The Weekly Recap (246): Children, Fires & Nail-Biting Dilemmas

Weekly Recap

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing it? I hope you’ve had fabulous weeks. Mine was an OK week, and very eventful. Well, relatively speaking. On Monday night, my mom woke me up at around midnight to tell me she’s off to the hospital because her friend’s water had broken, and the woman and her husband were freaked out of their minds. They have another daughter, but they are new to the country, so they wanted my mom to be there. Turns out my mom spent the whole night/early morning there until the baby was delivered.  She gave birth to a red-faced little boy! The next day we had to look after her daughter, which we were very nervous about. She’s shy and doesn’t talk yet. She’s also very attached to her parents and doesn’t like other people a lot. She was fine with us though and spent the whole day without crying or anything. But man, taking care of toddlers is hard work! My poor mom was even more exhausted because she was running on no sleep.

The next morning, my mother woke me up again because the house next to our apartment was on fire and people around were screaming. Facing our apartment, and right next to the house is a big orchard with tons of big trees, so the fire could have spread and come to our place too. Thankfully for us, we also live right next to the fire-station, so they arrived a couple of minutes later and got the fire under control. Still, I think everyone has been on the edge ever since the Greenfell Tower fire a couple of months ago. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The rest of the week went fine though. I’ve been working out regularly still, which I’m super happy about. More than that, I actually want to workout, which I never thought would be possible. 18 year old Nick is gaping at me right now! Also, my sister sent a parcel for me full of Aussie YA books I asked for  through a friend, which also made my entire week!

Ooh also, I’ll also now be blogging once a week over at Romances Ever After with Eri & Lisa! Check us out and give us a follow if you’re interested! 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for me this week, let’s go on to my book updates for the week:

What I Read:

 Reign the Earth (The Elementae, #1) North to You (Journey to the Heart #1) No Limits The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke, #1) The Secret History of Us

It was a very mixed-bag sort of reading week for me. Reign the Earth ended up disappointing me. I thought a lot of the ideas behind the book were really interesting, but ultimately the execution fell flat for me. I just want to read a YA fantasy that will sweep me off my feet, but I haven’t read one in ages. I do think others might have better luck but there were just elements that weren’t for me. I did like North to You a lot! I reviewed it on Friday and I thought it was an adorable and diverse romance. I also loved No Limits, which I totally expected to. I mean it’s Aussie YA after all. But anyways this one broke my heart, and then mended it right back. The romance was just full of swoons. I also decided I wanted to read The Duchess Deal because I was in the mood for it even though I just read it last month. I loved it even more the second time around. I finished up the week reading The Secret History of Us, which sadly, I thought was a pointless read. The story went absolutely nowhere, and I don’t quite understand how this is book Jessi Kirby has written because normally, she writes quality books.

What I’m Currently Reading:

The Undercurrent

I started The Undercurrent and I’m about 40% in and completely loving it. It’s so different from Paula Weston’s Rephaim series, but it’s fantastic.

Review Copies Haul:

Autoboyography  Acting on Impulse (Love on Cue, #1)

Thank you to the authors and publishers for the review copies!

Purchased/Library Haul:

The Undercurrent Spark (Spark, #1) Stray (Spark, #2) Shield (Spark, #3) Little Monsters

Nereyda’s Recap:

I had a bit of a busy week. My girls start school on Monday and we’ve been busy finishing up all their back to school shopping, eye exams and all that other fun stuff. We’re finally all ready though, physically at least if not emotionally. What can I say? I prefer to have my kids home and I hate dealing with homework and useless school projects, although I will miss not having to feed them every 2 hours (or so it seems like it). I’m not really looking forward to adjusting my daily schedule again once school starts and I will miss my morning runs but I hope this is a good school year.

I had to get nails last week because I got into the bad habit of biting my nails again… on only one hand. So one hand had really nice long nails and the other hand had bitten down ugly nails. I’m hoping the fake nails gives my nails time to grow and to get used to not biting them again. In the meantime, having fake nails sucks! These are longer than what I normally like so I’m having a hard time typing, writing in my journal (it’s so hard to hold my pen, how do other girls do it??) and omg, texting is the worst! I’m not a good texter to begin with (so many typos) and my cracked phone screen already makes it hard to text. Nails just make my messages that much more hard to read. Poor Nick. Luckily she’s pretty used to my awful typing and can understand what I’m trying to say. I’m going to Phoenix this weekend for a concert and I’m so looking forward to the road trip and the time away. Hope everyone had a great week!

