10 Minimalist (aka Easy) Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts

Last week, I talked about how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get into bullet journaling and shared some inexpensive dupes you can try. Some of the other comments I usually get in my journal-related posts are how people aren’t good at drawing or how they don’t have a lot of time to spend on creating layouts. I’ve been journaling for a year now and I am not good at drawing, I don’t have nice handwriting, I don’t know how to do calligraphy and I don’t like spending a lot of time on my monthly/weekly spreads either. I’ve developed into a more minimalist approach for my journal, which really helps me be more productive since I spend less time worrying about making my journal nice and I’m able to actually utilize it. I’m not against people who pretty up their journals with drawings because it works for them as a creative outlet and I love looking at them on Pinterest, but in real life, I like the simpler layouts. I thought I’d share some of my favorite easy and minimalist weekly layouts spreads that anyone can do on any kind of journal or notebook. Most of them don’t even require a ruler, in fact I only used 3 supplies for all of these spreads: a fine tip pen, a marker and on occasion a ruler. All these spreads took me about 1 hour total to do, which puts them at a little under 5 minutes each.

Easy Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts:

A no-nonsense one page weekly layout for those of you that don’t need a lot of space each day. I like the quick and small monthly calendar view at the top left and the space at the bottom to add any events for the following week.

If you prefer two page layouts and want more space and maybe a simple habit tracker for the week, this one is perfect. It has a mini calendar view at the top, a space for your to-do list for the week, any upcoming events and a simple habit tracker. Then we have our weekly days with Saturday and Sunday split into two. I start my weeks off on Mondays because that just makes sense for me since I consider Mondays the start of my weeks. If you prefer to start your week on Sundays, simply adjust accordingly.

This two page layout is simpler than the last one and doesn’t even require a ruler. This covers the basics and has a spot for each day as well as an area for your to-do/goals list for the week.

Another one week layout, super simple and sleek-looking.

If you have a lot of events or appointments and want to keep them separate from your to do list section for the days, this spread is perfect. I don’t have Β a lot of events but I used to use this layout and on the right I used that for anything blog related.

This layout is perfect for busy people who need to block out specific times for events, whether you have a demanding job or you’re a busy mom. The top section allows you to write in events at certain hours of the day, while the bottom sections allow space for a to-do list for the day, your meals for the day and even a water tracker. This would take up more than one page, but I just featured two dates as an example.

Another simple, one page, no ruler needed layout. It has space for all the days of the week, your to do list (can you tell I love to do lists?), goals for the week, upcoming events and even a notes section, if needed.

This is possibly one of the easiest layouts you can do. Simple cursive also makes the dividers and headers for the days. This layout would take up two days with Saturday and Sunday split in the final space.

If you want a simple layout while keeping track of more details like breakfast, lunch dinner,water intake, exercise and fruits/veggie intake, this layout is perfect. The larger area allows for more space for each day, and although this layout would take up more pages, it’s still really simple to put together.

After using my bullet journal for one year, I have found my perfect weekly layout! It only takes up two pages and it has enough space for my dailies as well as sections along the sides to include my to-do list, shopping list, chores I wanna tackle that week, my meal plan for the week, my game plan for the blog and any upcoming events. The mini calendar at the top is a nice bonus since I like looking at the whole month at a glance while I plan. It’s a little bit more complex than the others I’ve shared but I’ve been using this layout since March and it’s been working great. The best part? It takes me like 3 minutes to put together (probably cause I’m so used to doing it already).

I just realized I lied in my opening statement, in my last spread I did use an extra pen and an extra marker. As you can see, you don’t need to draw, have pretty handwriting or spend a lot of time putting together layouts if you wanna try bullet journaling. These spreads will work on any notebook or journal and they are so easy to put together. You can of course customize them using different pens, markers, or even stickers or stamps or changing certain sections. Whatever works for you!

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What are your favorite weekly layouts? Have you tried bullet journaling yet?Β Let me know in the comments!

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  • Great weekly layout tips. I will share this on Pinterest πŸ™‚

  • My layout is most similar to your fourth picture, it’s working out for me so far! I do want my next bujo not to have the grids on them though. Also, why is your handwriting so nice? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

    • I love how sleek that layout looks. And omg, I have pretty awful handwriting. Well at least I think it’s pretty bad. Especially compared to all the pretty calligraphy most bujo’ers have. But thanks πŸ™‚
      And caps letters also look nice.

  • I love looking at BUJO spreads. I know it’s not ideal for my planning needs, but I love looking at them. I use and Erin Condren and that has really been perfect for me. But I do love the BUJOs can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

    • I get you, I love looking at the super artistic bujo spreads too even though I don’t ever do them πŸ™‚

  • I’m not a bujo person (I feel like I start off all my comments like this), but I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR SPREADS. I probably could do the simple layouts (not that I will, just hypothetically), but I think I’m such a perfectionist that I would need to have more, you know? Though ever since I started my new planner, I found that sticking to one color makes everything much easier and neater, and prettier to me πŸ™‚

    • I used to use a lot of colors when I fist started and now I only stick with gray and pink and I love it.

  • Although I don’t love bullet journalling, I love looking at everyone’s spreads~ Always so pretty and gorgeous~
    I especially love the breakfast, lunch and dinner idea – I know I usually have trouble figuring out what to eat, so it’ll be good to see a record of my previous meals!

    • Those are easy things you can even add to a planner, if you use one of those instead πŸ™‚

  • I’m definitely bookmarking this post because there are so many layouts in here that I could *actually* do! Pretty rare in the bujo community, haha. My favourites are the ones where you’ve laid out your food and water intake, and I love that you don’t even need a ruler for a lot of them!

  • Amanda @ Vivalabooks

    Great post! I love seeing minimalistic layouts, especially around the school year when detailed bullet journaling is just not practical. I really like the layout with the to-do & events separated!

    • I’m not in school anymore, but I have two small kids in school and they have so much shit going on all the time so I use my bujo to schedule them all in πŸ™‚

  • Love reading about people Bullet Journals, I have a disc bound planner for now.

    • I love the look of discbound planners, I actually want to bullet journal in one with dotted paper but I just am too overwhelmed on how to put it together.

      • Staples has the ARC planner in a few sizes for pretty cheap too and you can just add the dotted paper – there is a little hole punch you buy so you can punch anything and add them into the discs. πŸ™‚ I have been thinking about doing the same.

  • This is absolutely perfect for me Nere. I’ve been trying to get into journalling but just don’t want to devote that much time to making it pretty and flash. I just need something simple and workable, where my bits and pieces are easy to find. Your layouts are gorgeous. Who knew something so simple could look so pretty just by adding a different font for titles and little cute check boxes. Definitely giving this method a try. Thanks so much for sharing <3 <3 <3

    • I love those damn check boxes, it’s so rewarding to check off a task. I love the pretty layouts but for me it doesn’t work since I need less time to put my layouts together.

  • Love all the different layouts and how simple they all are. It’s all about figuring out what you priority is for the week and finding a format which works for that. I normally want help keeping track of plans and my to do list so I just use a quick weekly thing I can get out in a few minutes. I am definitely going to try a couple of these layouts, though. I was just beginning to think my usual one was getting a little stale. Good timing with this.

    • If I know I’m gonna be busy or I don’t have much time or not too much going on, I go for a quick and simple one page spread. It’s all about what works!

  • I love this post. I think your bujo is so pretty and your handwriting is awesome. I do like chking things off so I might add more boxes to mine instead of the dots to x, if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing all these layouts!

    • I love the check boxes too, it’s so rewarding to be able to check things off when you do them. Definitely gives me more motivation to do things even if it’s something lame like mopping.