Using Your Bullet Journal for Travel Planning

If you haven’t noticed by now, I use my bullet journal for pretty much everything! When I first booked my trip to Cancun a few months ago, I immediately started looking for layouts and spreads to plan for my trip in my journal. I’m the kind of person that needs to write things down and cross them off so I knew I needed at least a packing checklist and I wanted to try a few other things. Packing for a trip, especially a week long trip in another country is always so stressful for me. Packing when you have kids makes everything much more stressful, I need to make sure you have all the things you may need like tylenol and stomach medicine and anything else you could possibly think of. My boyfriend is so used to me using my journal for everything he kept telling me ‘don’t forget to write this down in your book.’ While I didn’t actually use my journal on vacation (it was locked away in the hotel safe, yes it’s that precious to me) it helped out so much with packing and planning my trip.

Trip Details & Itinerary:

I quickly jotted down all my flight and hotel information including confirmation numbers, seat details and flight departure/arrivals. We had a few days planned out and some free lazy days and we just always like knowing what we’re gonna do so we can plan accordingly (fyi, go to sleep a  little earlier if we have to wake up early the next day). I also added some basic currency exchanges as well as any important phone numbers I may need in case I lost my phone, since I always lose stuff. Some cute weather symbols and stickers and stamps made the page pop more.

Packing Checklist:

The dreaded packing checklist. It took me a little while to remember everything on here that I needed to pack but at least now I have a reference for my next trip. This actually worked out really well and I didn’t end up forgetting to pack anything. It was easier for me to separate them into sections and people and once I put together my list, packing wasn’t as awful as it usually is.


  Life goes on even when you’re on vacation so I still made some really simple layouts for those two weeks since I was gone Wednesday to Wednesday. I needed to make sure bills were still paid and chores were still being done before and after vacation. It always helps me to complete tasks when I can see the written down and when I can check them off.

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How do you plan for trips? Let me know in the comments!

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  • I used to be so good with my bullet journal but I have been so rubbish recently! Cant wait to get back into it

    Ellie xx

    • I get in funks sometimes where i dont use it then I miss it and get back to it 🙂

  • Your bullet journal pages are always so pretty! I still haven’t given a bullet journal a try yet. I use my planner like crazy so maybe one day I will give it a try

    • Thanks! I’m not a planner kind of girl but anything done on a bullet journal can also be done on a planner 🙂

  • Such a great use of your journal!! I am the worst at being organized for a trip so I am impressed.

  • I’m going on holiday in September and I am definitely using this as a template for how to include my holiday in my bujo. I am terrible at staying organised so a few pages like this to help me stay on top of things (and not forget stuff would be great) I especially love the basic currency conversion bit as I am terrible for guessing the conversion and getting it wrong only to spend way more money than I intended (or is sensible) so I’ve got a few ideas of how to use my journal.