The Weekly Recap (248): Babies & Bad Moods

Weekly Recap

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hi guys!

What a dumspter fire of a week in international news, no? I’m so over evil winning what seems like on a daily basis. The future does not look very bright, friends, and I’m not quite sure how to play my role in bettering it.

Anyways, I don’t want this recap to get all dark and gloomy, so I’ll go on to cuter news. We had to look after the baby again this week while his mom went to some appointments. He, by the way, still doesn’t have a name! His parents are religious and in Buddhism, you are given potential alphabets for names based on your time and date of birth. They just got back that the letter “T” would be the most auspicious for him so they are now looking for names. We just call him “The Baby”. He’s a surprisingly good baby when he comes to our house. He just sleeps and doesn’t make a noise, which is how I like babies. We did go to see him one time when he was awake at his house and he smiles occasionally!

We also had guests over dinner on Thursday night. My mom goes all out for her guests so it was like a food festival at my place. I’m still full from Thursday night’s dinner – it’s Friday night atm … I don’t have plans for the weekend. I’ll most likely watch some TV while my parents are off to some wedding. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars, which makes me angry because I only really like Hanna, and absolute despise Aria … but it’s fun and I don’t know what else to watch. I’m also still doing my re-watch of Parks & Rec, and I’m nearing the end and I’m sad! I wish this show would come back to Netflix or something. I just miss these characters.

That’s it for me this week, let’s go on to my book updates for the week:

What I Read:

Fallen Heir (The Royals, #4) Reunion Extreme Exposure (I-Team, #1) Starfish That Thing You Do Seeing Red Royally Endowed (Royally, #3)

Not a bad reading week at all! 
Fallen Heir was the biggest disappointment of the week. I was hoping it would be addicting as the previous books in this series, but it was just really boring and I hated the main character. I probably wont be continuing with the series. I picked up a new London Hale that I had already read through their newsletter, and once again, it was a quick and sexy book. Extreme Exposure was also a great pick. I liked the romance a lot, but the plot was fantastic. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of this series. Starfish just about wrecked me. I loved every word of the book and it’s 100% a favorite of the year for me. That Thing You Do was an okay read. I didn’t feel very strongly towards it though. I also read my first Sandra Brown book, Seeing Red, which was incredible. It’s got a grumpy and sexy hero and a really good slow-burn romance. I finished off the week reading Royally Endowed, which was the best of the series for me.

What I’m Currently Reading:

Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1)

Review Copies Haul:

Head Over Heels (Something New, #5) A Rake's Guide to Seduction (Reece Family Trilogy, #3) Uncanny American Panda You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone Holiday Wishes (Heartbreaker Bay, #4.5) So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2)

Thank you to the authors and publishers for the review copies!

Purchased/Library Haul:

Extreme Exposure (I-Team, #1) Hard Evidence (I-Team, #2) Seeing Red Royally Endowed (Royally, #3) One of Us Is Lying

Nereyda’s Recap:

I was in this weird funk all last week and I’m not sure if it’s all the bad news going on, me still adjusting to my kids being back in school, or just general life stress but I was feeling pretty lazy and annoyed all last week. I even missed my workouts 4 days and sure enough, I got headaches which made my mood only that much worse. The end of the week was much better than the beginning and I have plans to go to the mountains for a picnic this weekend so I hope that improves my mood. I’ve been dealing with some health care issues for a few weeks now and the health care system drives me crazy here. I’ve been trying to get some medication for over a week now and after being on hold for two hours, lots of back and forth between my doctor, my insurance not wanting to cover the medicine and me wasting a lot of time dealing with this, I am still medication-less. Last week, we found out my 7 year old pretty much can’t see from one eye and after calling to try to get an appointment for her with a pediatric optometrist, I still haven’t been able to get one because the referral person is always out of office. My kids schools seem to keep adding pointless events that us parents have to go to at the most inconvenient times which just contributed to my bad mood. There’s a 3 hour orientation this SATURDAY at 8am that I simply refuse to go to. I swear, most of the stuff in my bullet journal is for events related to my kids schools. To top it all off, both my kids got a mini-cold last week and having sick kids is never fun. On a good note, we did spend some time at my parents last week which was nice cause she feeds us and mom food is the best food.  I also ended up reading a bit to pass the time when I was on hold on the phone. I haven’t read anything in a few weeks, so that was nice too.

