April Bullet Journal Spreads – New Bullet Journal!

 April was the first official month in my new bullet journal! My last bullet journal, as much as I liked it, I kind of think of it as my trial and error journal. It was my first attempt at journaling/planning and although the whole bullet journal thing is definitely for me (I hate planners) , I found that there were several things that didn’t work for me. Some layouts were misses for me while I have found others that I’ve been using consistently for months. My last journal was very colorful in terms of pens used, which wasn’t really ‘me’ since I don’t really like/wear a lot of colors. My favorite colors are black, gray and pink which is what I decided to focus my new journal around. I thought I would get bored of the colors quickly, but I love how simple it looks. I also started experimenting with stickers, which I’ve been loving. Stickers are great for people that like to pretty up their journals but aren’t necessarily artsy or don’t have the time. These are my April bullet journal spreads:

April Calendar/Trackers:

 For me personally, you can’t go wrong with this monthly calendar layout. It’s super simple, I add the small calendar in the corner and then list any events that I have going on that month. I look through my calendex and digital calendars to add events to my monthly log and I bookmark this page to keep coming back to it. On the right page, I added a ‘currently’ layout where I list my favorites of the moment.

I love my sleep, habit and workout trackers so I keep adding them every month. No lie, I workout, wash my face at night, try to go to sleep early and all that other stuff mostly so that I can check off the items in my bujo. Whatever works!

Week One:

I’m still using the same weekly layout as last month which I am IN LOVE with and added a few small tweaks like the water intake chart, self care tracker chart which tracks my mood and productivity levels of the day. I also use the sidebars to keep track of any goals I have for the week, my meal plan, anything I have to buy and any upcoming events. I’ve been using this workout/food log tracker for months. It’s easy and it works so I’ll keep using it. Both of these weekly layouts take me 5-10 minutes to do.

Week Two:

 I started off good at the beginning of the week, then we went on a last minute camping trip that weekend and I didn’t use my journal much towards the end of the week. I was busy packing so that’s why my water/self care trackers and the later days in the week are pretty blank. Same goes for the workout/food log. I wasn’t really worried about tacking what I was eating while I was camping so I just went ahead and crossed it out. I decided to add a section on the sidebar this week for any books I read that week…unfortunately I didn’t read any books that week.

Week Three:

I messed up while doing this weekly layout so I decided to just wing it and try a new layout… and I hated. I love my other layout because it gives me just the perfect amount of space I need and it doesn’t take up many pages. This one had too much open space, I ended up adding some flower stickers to fill up some of that space, but I still didn’t like it. When I don’t like my layout, I find that I don’t use my journal much which is what happened here. Also, I was trying to catch up from my weekend camping trip and I was coming down with a cold so my workout/food log pages were a bust.

Week Four:

I went back to my beloved layout this week. I had a cold this week, which is my like 5th cold of the year. It was also the first week of a new workout challenge I was doing and I was determined to not use my cold as an excuse. So I powered through and was good and used my journal regularly and worked out.

Workout Challenge/Miles Tracker:

I’ve been doing Boho Beautiful’s workouts since January (along with Tone It Up workouts, love both of them) and I was planning on doing her Boho Beautiful in 10 Days workout challenge the two weeks before I started my other challenge the last week of April. Unfortunately, with my impromptu camping trip and my cold, I wasn’t able to finish it (I got halfway through). I can’t do two challneges at once and the one I’m doing right now is 8 weeks long and I really want to do all of this challenge how it’s meant to be done so I will be coming back to this in July.

I started walking around the lake in the mornings in April again. My goal is to walk 100 miles before I go to Cancun at the end of June. So far, I’m doing pretty good. Wish me luck!

Bikini Series Challenge:

 This is the new workout challenge my friend and I have been doing from Tone It Up. I love it because it tells me what to do every day and it’s free. Journaling my workouts is a big motivation for me to actually do them. I added a page for my before/after weight/measurements and my goals for the series. I then wrote down my workout schedule for the first week and set aside a page for each day to add my food log and workout logs.

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That’s it for my April bullet journal layouts, anyone give bullet journaling a shot yet? Let me know in the comments!

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