Do You Review Every Book That You Read?

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books. Around 5-7 a week. If you check my monthly recaps, every month I read about 20-30 books. However, half the time, I only review about 70% of those books. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have enough blog space. Co-blogging with Nereyda means I get 2-3 days a week to post my content, while she gets the others, as well as one day to post our weekly recaps. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have zero complaints about this scheme. In fact, I like it, because it’s relaxing, and once I got into the habit, it became a very natural part of my life. I do admit though that I also feel guilty for not reviewing everything that I’m reading? I’m not quite sure how to explain why I feel that way. I know there’s no rule that says that you HAVE to review everything that you read – there is no right way to blog, after all!

A lot of time what happens though is a lot of the books that I purchased or borrowed from the library are the ones that wind up going un-reviewed. Or most of the time, the books I didn’t like and don’t have much to say about don’t end up being reviewed. I hate that. It makes me wonder if people think I’m a blogger who ONLY reviews advanced readers copies or a reviewer who LOVES all the books that she reads? And that gets me anxious too. Because I don’t want to give out the impression that I’m only blogging for the ARCs. I blog because I like talking about books. ARCs are a nice side perk. I’ve struggled with this thought this year, in particular. When I started the year, one of my goals was to do more discussion posts and more personal posts as well. Well, that hasn’t happened, because I’ve had to prioritize my reviews. In fact, I think this is the first discussion post I’ve written this year, which is sucky because I have a full bullet journal spread with all the discussion post ideas that I want to tackle, that I haven’t had a chance to. Thankfully for you all, Nereyda isΒ always churning out a bunch of non-review posts to balance out all the reviews I do, so the blog doesn’t seem as monotonous.

So what can I do to change things? I’ve considered a bunch of mini-reviews in one giant post, but I’m not sure if you guys like reading them, because they can get lengthy, and I have a feeling a lot of you would lose interest after the 3rd or 4th book – I understand, we don’t have all the time in the world to be reading blog posts. Also, sometimes I tend to ramble in my mini-reviews, and they wind up being like 50000 words each, which makes them not so mini. I’ve also considered doing a one-line pitch, Tweet-style, sort of reviews for some books that I don’t have a lot to say about. Or maybe do list posts featuring books with same themes. I just don’t know, and I know this post mostly doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I would really love any ideas you may have so that I can find ways to feature all the books that I’m reading. I’m all ears, because I really want YOUR input because you are the readers, and though I do blog for myself, I also want to cater to you.

Do you review every book that you read? If not, how do you prioritize what gets reviewed and what doesn’t? Do you have fun ideas on how to feature books without an actual review you’re willing to share?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  • kindlemom1

    Honestly I think most of us do this, at least I know I do and have seen others say the same thing, I use to always review and rate books but now since I’ve been more lax in my blogging habits (not in a good way mind you), I have found that I don’t even do that, especially if it is something that I didn’t care for. I do try to say something about each book on Goodreads but not on Amazon or my blog. I just don’t always have the time to do it and it’s nice just being able to read to read. No pressure about reviewing or getting a blog post up but instead just because I wanted to versus because I had to.

    I don’t think that makes any of us bad book readers or reviewers or bloggers. It just makes us people who read because we love it and enjoy it. πŸ˜‰

  • Lately I do review every book but I am not reading as much as you. When I was reading more I just did really short review round ups for books I didn’t have al to to say. I would keep it to like one short paragraph. I like all your ideas for doing a bunch in a post though. But if you don’t review a book you read that is ok too!! It would never have crossed my mind you only blog for ARCs or whatever.

  • Hi, Nick! I missed you! 70% is a lot! I tend to review only a small fraction of what I read, and lately I haven’t been doing even that. It’s nice to be back.

  • I review most of the books I read, but it’s because I haven’t been reading as much lately. I don’t review graphic novels like I originally planned (I do some round-ups for those every once in a while instead). I also don’t usually review rereads either unless it’s for a feature with someone. I personally like mini review posts because the reviews are quicker to read, even if the post is long. You can read the reviews for the books that are interesting to you. If you read 5-6 books a week, I feel like most people are happy to see other discussions and posts mixed in instead of only reviews!