In this latest installment of ‘Nereyda is always losing shit’ I seem to have lost my notes journal. I have my bullet journal and a mini journal that I use for random notes, phone numbers and any other random scribbles I may or may not need later and I can’t find it anywhere. I ended up getting another one but I’d really like to know where the hell my shit goes! Maybe I’ll find it where our fan control is, which yes, I lost again. At least this time the fan was set to on when it disappeared. Unfortunately, the light was set to off, which means I have to open the windows for light in the day and use my closet light at night. I swear, I need those sensors that you can put on stuff to make it beep when it gets lost.  Hope everyone had a great week!

What I’m Reading:

 Spellbook of the Lost and Found
I’m about halfway through this one and as expected, it’s weird. The ending will determine if it’s a good kind of weird or bad kind of weird.

eARC’s Received:

I’m in the mood for some romance books and these sounded great.

Audiobooks Received:

cid:image001.jpg@01D316A4.32093C30 cid:image003.jpg@01D316A4.32093C30 cid:image003.jpg@01D3061F.1BAEF500
I’m almost done with my last batch of audiiobooks and these caught my eye.

Our Weekly Recap:

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We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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    Would you mind checking out my book reviews blog at El’s Book Reviews and possibly give it a follow? Super excited to read your posts!

    – El

  • Megan McDade

    I don’t know what the world is coming to it makes me really sad.

    I haven’t watched park and rec Nick but I have heard so many great things about it. Again you have books I need to add to my TBR which is both a good and bad thing, good for me, bad for my purse. I didn’t really like paper princess so didn’t continue with Erin Watts series I was really disappointed.

    I am sorry about your bad week Nereyda sending positive vibes for next week. Schools do like to throw in non essential random things all the time. I love the cover of spellbook of the list and found. I just recently read Melanie Moreland first book and really enjoyed it.

    Have a great week.

  • I try to stay off the depressing news. It’s mostly just America right now though, and that should get better once you know who leaves that white building over there (I’m from Europe so I suppose it’s easy for me to say that.) Hopefully reading can help make it better!

  • Every time I watch the news I end up depressed, anxious, and angry. I try not to watch it anymore but it’s everywhere. I know it’s something that I should keep up with anyway but with everything that’s been happening, I’m just so disgusted.

    I STILL haven’t tried Parks & Rec yet but everyone has been telling me I need to. lol!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had a pretty stressful week, Nereyda! I hope you have a much better one this week.

  • Nick, I am really wanting to get my hands on that Sandra Brown book! Glad to hear you liked it. Royally Screwed is still my favorite of the series. I liked Royally Endowed though! Such a bummer that Fallen Heir was blah. I just finished Twisted Palace. Honestly, that book was kind of a let down after how much I love the first 2. It just kind of lost the magic. And it drug on FOREVER!
    Nereyda, That sucks that your kids schools schedules all that foolishness. 3 hours on a Saturday. NO WAY!! I hope you enjoy the Sophia Henry book. I have liked the series a great deal. Sweet and romantic with a hockey twist!
    Hope you both have a great week!
    Samantha @The Book Disciple

  • Ugh with the news. I can’t wait to hear what this baby finally gets named. I feel invested now lol. I tried PLL but couldn’t get into it for some reason. Maybe one day Ill try again. Nereyda sorry about the funk last week. 3 Hours on a Saturday is not cool. I hope you find all your lost stuff!! Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  • debnance

    The worldwide news is putting me in a bad mood, too. I’m trying to stay away from it, and do all the things we need to do to stay happy (see my post from last Tuesday). It’s tricky, though, isn’t it?

  • Nick, I miss Parks and Rec too. It was gone too soon. Nereyda: 3 hour orientation? That’s crazy, but as for your reading, I adored Spellbook. It all starts to come together, I promise.

  • I’ve been trying to stay away from the news, but every time I turn around my husband has the news back on. It’s so disheartening.

    Ya’ll got so many amazing books. I hope you both enjoy them. 🙂

    Happy readin’,
    Jenea’s Book Obsession

  • Charlie Anderson

    My brother didn’t have a name for two weeks. My parents argued over his name – my mother wanted to name him after my great-grandfather, but my dad did NOT like the name. He was only kosher if it was the middle name. My mom finally went back to the hospital and just did it her way. My dad was pissed for months. I didn’t know you could leave the hospital without a name! That is also how I like my babies – sleepy and quiet as a mouse.

