep) but I’m definitely moving these up the priority list. I seriously need to read some Katee Robert, I only hear good things about her books.

    • You know, you totally should be reading these books. They are short, so you’ll be able to read them fairly quickly and I know you will love them.