The Weekly Recap (242): Someone’s Back From Cancun!

Weekly Recap

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hey everyone!

I hope you guys are doing good. It’s been a lazy sort of week for me. I didn’t do much, though I did start my summer courses, so I’ve been spending some time daily on those. I’m hoping they will keep me busy over the weekend. The weather is really nice down here,since it’s the winter, but it’s just a teensy bit too chilly for the beach. I do think I’ll be visiting the beach at some point during this break because I’ve missed it! Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out with my parents, catching up on fall TV shows that I missed, and reading. Interestingly though, I’ve been spending about the same amount of time reading as I was while I was in school full-time even though I technically do have lots more free time. But I’m not complaining about my reading speed though because I’ve been able to finish a book a day!

I’m glad that Nereyda is back so we can get back to our daily chats! I’ve missed talking about random shit with her, even though one of the first things she did was tease me about my hot dad fetish …

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Anyways, here are my book updates for the week:

What I Read:

The Impossible Vastness Of Us Sinful Attraction (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #2) Tease Me Tonight (Hot in the City, #3) Joy Ride Bad Romance Lord of Lies (Fallen Ladies, #3) Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1)

It was a mixed-bag reading week for me. I ended up not liking The Impossible Vastness of Us, which sucks because I adore Samantha Young’s books. But this was just bland, and there was too much going on. I followed that by reading Sinful Attraction by London Hale, which was still steamy as hell, but had a sweeter feel to it than the previous books in the series. I really loved reading it. Tease Me Tonight was an okay read though it was too fast, in my opinion. I liked Joy Ride a lot. The banter, hate-to-love chemistry were fantastic, but there’s also a lot of car talk, that I wasn’t interested in. I also finally got the courage to read Bad Romance. It was a tough book to stomach, and I’m glad Demetrios wrote the book, but some things about the book bothered me. I also read a HR after a long time. I had a lot of fun with Lord of Lies. It had a mystery, a romance and it was a damn good book. I re-read Burn for Me, so I can buddy read Wildfire with Danya. Can’t believe this series is ending. 🙁

What I’m Currently Reading:

This is How it Happened White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2)

I’m nearing the end of This Is How It Happened, and it’s not what I expected. It’s very good. I’ll also be re-reading White Hot.

Review Copies/Finished Copies Haul:

Sinful Attraction (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #2) Indecent Exposure (Academy, #2) The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky Under Fire (Love Over Duty, #1) The Epic Crush of Genie Lo Jane, Unlimited Beasts Made of Night

Thank you to the authors and publishers for the review copies!

Library/Purchased/Borrowed Haul:

Joy Ride Keeping It Hot (Breakfast in Bed, #1)

Nereyda’s Recap:

I’m back from vacation! In case you missed it, I was in Cancun for a week and although I got back home late Wednesday night, I knew I would need some recovery days before getting back into blogging. On Thursday and Friday, I spent most of the days unpacking and washing all our vacation clothes and trying to get all the damn sand out of our clothes. I still find sand in random places, last year my daughter had sand stuck in her really thick hair for weeks after we came back, hopefully this time it doesn’t take that long. Anyway, vacation was so fun but tiring and also relaxing at the same time. The first few days we had planned out so we had to wake up early. We went to Cozumel where I ate the most amazing burrito I’ve ever had (as a hispanic girl who has been eating burros all her life, this is a big deal), we went to XPlor which was an adventure theme park where we zip-lined, drove in amphibious jeeps, and swam and paddleboated in underground caves. We also went to Xel-ha which was another park, but this was was mostly laid back. We did some zip lining but we mostly snorkeled most of the day. The rest of the days were spent being lazy and being either at the beach or pool most of the day. As much fun as it was, I missed my house and my bed so I was glad to be home. Even though I got sunburned and attacked by mosquitos and have a few bruises from my zip-line harness, I had a blast!

In my last recap I mentioned that I couldn’t find my kindle, well I ended up finding it under my bed a few days later. I didn’t actually read while I was away but I did catch up on a few episodes of Riverdale on the plane. On the plane back from Cancun I ended up leaving my Kindle on the plane, luckily my 7 year old saw it on the seat and put it in her backpack for me. In my Cancun trip last year I also lost my Kindle, but unfortunately that one was lost for good. I really need to add a tracking device to my poor Kindle. Not much new for me, I’m just trying to adjust to a normal schedule again and trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m hoping that includes some actual reading time soon! Hope everyone had a great week!

What I Read:

Now I Rise (The Conqueror's Saga, #2)

Finished this one the day before I left on vacation. Still hate the ‘romance’ but actually really enjoy the story and characters.

What I’m Reading:

Midnight Jewel (The Glittering Court, #2)

Audiobooks Received For Review:

   The Ends of the World (The Conspiracy of Us, #3) Little Monsters

Thanks to Listening Library for these.

Books Received For Review:

The Corner of Forever and Always (Everland, Georgia #2)

Thanks to Forever Romance for this one.

Unsolicited Book Mail:

Our Weekly Recap:

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We hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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  • laura thomas

    I know what you mean, Nick. I’ve been on vacation all week and still read the same amount as when I was working.
    And welcome back Nereyda. I bet Cancun was marvelous. It;s strange that we need time to recover from a vacation. Even when we don’t go anywhere. LOL

    Both of you have some fabulous books. Enjoy those books and your Sunday.

    My Sunday Post

  • ISn’t it funny Nick how you think you’ll reading will go up sometimes and it doesn’t?? Still a book a day is awesome. I hope you get to the beach!! Nereyda your vacation sounds awesome!! Also looks like you got some good books. Hope you both have a great week!

