The Weekly Recap (244): In Which We’re Both Lazy

Weekly Recap

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? It’s been a bit of weird week for me this week. I felt like everything passed it in a blur and I didn’t get much of anything done. I’ve been feeling a little low health-wise. I don’t know if I’m about to be sick or what, but all I want to do is sleep or just lie down. Maybe, I’m coming down with a cold or something. Hopefully, the weekend will pep me up.

You may have heard, but on Thursday, it was announced that Chester from Linkin Park had passed away. I was so sad and heartbroken to hear the news and kept hoping it was one of those online hoaxes, but it’s been confirmed. I’m a weird person in that I don’t listen to a lot of music. I just don’t feel the connection that most people do to music, but growing up Linkin Park was one of two bands, that were a huge part of my life. Every song of theirs has special meaning to me, so I’m absolutely devastated that such a talent has passed away.

Take care of yourselves, friends!

Here are my book updates for the week:

What I Read:

The Last Magician Disorderly Conduct (Academy, #1) Sinful Distraction (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #3) The Epic Crush of Genie Lo Pretty Face (London Celebrities, #2) What to Say Next The Best Man (Blue Heron, #1)

Other than the first two books, this was a pretty great reading week for me. I wanted to like The Last Magician, but I found it to be too long. Disorderly Conduct was a disaster. I thought the hero was super problematic – he’s manipulative, stalkerish and plain creepy, and hated how he was romanticized and his actions were never really challenged in the book. Ugh. Just thinking of the book is making me angry beyond words. In my anger, I did write a pretty scathing mini-review for the book on Goodreads. Now, Sinful Distraction, I really liked. It wasn’t as good as the rest of the books for me, but still very enjoyable. The Epic Crush of Genie Lo was fantastic. This wasn’t a book that was on my radar until I saw some buzz from trusted book blogger friends, and they were all right. It’s funny, smart and very enjoyable. Then, I decided I wanted to re-read Pretty Face, because why not? My love for Lucy Parker’s writing only seems to amplify every time I re-read a book from her. I picked up What to Say Next from Overdrive because someone mentioned on twitter that the main character was half-Indian. It wasn’t the cute, fluffy book I was expecting, but I thought it was good. The love interest, David, was especially a joy! Then, I also got The Best Man from Overdrive and started reading the book. It was good though had one or two problematic stereotypes here and there.

What I’m Currently Reading:

I haven’t heard a lot about Shimmer And Burn so far, but I’m 20% in and thoroughly impressed!

Review Copies/Finished Copies Haul:

Sinful Distraction (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #3) Rebel Seoul Maybe I Do (Whiskey and Weddings, #1) Wilde in Love (Wildes of Lindow Moss, #1) North to You (Journey to the Heart #1) East in Paradise (Journey to the Heart #2)

Thank you to the authors and publishers for the review copies!

Bought/Library Haul:

What to Say Next The Best Man (Blue Heron, #1) The Perfect Match (Blue Heron, #2)

Nereyda’s Recap:

I had an odd week too. I don’t know if it’s the cloudy and rainy weather or something else but I spent all week feeling sleepy, tired and just plain lazy. I usually don’t have a hard time waking up in the mornings anymore, I’m usually up before my 6am alarm clock and I go for my run. This week, I hit snooze on my alarm and didn’t wake up until 7am (which is too late for me to go running). I really think that bit of morning exercise really gives me a burst of energy and a good jump start to my day. I forced myself to wake up early on Friday for my run and I immediately felt such a difference. I got home and did my bed and showered and did laundry and cleaned my room and downstairs. Hopefully next week is back to normal for me because I wasn’t productive at all last week and it sucked. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, which is why I’ve been waking up still sleepy. I got attacked by mosquitos last weekend and the lump sized bites and itchiness don’t let me sleep very well, plus I’ve just had a lot of my mind.

