May Memories & Current Favorites

 May was such a great month for me. It’s always such a busy month because there is always so much going on. With it being the last month of school for my girls, we are always busy with last minute school projects and end of the year school parties and events. It’s also my nieces birthday and my birthday. I turned 31 last months and I gotta say, I have no idea why turning 30 has such a bad stigma (especially for women) but I have been loving my 30’s. Seriously, 30 and 31 have been some of my favorite years. As you all know, I’m a bit obsessed with my bullet journal and part of the reason why I love it so much is because I get to write down pretty much whatever I want. Since May was such a fun and busy month, I wanted to make a spread to remember all of my favorite May memories, since it can be easy to forget about some of these things, as well as some things I was currently loving for the month of May.

May Memories:

I’ve been using these fun stickers in my journal lately from Me and My Big Ideas and I’ve been loving them. These sticker booklets are a little pricey ($20 each at Michaels) but they have sooo many stickers and there are so many different themes. They even have a fitness one, which I love. I only buy these sticker books when I have a 50%-60% off coupon at Michaels which brings it down to $8-10, which is a ganga.  Some of my favorite May memories include: My niece’s 16th birthday; my mom gifted me a hair appointment for my birthday, I got ombre done on my hair which I’ve been wanting again for a while and I love the way it came out; I turned 31; I’ve been lifting more weights and I don’t struggle as much with my weight training workouts anymore; because of birthday money I ended up buying a lot of new clothes including new bras, sports bras, a new bikini, lots of shorts and tanks and of course… workout clothes; my boyfriend’s niece graduated high school and we went out to dinner to celebrate; my sister, my mom and I went to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day; and finally my boyfriend gave me concert tickets for my birthday!

Current Favorites for May:

 Loving: Summer! Guys, I’ve been absolutely loving Summer!
Listening: Shakira’s New CD and Bruno Mars 24K CD, omg, I’m obsessed with both.
Watching: Parks & Recreation, I finally finished watching the series in May and oh man, it was perfect. I freaking love that show and the friendships and relationships in it are so so good!
Feeling: Excited, I have a lot of fun events planned for the summer and I’m excited for all of it.
Reading: Eye Candy…yep, I spent all of May reading that book. Luckily it was a good one.
Anticipating: Cancun, I leave in less than 2 weeks!
Planning: June Bullet Journal Spreads. Each month, I feel like my layouts get better and I just have fun putting them together.
Craving: Chips. I normally have such a sweet tooth but lately I’ve been craving chips and salty foods more than sweets.

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What are some of your favorite May Memories and May favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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Nereyda is a 31 year-old mother of two girls with addiction to Friends, fashion, books, Pinterest, Netflix, the color black and a little bit of everything else. Also, the world's worst texter...
  • Jasprit

    Oh Nereyda May sounds like such a fantastic month for you! I get so excited when I get to buy all the new workout clothes, and go you for managing all the weight training, had to change my programme at the gym up as I’d got sort of tired of doing the same routine all the time (I was actually shattered the first time I completed it on my own). And I’m extremely jealous that you’re going Cancun! I need a holiday asap! I hope you have a fabulous June!

    • The majority of my clothes is workout clothes, I hate when I have to wear ‘real’ clothes now. Like can’t I just go to dinner in my running shorts and tank??? 🙂

  • I am glad that May was such a good month for you. And YES for vacation, I hope you have a blast and take lots of pics. I also think the more bullet journaling that I do the better I get to. Its all about discovering which ways work better for you.

    • Yes, lots and lots of pics! And yeah, it’s all about finding what works and perfecting it 🙂

  • Glad May was such a great month for you!!! I agree my 30’s have been a wonderful time. I am loving summer too. Yay for Cancun!!!

  • I always love seeing your bullet journal Nereyda!! 😀

    Also, 30’s is the time when I can LIVE, not gonna lie. I’ve already planned my 20’s to be in school for the most of it, and am certainly looking forward to that age. I love all the celebrating in May!

    – Aila @ One Way Or An Author

    • I like the way you think. I had my kids in my 20’s, now all the babies years are over and I get to sleep all night 🙂

  • Nereyda, you are bullet journal queen. You always come up with the best ideas and I love the idea of having dedicated pages for memories. It’s way too easy to forget the little things that made your month when it comes to the end of a year so that would be great to do.

    Glad your month was busy but good. And I’m glad to hear your 30s aren’t a time to dread as I am now closer to 30 than 20.

    • It really is easy to forget all the small but important and memorable things that happened if you don’t keep track of them. I’m gonna try to do that at the end of every month. Dude, my 30’s are rocking!

  • Your bullet journal pages are always so pretty! I agree with Becky, I think it’s a great idea to keep track of the good little things in life, because sometimes it can be pretty tempting to focus on the negative stuff instead. Weight training workouts are killer, so good on you for upping your weight and pushing through it. I’ve gotta admit, I’m quite relieved to hear that your 30s have been so good because the stigma really is strong!

    • When I started my memory page I had a few things only to write down, but once I really started thinking about it I realized I had so much much that happened that month. If I could barely remember at the end of the month I can’t imagine remembering all those fun memories at the end of the year.