  • A book a day, wow. I wish! I only finished 2 books last week, but it was so hellishly busy that I’m surprised I finished any books at all.

  • Nick: Wow, a book a day! You rock! I’ve been slacking a little bit. I think the nice weather is getting to me again. I just want to go outside and do fun outdoors stuff. lol Hope you get to go to the beach. We are going for a little weekend getaway at the end of the month. I can’t wait.

    Welcome back, Nereyda! Glad to hear that you had a fun time in Cancun. I feel like it’s so hard to get motivated to do things when you get back from a vacation. I need a day or two to just refocus. lol.

    Hope you both have a great week! Happy reading!

  • Where are you, Nick that it’s now winter? Sounds like you’re having a nice break, though. Wow, a book a day?! I wish I could do that so I’d catch up with my ARCs easier, but real life intrudes! I finally got a copy of Wildfire two weeks ago but I couldn’t download it from Edelweiss because of some issue with them sending files to Kindle. It took over a week of them working on it before I was able to get it. I’ll be starting it this week. I like Netgalley so much better than Edelweiss. This is the second time this has happened to me with them, and I’ve never had any issues with Netgalley. Grrr!

    Unfortunate about Samantha Young’s book. I haven’t been reading her for a while. She had that series Into the Deep and I liked the first book, but the 2nd book was a DNF. I still love her On Dublin Street series, just haven’t seen anything from her I’d be interested in picking up since then. Oh, well. 🙂

    Welcome back, Nereyda! Cancun sounds wonderful!

    Happy reading you two! 🙂

  • Ilona Andrews is on my radar. I haven’t read any of her books yet. 🙂

    Sounds like you had an awesome vacay! I need one bad. LOL

    Have a great week!~Aleen

  • You both have lots of good books there, have a great week!

  • Nick, I’m glad you liked Lord of Lies as well. I still think book 1, Luck is no Lady is the best in that series though! Hope it warms up enough for you to go to the beach.
    Nereyda I am glad you had a great vacation and didn’t lose your kindle this time!
    Hope you both have a great week!

  • Sam Kozbial

    I loved This Is How It Happened. Paula Stokes has yet to disappoint me.

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ooh nice hauls!! These are all new to me reads! Hope you both enjoy the newest additions!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • Your trip sounds lovely Nereyda. Glad you all had a great time, and you found your kindle. Nothing worse than losing stuff on a vacation.

  • ahhh Nick! I’m so glad you’re home. Trying to figure out how cold is cold where you are since you mention a beach. Hehehe. Anyway, I miss you. I miss reading your posts. 🙁 I’m still not 100% back but just wanted to drop by to say, I’m still alive!! You know, in case you were wondering. Hehehe.

    Cozumel sounds lovely, Nereyda! I’m glad your family vacay was great. I could definitely use one right now because I’m so burnt out.

    Have a great week, ladies!

  • Hope you enjoy Keeping It Hot Nick. Welcome back Nereyda and your kindle issues give me nightmares. I am so darn anal and double triple check everything. As my kids I make them nuts. Have a great time catching up ladies!

  • Charlie Anderson

    Nick, I haven’t been doing much of anything either. I talked about being the most unproductive ever. Good luck with your courses! I also am reading about the same as I did when I worked a double full-time job from August-June 5. I should be able to read 10 books easily each month, but that’s not happening. :/

    Nereyda, your trip sounds so awesome! We are doing a cruise next year and have a stop in Cozumel. I hope we can do the XPlor things, too! That is totally up my ally. So glad your daughter grabbed your Kindle! I would DIE if I lost my Kindle. Perhaps you just shouldn’t take them anymore to Cancun? Just a thought. 🙂 Enjoy your wind down time. There is nothing like the feel of sleeping in your bed. No other bed is quite like it. Happy reading!

  • Omg that search term “sex scenes from books” cracks me up, haha. Welcome back Nereyda!! I feel so sorry for your poor Kindles omg, so glad you caught this one in time! Hope you get adjusted back to your (sand-less) schedule soon 🙂

    NICK I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO READ GENIE LO AND LOVE HER. And ahh Beasts Made of Night- I can’t wait for that one! I’m always up for romance reads and you usually direct me to good ones HAHA. OMG WILDFIRE WAS SO GOOD AND FULFILLING but I need more of the Baylor family. Enjoy!

    – Aila @ One Way Or An Author

  • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    Sounds like an amazing vacation!! Nick, I miss the beach too, I don’t get to go nearly as often as I would like. And I’m impressed with how much both of you are reading! I’ve been in a mini slump but I think I’m close to breaking it- at least I feel like reading again 😛

  • oh Nick, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed Amy Sandas so very much!! She is wonderful and her books are pretty fun to read.

    I am glad to hear that you had a fun vacation Nereyda! Its always good to take a break from life and recharge.

  • Nick, your hot dad fetish is hilarious and it’s just too easy. But don’t complain about your reading speed, a book a day is impressive and miss being able to read that much. I am totally jealous of you planning to go to the beach as well. I won’t be able to go to the beach until September but I am counting down the days. A mixed bag of reading but really when you read as much as you do it’s kind of inevitable but I am totally jealous of your new reads, I want Cashore’s newest books so bad!

    Nereyda, your holiday sounds like it was brilliant. I am so jealous of how awesome it sounds. I love holidays where you do lots of stuff and have a great time and you definitely did that. That’s one good thing about going somewhere you’ve been before, you know the places to go but still have chance to explore new things. Lucky thing about your kindle, there must be a kindle tracking device, that definitely should be a thing.