What I Read:

Little Monsters Ugly Love The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Little Monsters was an impulse audiobook and I actually really liked it. I was in the mood for some rereads so I ended up re-listening to Ugly Love and The Duff.

What I’m Reading:

Truly (New York, #1) Flame in the Mist (Flame in the Mist, #1)
I’m still reading Truly… I’m about 60% in and I am really liking it, I just didn’t have time to pick up the book this week. I’m listening to Flame in the Mist and I’m pretty freaking bored with it. It’s so generic and I don’t care about any of the characters and I’m not sure if I’ll continue.

Audiobooks Received for Review:

This is not my usual kind of audiobook but I loved the movie and I like the author so fingers crossed that this is good.

Book Haul:

 The Ones Who Got Away Wrong to Need You (Forbidden Hearts, #2)
In the mood for some romance books and these caught my eye.

Our Weekly Recap:

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We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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Nick & Nereyda
  • I loved the Duchess Deal too Nick. Oh my what an eventful week. Glad they delivered a healthy baby boy and taking care of the daughter went ok. YES, taking care of little ones is hard work. I watch the Royals for 20 hours a week, and oh boy it is exhausting…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. LOL about the nails Nereyda. Isn’t there some kind of stuff you can put on them that make them taste awful? My mom tried it with my little sister and it worked until she began biting her toenails instead! After that my mom let her bite her nails.

  • Megan McDade

    Toddlers are hard work aren’t they I work with kids so am used to it but they do make you so tried lol. Nick I have more added more to my TBR lol 5 books from your list lol. Nereyda I hate fake nails as well I can’t work with them. Have a great week 🙂

  • Wow, that’s an eventful week! I have never had fake nails, hah! Bet it’s a weird feeling. I have really shitty nails though, they are thin and bendy, so I was so glad when I started playing piano and guitar and had an excuse to just cut them short all the time already.

  • Ok, can we just address the search for “dirty step mom”? Eww. Moving on!
    Nick, you had a very eventful week!! I’m glad everyone is okay. Good luck with your new romance blog venture! You know how excited I am for you all!
    Nereyda, I often see my students with long fake nails and wonder “Why!?” They can’t type, they can’t text, they have the WORST time writing! I just don’t get it!?
    Hope you both have a great upcoming week!

  • Nick, jeez what an eventful week. I hope this week is a little calmer for you. We babysat 2 little boys for someone that my husband works with. We have 2 teenagers, so having an 8 and 11 year old all day was an experience, they were good kids and they loved my son. I’m glad no one was hurt in the fire.
    Nereyda, my kids go back the 14th, I don’t know what I will do with it being so quiet all day, but like you, I won’t miss them going in the cabinets and fridge and eating everything in site all day either. But I will miss them.
    Y’all enjoy the new book and happy reading.

    Jenea’s Book Obsession’s Sunday Post

  • Nick- Wow! You did have quite the eventful week! I’m glad everything seems to have gone well with the new parents. I laughed when you said the comment about taking care of toddlers being hard work. lol! My daughter is 4 and I’m a stay at home mom right now, so I know how you feel! LOL! I’m glad she didn’t cry for you and babysitting went well! So glad to hear that the fire didn’t spread to your building. That’s scary.

    Nereyda- My daughter just had her open house for preschool this past week. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed but she’s excited as can be about going so I guess that’s good. haha! I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying Flame in the Mist. I ended up really enjoying that one. Little Monster is one that I really want to check out…and would you believe I STILL haven’t read The DUFF?! What’s wrong with me?! lol I own it and everything

    Hope you both have a great week, and happy reading!

  • Wow Nick that is a crazy week. Toddlers are exhausting. Yay for working out regularly. Nereyda wow you guys go to school so early compared to here. I hated when I had longer nails. They look pretty but get in the way!! Have a great week ladies!

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    Sounds like an interesting week to say the least. I’m glad everyone is safe. I was super bored with Flame in the Mist and will admit, it’s one of the few books I DNF’d. Hope it picks up for you.