  • One of the reasons why I split the blog and created after hours was to review most, if not all, the books I read, and have MG/YA in my area and NA/Adult in another. I got burned out though, running two blogs full time was a lot of work.

    that being said, I reviewed books I received FOR review, or something for a feature. But I don’t often reread so I don’t have that issue.

    I like the idea of mini reviews, or a round up. You still review on Goodreads, yes? So it’s still getting some love somewhere.

  • I’ve always tried to review all the books I read other than the DNF ones. I normally don’t put anything on the blog itself, I just send the info of why I didn’t finish to the publisher if I received it from them. If they are novellas I will do the mini reviews all in one post.

  • Short answer, yes, every freaking book

  • I review almost every book I read (unless it’s a reread that I’ve already reviews on my blog). But, I haven’t been reading as much as you have, and I don’t have a co-blogger, so that keeps me pretty free. Once in a while I will read a book, and I will have decided ahead of time I’m not going to review it, but that’s not often.

    I did start my blog because I wanted to talk to people about what I was reading. However, if I had a coblogger (sometimes I really wish I did have one, and sometimes I’m really happy that’s it’s all mine) and if I was reading so many books every month, I definitely wouldn’t review everything. Like you said, there just wouldn’t be enough space. Then I would probably skip books that are in the middle. I find those the most difficult to review. The ones that I didn’t hate but didn’t love either.

    But I don’t think anyone would think you are only blogging for the ARCs, Nick! Access to ARCs is nice, but it sure is a lot of work to have that access.

  • I review 99% of the books I read.

  • Ever since I started a blog, I have tried to make a habit of making sure that I always review every book that I read. The only time that I don’t is when I am forced to DNF a book, and then I will just do a sentence or two on goodreads. Now there are plenty of books on goodreads I have read but have yet to review, but those books were read before I started a blog. Since I have been reading romance for almost fifteen years (wow that makes me feel old–only 30 πŸ™‚ and only been blogging for seven. So there is still plenty of books I want to pick up again so I can review them. But that has always been my policy, to make sure that I review every book I read if possible.

    I agree that there is no right or wrong way to run a book blog, its all up to the individual. For me, its important to review almost if not all the books I read. But I don’t expect it from anyone else, its what makes me happy. Even if there are some books that most of my readers won’t pick up (for example: older romances).

    Great post here, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Amanda @ Vivalabooks

    I definitely don’t review every book I’ve read, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Also I think 70% is really high! I try to review most books I read, but realistically that can be impossible time-wise, and if I focus too much on reviewing a book then it can suck the fun out of reading. Also I’m a big fan of mini reviews, since it allows you to get a gist of a lot of books at once!

  • Ever since I’ve started the blog I’ve found myself reviewing every book I read.Granted I don’t read as many books as you do but I always feel so guilty if I pass up on one for some reason. I don’t review novellas and books I’ve re-read though. I must admit, it does get tiring sometimes, especially when I can’t find the right words for a certain book. I think mini reviews would help but again once I get going the end result isn’t as mini but I still enjoy reading mini reviews. You could try writing a series review, or an author spotlight highlighting the books you’ve read by a certain author. I think at the end of the day, you do you. If you find it a struggle to write a review for every book, then don’t do it. It shouldn’t be a chore to review and above all else you should enjoy it. πŸ˜€

  • I think we are feeling the opposite. I sometimes feel lame because I dont read as many books to just do review posts and I think people might get thrown off by all my non-book review posts…

    I dont mind mini reviews but I do get bored if there are more than like 3 books in one post.

    As for other ideas, what about doing some quick bullet journal style reviews like I used to do? Those used to take me like 5 minutes to do and ut was nice cause it was different than just another review. Plus sometimes I just dont have that much to say about certain books. Actually, I should start doing them again too πŸ™‚