I read! I normally just listen to audiobooks now, and when I do read it takes me a few weeks to finish one damn book. Sunday morning I woke up and didn’t feel like getting out of bed yet so I grabbed my phone (my kindle is always dead whenever I do get the urge to read) and randomly started reading Good Boy. I ended up reading almost all the book in one sitting and finished it that night. It honestly felt great to read again! Game of Thrones finally came back and this will be the first time I watch the show on a weekly basis instead of binging it, which sucks. I was a little bit let down by the episode (other than the opening scene) considering how much hype there was and how long the wait was but I still think the rest of the season will be amazing. Now I’ll just have to spend the next few weeks fearing for the lives of these fictional characters.

What I Read:

Girl Out of Water After I Do

Girl Out of Water was such a nice surprise. I made the mistake of re-listening to After I Do, yikes that book hurts.

What I’m Reading:

Truly (New York, #1)
Finally, I’ve been wanting to start this series for a while now.

Audiobooks Received for Review:

Spellbook of the Lost and Found
The last book I read by this author was creepy but good so I wanted to try this one too.

Book Haul:

Completely (New York, #3) Need You (The Garner Brothers #1)
In the mood for some romance books and these caught my eye.

Our Weekly Recap:

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We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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Nick & Nereyda

Nick & Nereyda

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Nick & Nereyda
  • Nick I hope you aren’t getting sick! It was very sad to hear about Chester from Linkin Park. I am excited to read What to Say Next. Nereyda I liked the first episode of GoT this season. I think it was jus a good set up for what is to come. Glad you enjoyed reading again 🙂 I LOVED Spellbook so I hope you do too. Have a great week!!

  • Oh Nick I have been feeling extra tired as well and I am hoping I am not getting sick either. I think its just I need to be better about eating better and exercising since I have let that go lately.

    It is sad about Linkin Park, I will admit they weren’t a band I listened to, but many of my friends did.

    I do need to pick up Lucy Parker pretty soon. And what a great haul of books. There is something that I love about Eloisa James’ new book. That color of blue is so very pretty. Hope you enjoy these.

  • Nereyda – That is so cool that you really enjoyed reading after doing audiobooks for a while. It probably helped that it was Sarina Bowen but still. What a cool phenomenon. I’ve been feeling run down lately but I blame the humidity and heat here so I hope you find yourself some energy again 🙂

    Nick – I am so sorry you’re feeling icky, too. It didn’t help with the news about Chester, either. Seriously, I read that news Thurs, too, turned to my hubs and told him and we were both immediately crushed. We first dated and shared our new found love of Linkin Park when they first came on the scene. I can’t tell you how much respect we have for Chester’s talent and voice. I am still crushed, sad, and mad. I had a whole thing written about it but in the end, I deleted it b/c it was too, too… no need to dwell. It is what it is. 🙁

    I hope you guys both feel better next week!!

  • What a relief to hear that I’m not the only one who’s been feeling super bleh and wonky all week! Yesterday I was so tired at work and my arms felt super achy (even though the previous day was leg day) and it was a mess. Fingers crossed that we’ll all be feeling more like ourselves next week!

    TB’s heroes can be really problematic and OTT sometimes, so honestly I’m not too surprised by your reaction. I’m a bit scared to read it now! Hooray for Genie Lo, I looooved that book. And that ending! Lucy Parker has shot to the top of my favourite contemporary romance authors list, and I’m absolutely dying for her next book. *scampers off to check out your GR review of Disorderly Conduct*

    Nereyda, I feel the same way about pushing myself to exercise. The mental lead-up sucks but I always feel way better afterwards. Congrats on getting some solid reading done, too! I’ve been meaning to read Good Boy for ages, so thanks for the reminder I should pick it up.

  • I’m soooo not a morning person, I am absolutely impressed that someone would get up at 6 and be able to go for a run 😀 wow. I hope both ofyou feel better next week!

