My Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

I loooove youtube and I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that I spend way too much time on there. I love watching videos from there, anything from concerts, performances, music videos, beauty videos, bullet journal videos, funny videos and even cat videos. I thought I’d share with you guys today my favorite youtube fitness channels. Some are big popular channels and others are smaller unknown channels, I don’t really care about that as long as the quality is good and I feel like I can trust the vlogger. I hope you find some good channels to follow if you ever feel like wasting a few hours watching youtube videos and getting some workouts in. 🙂

My Favorite Fitness Channels:

Whitney Simmons
 Ahhhh, I love this chick! She’s the one that got me into weight training and not being scared to lift weights, even if I started off with baby weights. Whitney has workout videos, meal prep videos and just talks about anything. I really like her attitude and she’s funny without trying to hard. Plus, I am super envious of her booty and her arms.

Boho Beautiful
I love this channel because of their lifestyle. Even though I’m not vegan and I don’t live my life by traveling to different countries, there’s just something about watching Julianna doing yoga in front of a beautiful beach or a gorgeous mountain scenery or just watching their travel videos that relaxes me. Although their channel focuses more on yoga, they also do pilates, cardio, travel vlogs and even recipe videos if you’re vegan.  I was never a fan of yoga, but once I got into this channel I really became a fan.

Popsugar Fitness
Nick introduced me to this channel and it’s so much fun. They have any kind of workout you can think of: weigh training, yoga, cardio, kickboxing, pilates. They have it all! I love that they have so many different lengths to choose from so if I only have 15 minutes to workout, I go to that playlist and pick something. If I want something longer, I go to the 40 minute playlist, if I want cardio I go to that playlist. The workouts are fun and fast placed and they really kick your ass.

Tone It Up
I really like the workouts this channel offers. They focus a lot on toning so they do cardio, pilates, weights, hiit and even some yoga and stretching videos. They also do a lot of videos on meal planning and healthy eating. What I love most about these workouts are that most of them are 10-15 minutes long and just because they are short doesn’t mean you don’t feel it cause you really do. Their hiit workouts are some of my favorites. They have a free weekly workout schedule on their website every week and you get the workouts schedule emailed to you every Sunday.

Lauren Gleisberg
This channel is pretty small and may not be that active but it has a lot of great videos on information regarding weight training for women. My friend and I are currently doing her weight training program (it’s only $14 and it’s so good!) and I love how challenging it is (and how it makes me feel like a bit of a bad ass, hello baby muscles!).  Her website is really active though and she has great posts and workouts every day, so you should check it out!

I also follow a few more fitness youtube channels, but these are my favorites. I used to really love Blogilates and did her workouts for a few months, but I need something more than body-weight at this point for my workouts. I still love her videos and her attitude though and I think they are great, especially for beginners. I hope you find some good workout videos to watch!

What are your favorite fitness youtube channels? Have you watched any of these yet? Let me know in the comments!

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  • I’ve really been searching for some serious BEGINNER workout videos (or yoga) on YouTube and it’s hard! Every “beginner” video feels like it was made for someone who is already somewhat in shape or sort of works out. I am starting from scratch basically haha.

  • I love Youtube as well. I don’t want any fitness videos (although maybe I totally should!) but I watch so much else. I also watch bullet journal videos, and other planning videos. I also watch some beauty videos, but not as much as I used to. I love watching Project Life videos too. And I watch Sci Show, Vlogbrothers, Mental Floss, Cinema Sins . . . I can never get enough. 🙂

    • I love bullet journal videos, there is something so calming about watching other people set up their pages for some reason.

  • I definitely need to bookmark this post for when I get back to working out on the regular again. Thanks for sharing!!

  • oh these are some great channels to watch. I used to do Blogilates alot, it was a great beginner workout routine, but its just not enough of a workout for me. I need more, so I try to mix it up. I do love Boho Beautiful. That is a great channel for yoga. And Popsugar is a fabulous one too, since they have so much variety, so it can suit anyone’s needs.

    • Same here, I loved her as a beginner but at some point you should be able to do tougher workouts. I found the moves too repetitive and easy after a while, I’ve loved adding weights and resistance to my routine.

  • Ohh I love Popsugar Fitness! I have a bunch of their videos saved. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Well this post has been bookmarked. I really need to start working out more and never know where to start. I’m not really willing to shell out money for classes when I know I would hate every minute of it. As much fun as it is working out with friends I find myself not trying so hard in classes with those I don’t know because I don’t like being the only sweaty mess in the room. I do think I need to search out some good beginner videos as a lot I’ve tried have left me collapsing in a heap after 5 minutes, how to people do it? I need to learn a little more perseverance I think.

    • Oh man, you do not have to waste a dime for fitness classes or programs. Youtube has sooo many free videos! I would recommend investing in a pair or dumbbells and maybe some resistance bands, you can do so many beginner and advanced workouts with just those two items. There are also a lot of bodyweight workouts that don’t require any equipment. So many options 🙂

  • YES! I love Whitney Simmons. She’s actually the one who got me into lifting weights too, and her leg/glute workouts are on heavy rotation in my own workout schedule. Tone it Up is a great channel too! I’ve never heard of Lauren Gleisberg but I’ll definitely check her out now.

    • I love Whitney! If you like weights you should totally check out Lauren Gleisberg. I have her at home weight training program 2.0 and I love it AND it was only $14. They also have a gym version and she also has a lot of free workouts on her blog to try out first.

  • Oh this is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. I need to check them out. I’m in a dire need to work out. Hehe. 😁❤️❤️❤️👍🏻