  • Nick! One happy wakeup, one scary wakeup. I am glad to hear the fire did not reach you. My new place has a gym, so I need to stop being lazy and go. Good for you keeping it healthy! My co-blogger got Midnight Dance from Swoon when she met with them at BEA, and she actually left that one here, so I hope to read it soon. We will have to compare notes. Nereyda, I am a rabid nail biter. I did fake nails once, and it was when I was a programmer. It was torture! Good luck with them.

  • No Limits has officially been added to the tbr pile. I always find new books from you, Nick. Sounds like your week was hectic but I’m so glad to hear that the fire did not reach you guys. I’m with you on the work out front as well. It baffles me that I’m actually encouraged by doing so, the only down side is that finding time to squeeze in a good work out is tough with work being so chaotic.

    I use to be a terrible nail biter and I literally forced myself to stop. I’m sorry to hear you’re not enjoying Flame in the Mist. I still need to read the book myself but I feel like I should definitely be lowering my expectations.

    Hope you both have a lovely week. 😀

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ooh nice! I’m curious about The Midnight Dance and Little Monsters! I have Kara’s first book in my TBR pile somewhere…lol! I still wanted to give that one a go before diving into her newer things just so I can get an idea of her style. Hope you enjoy the new lovelies!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • Charlie Anderson

    Nick – you and your mom are awesome friends! It is scary living in a new place. I can’t imagine living in a new country! That fire sounds scary. I remember when my cousin set the pasture across the road on fire with his bottle rocket. It was spreading so fast. It burned the entire thing and we were so worried it would spread too far before the fire department arrived since we live out in the country. I drank more water than I ever have in my life. It was scorching! I’m glad your fire station was so close and it didn’t spread to your house.

    Nereyda – I’m not ready to change my schedule, either. I have to go back this Friday (and really I have to go back Thursday to get things they are holding over our heads that we have to have Friday at 7:30 am – evil). With things that have gone on this week, I have run out of time to do my doctor, gynecologist, dental, and eye appointments. Trying to schedule them all for one day in September will prove an act of Congress. I also bite my nails. Always have, both hands, and they look awful. I started doing gel on my nails and it has helped a lot. I only have issues when they grow out so long and because my nails are weak they start tearing at the corners. I’ve noticed in the last two months they are getting stronger, though. They are the longest they’ve ever been in my life right now. I also hate the fake nails. I love the sound they make, but I hate having them. They catch under my keyboard, I can’t hold a pen either, put in earrings or take them out, put on any jewelry, and texting is a nightmare. I hope you enjoy the concert!

  • Holy crap, Nick. I’m glad you and yours are okay, and that no one was hurt during the fire. That’s scary as hell. And good on you for looking after a little one all day — it’s seriously exhausting! Hahaha. One day I hope to actually look forward to working out…right now it’s just my commitment to routine that’s keeping me going. LOL. Your enthusiasm for Ellie Marney’s new book has me stoked to finally try out her Every series, although it probably won’t be until autumn because I accidentally overcommitted myself with ARCs for the rest of the summer. 🙈

    Aww Nereyda! I can imagine how hard it is to have your girls out of the house all day…especially when they’re bringing dumb school assignments home with them at the end of the day, haha. Fingers crossed that their teachers this year will be a bit more reasonable with stuff like that! I tried fake nails once and legit scratched my cornea because I forgot I was wearing them. Never again!

  • Nick, it sounds like you had all the drama (good and bad) I mean woken up as someone is having a baby, that’s exciting, but the fire! I hope no one got hurt and it was all ok in the end. It’s scary waking up to something like that. I am so jealous of your aussie book parcel, though. I’ve been debating ordering myself a copy of The Undercurrent off Book Depository. Is it worth buying or should I wait for it to get a UK publication?

    And Nereyda, is it a little sad that I miss the fun of getting everything sorted for back to school? It’s buying all the stationery that I miss I think. And the assignments at school are ridiculous but you’ll get used to a new routine quickly. Biting your nails is a nightmare, I’m terrible for it, but I always find when I’ve got painted nails I bite them less. I hate having fake nails so I don’t get how folks do it. I use the excuse of wearing contacts for not having them (except I’ve stopped wearing my contacts as I’m bone idle).