  • I don’t read nearly as many books as you do, so I’ve had no problem keeping up with reviews and being able to review everything I read. But I can definitely see how it could become a problem for bloggers like you who read 10+ books every month. I wouldn’t want my posts to be nothing but reviews either, but I *like* having reviews of the books I read – both to help my readers decide if a certain book is something they might want to read and to help me sort out my thoughts on the books I’ve read.
    I think if I ever got to a point where I couldn’t keep up with posting reviews for all the books I’ve read, I’d either end up doing mini-reviews like you mentioned (I’d probably keep it to about 3 books per post so the posts don’t get too long or boring) or just post reviews for some books on Goodreads and not my blog. I’m not sure how much you use Goodreads (or even if you use it at all), but that might be a good way to still have your review out there for people who want to read it without having reviews completely take over your blog. I’d maybe only post 4 or 5 star reviews on my blog and keep the rest just to Goodreads or something like that. Definitely not a perfect solution, but it might help. πŸ˜›

  • I review almost all of them except for authors I work for. I don’t have a co-blogger, but it works out for me since I read about 20 a month.

  • I always worry that people will think I only talk about the books I enjoy because often, those are the only ones I review on the blog. I will say I am always reviewing books on goodreads so whether a book was an ARC or not, my review is there. My average star rating on GR is lower than my average star rating on my blog. I just don’t like spending a lot of time creating a blog post for a book I hated or thought was bad. But, then I realize, people might find that opinion valuable. Sigh. Really the solution is I need to quit my job so I have time to do it all! Problem solved!

  • I deffffinitely don’t review every book I read. I feel like you and I have been reading similar amounts of books every month, and when you read 25-30 books in a month, it’s just almost impossible to review all of them. Most of what I review are ARCs, and I do feel bad about that a lot of the time. I’m trying to review more backlist titles this second half of the year, especially those that I feel deserve recognition.

  • Charlie Anderson

    I don’t review every book I read – typically either books I read with my students or books I listened to on audiobook and didn’t like enough to even string some words together. I review about 98% of my reads. I’ve never done mini-reviews because I’m by myself and need single reviews to have enough content, but I think you should do a batch of mini-reviews. You don’t have to say a lot about each book – I know some whose minis are as long as their regular reviews. You can posts in batches of 3-4 mini reviews.

  • Oh gosh. You are on fire with your reading pace, Nick. Well done!

    I so wish I have the time to read, let alone review everything. But once upon a time, I tried to. I have a hard time reviewing romance novels, tbh. And most of the time, that’s what i read when i’m suffering from a severe case of the slumpage. :/

  • I definitely do NOT review every book I read- honestly, not even close. I basically only review books I “have to” to at the moment. So I am one of “those” bloggers πŸ˜‰ BUT our reasons are very different. I don’t review them because frankly, I just don’t want to. Sometimes I will do SUPER mini-reviews for books I don’t have to, but that’s rare too. Reading through the comments, I feel like I am really in the minority though. I really just don’t have the time or desire to review *every* book. This is generally my formula: If it is a review book, I review it. If it is a book with very few ratings on Goodreads, I try to review it. Any hyped book, unless my opinion wildly differs from the masses, doesn’t get reviewed.

    I personally like mini-reviews, but you could also try to kind of… force yourself into keeping them short by having some kind of “theme”? Like maybe they have to fit in a certain space, or be under a certain count, or something creative that I can’t think of right now πŸ˜‰ Good luck, I think you’re doing amazing!!

  • I’ve been trying to write reviews for almost all of the books that I read but that doesn’t end up happening sometimes. I’ve been starting to add in Mini reviews where I include up to 3 books, but I’m finding I still don’t have enough room! lol! I know what you mean about some reviews getting wordy. I get carried away talking about books sometimes and before I know it I have a really LONG review, and then I try to shorten it. lol! I would definitely read a post of yours that includes several mini reviews in one post. I actually enjoy those a lot!

  • Ari

    I was just discussing this with another blogger who was having this same issue. Romance books are such quick reads so reviews tend to pile up. I actually decided this year to stop reviewing every book I read on my blog. I make a list at the beginning of the month for which ARCs I need to review and which new releases I want to read and review and stick to that. Any other book I manage to sneak in for that month I decide if I wanna do a mini-review on GR or I just rate them and keep it moving. Since most of my sneak reads are erotica, I just keep it moving. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It’s not worth it to review every book you read imo.

