I Have A Scandalous Problem And It’s Name Is London Hale

Nanny with Benefits by London Hale


Nanny with Benefits (Temperance Falls: Experience Counts, #3)I don’t quite know what it is about London Hale and their books, but I can’t get enough. Maybe, it’s the fact that they are short, to-the-point and insanely sexy? Or maybe I’ve secretly had a fetish for certain taboo tropes, and I’m only now embracing it. But ok that’s besides the point! I was super eager to read Nanny with Benefits. Like with The Dilf, I started it at my lunch break during my work day, and again, such a bad idea! Because holy smokes!! Josh and Bailey had a will-they-won’t they dynamic to their relationship that I was dead over. The chemistry between them was so hot, but because of their employer-employee relationship, they sort of dance around each other. When they finally gave in to that intense attraction, it was a blast. I love that even though these books have a ton of sexy scenes, they still feel unique, and that you actually get to feel the connection between the two characters. As a couple, Bailey and Josh, were fantastic. As individuals, they were just as likable. Josh is a smarty-pants doctor, who loves his kid more than anything. His relationship with his son was the sweetest. Bailey was just as lovely, with a very positive personality to her. I also loved her relationship with Josh’s son. She was also very assertive, which I loved. All in all, another great addition to the Temperance Falls series. London Hale are just killing me with these books and I hope they never stop writing these saucy books! 😉

Sinful Temptation by London Hale


Sinful Temptation (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #1)When I heard who Sinful Temptation was going to be about, I legit internally screamed. I mean, it’s a sexy-pants romance about a pastor and a sex shop owner? Tell me that doesn’t intrigue you? I swear only London Hale can make me crave these types of romances! And I’m so glad to say, Sinful Temptation was my favorite novella in this series. It was just as wild as the other books in the Temperance Falls series, but there was just extra special about Noah and Harper. The chemistry, of course, was hot hot hot, but the emotional connection they form was even better! Noah, oh.my.gosh! <3 This guy though! He was a total gentleman, and then in the bedroom, he’d open his dirty mouth and I was a goner. He might be a pastor, but this guy knew how to use the … ummm …. assets that the good Lord had given him. What made him so intriguing to me was how he was never really ashamed or shy about how much he enjoyed sex, despite his profession. Sex is part of human life, and I loved that he didn’t see it as sinful, but instead embraced it. And then his behavior around Harper just about melted me! I really loved Harper too. She had converted her grandmother’s cute little store across the church into a sex shop, and was not ashamed about it. She embraced her sexuality, and even with all the gossip, she continued to shine on. She and Noah make for an unlikely couple, but they click well, both in the bedroom (HOOOOLLLLLYYY SWOON!), and with the more emotional stuff. I really loved them together and could have read an entire book about them. Buy this one, and enjoy the heck out of it! Just don’t do it in public!

Have you read any London Hale books? What are some of your favorite taboo romances?
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