Book Confessions That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Me

Hey folks!

Being avid readers, we all have secretive/weirdo book habits that we haven’t shared with anyone. Well, today, I’m here to share some of mine. I can’t guarantee that you will want to be friends with me by the end of this post, but I’M SORRY FOR BEING THIS WAY. I can’t help myself! PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.

I read the last paragraph of a book first

This trend started for me when I was about 8 or so, when one of the Harry Potter books came out and the BBC did a report on it interviewing readers who were waiting in line for the bookstore to open. One of the kids they interviewed said the first thing he would do when he got the book would be to read the last line. I was intrigued and baffled by this, and started doing it too. But instead of reading just the last line, I read the whole last paragraph. It’s been surprisingly helpful in figuring out if a book will be for me or not. Also, if a book has a cliffhanger, I know I’m going to be prepared that way for it. It’s become almost of a reflex for me now and I love doing it!

I actively seek out spoilers

Yeah, I know a lot of you are probably cringing right now, but I can’t help myself! There are some things that I absolutely can’t tolerate in books, main character deaths, love interest switches, love triangles, cheating, and more. So I look for spoilers specifically regarding those before I read a book. Goodreads is usually my go-to for spoilers, and sometimes I’ll bother friends to let me know all the deets. I embrace all the spoilers! Don’t hate me, guys!

I almost never read books with no romance

This is very much of a recent development because I only used to read crime thrillers before I started blogging. While I will occasionally read a suspense book here and there, but these days, I read more romances, or YA books with romance. It’s very hard to convince me to read one without a romance. I’m not quite sure why I’m this way, because I’m the least romantic person ever in real life. But whatever, romance is my jam!

I very rarely pick up books by male authors

This is especially true for YA, which is mostly dominated by female authors anyways – wohooo! The few books I’ve read by male authors have failed to truly capture my attention or wow me, so I tend to avoid them by reflex. I’m not losing sleep over the fact though. Anyways, I’d much rather support women or minority authors anyways, and for me at least, they are stronger, more emotive writers. *shrugs*

What are some of your weird bookish habits?
Let me know in the comments below!

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