  • Nick I am so bummed you didn’t like Disorderly conduct! Now I am nervous to start it! Hope you have a better week!
    Nereyda I hope next week you are able to get back on track. I know how distracting have too much on mind can be!

  • I’m still in shock about Chester. Linkin Park was a huge part of my childhood. They’re the only band my entire family love. I have so many memories listening to their music so when I saw the news I couldn’t believe it. Such a shock.

    Girl Out of Water is a book I’m hoping to read in the next month or so. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it and it sounds like the perfect summer read.

    Hope you both have a lovely week. 😀

  • Hey ladies. Sorry you guys both had strange weeks. I hope that the weekend can be the turnaround for you both and that you feel better next week. I agree with Nereyda – I always feel like some exercise in the morning gets me going for the day and actually leaves me more energised.

    Nick – I’m bummed you didn’t like the Last Magician. I just finished that one and thought it was great! It was long though, 500 pages isn’t exactly a feather weight!

    The news about Chester was such a shocker. I couldn’t believe it and was hoping it was a hoax as well. The world lost someone great.

    Wishing you ladies a better week and hope you’ve had a great weekend.

  • Sam Kozbial

    Nick – you read so many books I want/need to read. I really need to get my co-blogger to send Genie Lo back, because she is too busy with school to read it, and why should the book be unread, amirite? I love Buxbaum and wish my library would get the book. We have 4 libraries in my town, yet we can’t get this book. No words.

    Nereyda – I liked Girl Out of Water too. Lincoln was the best! I wanted to read it, because of all the Twitter drama surrounding Silverman. It was a solid read for me. I adored Spellbook. I read it, but with the right narrator, it could be an incredible audiobook. Enjoy!

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Sounds like you both were in a bit of funk. Hope it all clears up for you! I swear every time I start seeing a celebrity death on social media I always think it has to be a hoax! There was Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, David Bowie, Alan Rickman…and I kept thinking, no, no. You’re mistaken! They didn’t die!!! And then I saw tweets regarding common decency regarding deaths and thought uh oh, what now? Then I saw it was Chester Bennington and once again just hit that kind of shock. Like I did when it was confirmed that all those beloved mention celebrities really did die! And that it wasn’t a natural or accidental death had me even more sad. I like listening to music, but I’m not a huge fan of any particular band. I like a lot of them, but when I heard this I felt so sad.

    On a happier note…yay new reads!!! I’m curious about Moira’s new book. I still want to read The Accident Season, I’ve had that in my TBR pile for a long time now! Lol! I always try to make myself read a new to me author’s first work before going crazy and continuing to buy their books as they release. The only exception is when it’s duologies! Again, weird, I know! LOL!

    Hope you both enjoy all the new lovelies and have a great week!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • I loooooooved What to Say Next! It definitely wasn’t fluffy and I think that was what made me love it. Both characters had so much going on. I think the author handled the various parts of each character well. She did a lot of research and took care with both characters (especially David) and to me, it showed. *heart eyes*

    I’ve been putting off The Last Magician for months and honestly I don’t think it’s going to happen for me. Everyone keeps saying something about the length, and then on top of that there is no romance? I don’t mind no romance, but if a book is kinda long, I need several things to keep me going… blergh. And there is a sequel to follow (whereas I thought the book was a standalone). I may just wait!

    Enjoy your new books! Have a great week, Nick. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • Hope you feel better, Nick. I would like to pick up What to Say Next. I liked her other YA book. Kristen Higgins has been hit or miss for me, and The Perfect Match was a definite miss. I look forward to your thoughts.

    I didn’t like After I Do, Nereyda. I thought it was the worst thing a couple in crisis could do. Hope you liked it more than I did.

  • Charlie Anderson

    Nick, my week felt weird too! I traveled on Tuesday to my mom’s and lunched with a coworker (and ironically we were wearing the SAME shirt) and now that it seems like that was two weeks ago. I feel like Wednesday-Saturday I was in a time warp or something. I can’t really tell you anything I did on any of those days. I also think I’m coming down with something, but I’m not sure. I’ve had nausea on and off all summer, but I’ve felt real wonky lately.