    Nereyda, I hope next week is better. As a sixth grade teacher who is on the receiving end of parents who are mad and frustrated because they 1) don’t understand the process and differences at our school from the elementary and 2) won’t read information that is sent out, I understand why your school is conducting an orientation. We have begged our administration for a required orientation for sixth grade parents, or at least a mandatory gradebook workshop, for two years. That medication and appointment business sounds ridiculous. I went through that with two medications in the spring because I refuse to go back to the allergist and pay a hospital bill on top of my copay just to get her to re-prescribe medication. I hate health care in our country. I don’t know if there is any fixing it if it is not regulated. I hope you and your kiddo get what you need this week and quit getting the run around. I can’t even watch the news because it makes me angry or depressed.

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    I didn’t know that about Buddhism. That’s rather interesting. I know my mom told me she had names picked out. I was almost my sister’s name, but then things got turned around! Lol!

    Sorry to hear about the funk this week, Nereyda. I really hope this week to come will be better for you!

    Nice haul this week too! Lots of new to me reads there! I hope you both enjoy your new reads! Will be curious to see what you think of Fowley-Doyle’s book Nereyda! I still need to read her first book to see if I like her style, but again, curious about this one and so far reviews seemed to be mixed!

    Happy Reading!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • laura thomas

    I know what you mean about current news. I love to watch the news in the morning and now I almost dread it. What in the world is happening. On the brighter side, you both have some awesome reads this week and I spy a few that I have too. Here’s to brighter news:)

    My Sunday Post

  • Honestly I hate watching the news, I just watch enough to be updated on current events because i gets me so depressed. I sometimes wish I could just move to a island away from it all.

    Great book haul you got here!!

  • I loved the Spellbook of the Lost and Found on audio and hope you end up liking it. Nick your binge of Pretty Little Liars made me laugh, you sound like my daughter. She had a whole love hate thing going. Both of you have a wonderful week!

  • The news is such a dumpster fire. Historians are saying that Charlottesville is the turning point – in which direction we don’t know. But also Nick – when are you coming back to the States?

    And Nereyda – it looks like you need a Back to School vacation! Haha

  • Oh man, I hope you feel better Nereyda and that this week treats you better than last week.

    I’m so bummed that you didn’t like Fallen Heir, Nick. I have it for review but haven’t touched it yet. It’s on my list for this week so I’m curious to see if I’d enjoy it or feel the same way as you. Gah.

  • Nick, the news sucks. Take a day off and just don’t watch it, I think that’s the only way I can stay in a good mood some days. I avoid twitter, don’t watch the news and basically become a technology hermit and I feel a bit happier from it and I can face the real world again.

    And I can’t believe Baby still has no name. Love that they’re taking their time about picking one based on their beliefs, though. Names are for life after all, got to pick a good one. Glad he’s an easy baby, though, I am a firm believer in giving them back as soon as they become grizzly or cry. Jealous of your feast at home. We’re living off of frozen food and takeaways while we have builders in, who knew takeaways could get boring?

    I hope you plan on reviewing Starfish, I need to know why it was so good (also, why does it have a jellyfish on the cover if it’s called starfish?).

    Nereyda, I’m feeling stressed out about things just reading your update. Between the drama of trying to get medication and a doctors appointment and then your kids school booking all your time up I can see why your week wasn’t great. Also, the news probably didn’t help. I hope you manage to get medical things sorted at least because that’s stressful, why can you never seem to be able to just book an appointment, why does it involve jumping through so many hoops? At least you got some reading in while your were stuck on hold.

    I don’t get why your kids school is trying to take all your time for pointless things. Can you just not show up? What’s the worst they can do? I would not show up.

    I hope you both have a good week this week.

  • I just got back from a week at the Coast. I unplugged, no news, no tv so it was nice to not know what was going on. I am glad I missed all the turmoil. Sounds like you are enjoying your last few days at home. I am back for a few days but heading home to Idaho for a week so I will be in and out.

  • Nick that is really interesting about The Baby. I think religions are cool when people follow them to the letter it can make life interesting for the people around them. Babysitting a child that doesn’t even have a name yet is kinda funny. I just posted my review for Before She Ignites. I hope you are enjoying it.
    Nereyda you and I have loosing things in common. It is not cool but it is really funny. I loose so many things I am sure I am cursed. Sorry to hear about all the appointments at school. I would skip a 3 hour orientation on a Saturday morning just on principle. I hope things calm down for you soon.
    I hope you both have a great week and happy reading!