  • I also really only review books that are only ARCs, but it’s mainly because I don’t have the time to be reviewing everything. And when I do read books that I own or borrowed for the library, it’s mainly because I want to read it to enjoy it, rather than analyze it for a review. As in finding something to write about for the review lol. I don’t have that pressure with non-review books, and if I do want to review something, then I’ll go ahead because why not.

    Hahah so I guess I would say just do whatever you want and post whatever you want. No one will care if all you post is reviews. And you’ve already established yourself as an amazing reviewer that your readers will still trust you even if you have 5 star reviews one after the other. πŸ˜€

  • I used to review everything I read, but this year more than ever I haven’t written reviews for everything and those are the ones I got from the library. I think because sometimes I just don’t feel like I want to and if there is no pressure, I let it go. However, I still am reviewing plenty from the library and from my ARCS. What I do is save my reviews for when I am busy and I need a review on the fly.

  • I struggled with this question a lot earlier this year, too. It’s actually why I started writing my romance review roundup posts, because before that I reviewed everything I read except romance. I kept thinking that my regular reviews (almost always fantasy novels) which are a mix of ARCs, library books, and ones I buy myself, didn’t really reflect what I was reading since I never reviewed romance. And I don’t want to give people a “fake” or sanitized version of what I like reading, ya know?

    That said, I really don’t like feeling obligated to write a review for a book that I just…don’t have much to say about? I know, hard to believe, but it does happen occasionally. LOL! Maybe one way to approach it would be a new feature, like “ten book reviews in ten lines” where you write a one-line review for the books you’re not keen on reviewing?

  • I don’t. If I don’t have much to say, or felt “meh” about the book, I just do a short review on Goodreads and call it a day. If it’s a Netgalley book I just link to that. I’ve decided that I like using Goodreads as a journal of everything I read, where the blog is a place I can write longer reviews or do discussion posts.
    It works for me, but I agree wth Lover of Romance below that everyone should figure out what works for them.
    PS I do like posts that are groups of mini-reviews! Agree with Nereyda – three is the magic number!

  • I don’t. You’re right in your reasoning since I have the same thoughts about reader’s perception of what I do review, but I don’t have the time to review everything (not that I read as much as you do!). Other times I wait so long to review a book that I end up not reviewing it when the details become fuzzy…

  • I tend to review every single book I read…mostly because I don’t read too often now! I think I’ve only read Lord of Shadows in the past 7 months… -cringes-
    But when I used to read lots, I always drafted reviews, but just didn’t always post them – either because they weren’t up to my standards or because I didn;t have the time to post them (I try not to inundate everyone with my reviews!)
    I love your mini reviews – but yeah you’re right, they can definitely get lengthy – and my comments on them will also be really lengthy, because ALL. THE. BOOKS.
    In the end – I guess review the way you want to? Because if you review to conform to others’ standards, you might fall out of love with reviewing – I know that tends to happen to me! <3

  • A Novel Glimpse

    I try hard to review all the books I read, but I think I might take a step back from that. It’s become daunting as I too have been reading 5-7 books a week. I think I need to slow that down as well. I love blogging for the same reasons you do, but I have recently had to remind myself that it’s not my life. I need to get out an experience more.
    I like mini reviews. I do them sometimes because there’s not always a lot to say about a book. I don’t know if that helps.

  • I try and always write something about the books I’ve read on Goodreads because at least I know my thoughts will be somewhere for folks to read. I definitely don’t review everything I read but I am getting better at reviewing more. Reviews didn’t used to be my favourite thing to do because I get bored easily and if I don’t review almost immediately I’ll forget what I thought. It’s why I hate leaving my reviews for weeks to write properly (I’ve done that a lot lately). I think mini tweet like reviews would be a great way to review some of the books you have less to say on. You could always write a more full review somewhere like Goodreads and link to it and say if folks want your full thoughts to go there because if people are intrigued then they can make their way for more.

  • Rachel

    I used to review every book I read, and it’s still something I aim for, but I am running horribly behind at the minute. Some books are 3* reads but I don’t have a ton to say about them, and they’re the ones I struggle to review. The books I have problems with, or LOVE are the ones that DEMAND I review them, so those ones write themselves. But sometimes I don’t have the mojo to review all the books, even when my bookish OCD wants me to. The plan is to still review ALL the books, but I’d need to start catching up soon!! R xx