The Infinite Variants of YA: April Releases


How was everyone’s April? Mine was good though to be honest, at this moment, I’m working on a project and can’t remember what I did 5 seconds ago. As you guys may already know, Rashika & I have started a monthly feature focused on diverse books that we launched earlier this year. You can read more about it here.

Anyways, I’m here to share with you all the list of diverse books that released in April. Click on the covers to take you to the Goodreads pages.

April Releases To Get Excited About

The Upside of Unrequited Get It Together, Delilah! The Edge of the Abyss (The Abyss Surrounds Us, #2) Meg & Linus North of Happy Geekerella

It’s a relatively smaller release month, but it does tend to slow down around this time of the year. I’ve read The Upside of Unrequited, which I adored, as well as Geekerella, which was just pure shippy goodness!

Which book in this list are you most excited about? Have you read any?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I guess I’m a black sheep when it comes to Geekerella, I didn’t LOVE it you know xD I’m curious about Get It Together Delilah.

  • I LOVED The Upside. I have Delilah to get to in giant pile of ARCs and I just won Geekerella!! Super excited to fit in. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  • Jazmen Greene

    I have my eye on Geekerella! Nice list

  • I got to read Meg & Linus and Geekerella and enjoyed them both, maybe Geekerella just a little more tho. lol! I definitely want to check out The upside of unrequited and Get It Together Delilah! Great list! I’m glad you are sharing these

  • kindlemom1

    I have Geekerella on hold at the library, I can’t wait to read it! On the Edge of the Abyss looks really good too, I like the cover.

  • I have got to get a copy of Geekerella. Hope you get yoru project finished soon.

  • Yay I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve got an audiobook of Geekerella, it’s pretty good. I hadn’t heard of Edge of the Abyss but that cover is definitely eye-catching…

  • I loved Geekerella too Nick, wasn’t it adorable! Get it Together Delilah is an Aussie novel that was out here a few years ago but titled The Flywheel. I only got around to reading it at the start of this year and regret having waiting so long to get around to it, it was wonderful and so heartwarming. I seen Meg and Linus up on Netgalley the other day but haven’t heard much about it. Really interested to see what you think of it <3

  • I am SO interested in Edge of the Abyss but I haven’t read the first one in the series! I may need to check it out though because that cover is gorgeous!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  • Rummanah Aasi

    Good luck on your project, Nick! I feel like that with the end of the school year when everything is up in the air. I’ve got Upside and Geekerella on my tbr.

  • I LOVED the upside of unrequited, it was such a beautiful book to read 😍 . I haven’t read any of the others on this list but I’ve heard good things about geekerella and north of happy, so I’m interested in those two as well. Great list 💖