    Nereyda – try cortisone cream on the mosquito bites. I totally get the itchy feeling. I’ve had skin issues all my life and this summer they seem to be making a spectacular return from hibernation. When I was still in college I would go to the Rec before I’d go to work and I always felt the same with a burst of energy to start the day. Now I’m so exhausted I do good to roll out of bed, into clothes and on the road to work. I’m hoping to start better routines this school year. *fingers crossed* YAY for your reading! It takes me a week or more now to finish a book, too. So little reading time. Can we get six more hours in a day? 🙂

  • Nick- I hope you’ll feel better soon! I was also very surprised at Chester’s death.. I’ve never been a hard core LP fan, but there was a point in my life where I was playing their song 24/7. It was such a shock for me.

    Nereyda- I hope next week will be better! The GOT premiere also really dissapoint me, but this week episodes met my expectations! Now things are finally moving, I can’t wait to see the rest of the season!

  • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    I hope you both have a better week this week! I saw The Epic Crush of Genie Lo on twitter recently and that was my first time hearing it but the buzz since has been great so I know I’ll need to check that one out. I’ve just started GOT so I’m only a couple episodes into the 2nd season. I binge watched the first season in two days and now I’m stuck watching on a couple episodes at a time with Netflix DVD and the wait is horrible. I’ll probably cave and get HBO GO when the last season is almost over. lol Binge watching, like binge reading, is so much better. 🙂

  • This must have just been a weird week because my husband and I were both overly sleepy all week for no real reason either. It was strange. I hope I’m not getting sick. We have vacation at the end of this week!

    My husband was also really devastated by the loss of Chester. He got to meet them when they were first starting out and said they were all very nice and took time to talk to him. My husband and I listened to them throughout high school. I’m still in shock, I think.

  • I’ve had a similar week Nereyda! I think mine stems from anemia, but I struggled to get up in the morning and just stay awake.

    I’m also not over Chester’s death Nick, LP was a big part of my teenage years. And you know I can’t wait until your review of Shimmer and Burn goes live!

  • You guys, I have also been SO tired the past week. What is going on?! Here’s hoping we all get back into our normal routines soon. Nick, I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about Genie Lo, so I’m really glad to hear you loved it, too! I can’t wait to pick it up when it releases next month. And Nereyda, I really enjoyed Girl Out of Water! I need to pick up After I Do (I somehow haven’t read any Taylor Jenkins Reid yet… I need to get on that). I hope y’all have a great week! Happy reading!

  • A Novel Glimpse

    I love that you both read Kristan Higgins! I love that series!

  • I haven’t been able to read much of anything in the last couple of weeks so I haven’t bothered with a weekly recap. I’m in a funk and I’m itching to get out because my review pile is going to start piling up and that’s never a good thing.

    Nick, I used to have such a huge crush on Chester back in the day so I was and still am pretty sad that he’s gone. I’ve been listening to a lot of older LP songs and thinking about him lately. So sad.

    I hope you both start feeling better.

    Have a great week!

  • Nick, weird weeks happen, I hope you’re feeling better though. It sucks not feeling 100% so hopefully it was just one of those weeks for you. I completely get your shock about Chester from Linkin Park, I loved that bad they really helped shaped me when I was younger. I haven’t really stopped listening to their music ever since. At least you had a decent reading week, one thing had to work out for you. I have a strong urge to reread her books because they are so good. I was going to reread if my slump didn’t and I still might.

    And Nereyda mosquitos suck so it sucks you’ve got bites and you’re not sleeping and so then you’re oversleeping and it all just went a little wrong. But yay for reading! I’m excited to see what you think of Truly, I’ve loved this Ruthie Knox series so far so I always get excited when anyone else reads it.