March Favorites: New Bullet Journal, Jump Rope & Shimmery Ink!

 I know we’re well into April, but I missed doing my March Favorites post and it felt like the perfect post to come back to the blog to. I’m not gonna lie, my time away from all things blogging and reading was really nice, but I also missed it a lot, especially towards the end. When blogging starts to feel overwhelming, less fun and more like a chore or obligation, I highly recommend a blog break. I’ve taken a few in the last 5 years and they always remind me why I love blogging. Anyway, I had quite a few new favorites last month that I’m excited to share with you guys.

I feel like I’ve either gotten…lazier with my makeup lately or maybe I just feel more comfortable in my own skin nowadays. As much as I love the whole process of putting on my makeup while I listen to music (it’s so stress-less and relaxing), I’ve cut down a lot. I can’t remember the last time I wore foundation or eyeliner and most days concealer, mascara and a lip product are all for me. It could also be that the hot weather is making me feel like putting less products on my face. I’ve been loving this $6 ELF Tone Adjusting Primer to smooth my pores and even my skin as well as these Makeup Geek shadows. I have been wearing these two religiously for the last two months. Cocoa Bear (the brown one) on my crease and Prom Night (the Taupe one) on my lid. Add some mascara and my eyes are done for the day. It;s easy and simple but the slight purplish tone of Prom Night really makes my green eyes pop.

These shadows are about $6 a pan and the bottom is magnetic and easily fit in my Z-palettes. Really pigmented, not a lot of fallout and blend nicely. You can get these at

Gah, I’m a sucker for good affordable makeup and this ELF primer is soooo good! I’ve used so many primers (I love primers), high end and drugstore and this is one of my favorites. Best of all, you can find it at Target for only $6.

A few years ago, I got vitiligo on the tips of my fingers and on my feet, luckily I am very pale so you can’t really tell but I do have to be very careful with the sun. Since I live in Tucson where most of the Summer averages 110-115 degrees, a hat is vital to me (as well as lots of sunscreen!). I have a hard time finding hats I like but when this Tone It Up hat went on sale ($12) last month, I snatched it up. It’s in my favorite color, it goes with everything and I like the way it looks on me. I wear this everyday for my walks around the lake (even though I go really early). Tone It Up is the workout programs I’ve been doing for the last few months, along with Boho Beautiful. If you guys want fantastic free workouts, definitely check both of these sites. I do a few of their videos every day.

I’ve added weights, dumbells and kettleweights to my workouts thanks to my free Tone It Up workouts (hello baby arm muscles!) and I’ve also started going to Circuit Shred classes at the gym. My hands would hurt with the weights, so my boyfriend got me these awesome Nike workout gloves. They fit my tiny hands and they are padded on the front and so comfortable. And in my favorite color!

I hate cardio. Despise it actually so I always look for new ways to sneak in cardio. I’ve never been a really good jump roper but I wanted to try to add this in between my workouts. Funny story, I actually got really good at jump roping these last few weeks and it wasn’t until my kids and boyfriend pointed it out to me that I realized I was jump roping backwards. Apparently I can’t even do one forward jump rope but I can do almost 5 minutes at a time jump roping backwards. I’ve added 10 minutes of jump roping to my workout routine and omg, it’s killer. This jump rope is awesome, It has 1lbs weights on the handles and it’s adjustable. I had to cut off so much of the rope to fit my 4’10” frame but it gets the job done.

I got a new Bullet Journal! After 7 months in my old bullet journal, I finally ran out of pages so I picked this deep pink color. I’ve been setting it up and I’ve gone with a way simpler approach this time and I love my journal so much. I decorated it this time with stickers, which I think give it a cool touch.  I can’t wait to show you guys my new bullet journal spreads and layouts!

I got a new ink for my fountain pen.  I’m going with a pink, gray and black theme for this journal (my favorite colors) and I wanted a pretty gray ink for my journal This Diamine Moon Dust was exactly what I was looking for. It’s shimmery and oh so fucking pretty!

A sneak peek at my current bullet journal layouts, I’ve been using this layout for the last two months and it’s so fast and easy but still pretty. I love the additions on the side like the mini calendar, the water intake tracker, self care tracker (to keep track of my mood and productivity levels), meal plans, to buy list and a space to write down any upcoming events. It’s simple and minimalist but it;s not boring for me and this takes me about 5 minutes to do.


That’s it for my March favorites, let me know what books and other non-book related items were your favorite last month!

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  • Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine those temperatures! How can you stand it? I live in Syracuse, NY, and while our summers can be hot and humid, it’s nothing like that. In face our hottest days are in the upper 90s. And there are usually only a handful. Of course, then we have winter, which isn’t the greatest. Syracuse is the snowiest city (pop. at least 100,000) in the U.S. We get over 100 inches every year. But I think I would rather the snow and long winter than those temperatures.

    Anyway, yay for a new bullet journal! I’ve been playing around with something that is sort of bullet journal inspired for books and reading. It’s not really a bullet journal (that style of planning doesn’t work for me), but I was inspired by all the collections you see in a bullet journal.

    • I’m so used to it, I honestly can’t handle any type of cold. Our ‘winters start mid December until like February and it barely gets to 40-50 degrees and I’m miserable. I just can’t deal with it, I’d take the heat any day. Luckily it’s dry heat and not that awful kind of humid heat. I went to Pinetop for the snow in January and it was fun but after a day I was like alright I’m over the snow.

      I love collections, I know a lot of people use planners and have a separate notebook or blank pages in their planners for collections.

  • Great products! I jump rope like a kid so I have to cut the ropes if I were to do it for a work out. Lol

  • Your new bullet journal is beautiful!!!! I love the color and the heart stickers<3

  • Ooooh that ELF primer thing sounds intriguing. My pores are my biggest issue. No matter what I use (primers or pore minimizers or moisturizers or ANYTHING) it never works. It either just blatantly doesn’t help me or makes my skin oilier. Blegh.

    • I think ELF has a primer specifically for pores, this is is more targeted for making your skin tone more even.

  • Eva

    ♥ that hat and your new bujo! That primer sounds pretty amazing and YAY for all those work-outs!!

    • Thanks Eva, I get pretty bored and tend to waste my time on stupid shit so I figure I’d workout instead. If I do I have more energy, sleep better and I’m more productive the rest of the day.

  • I lift weights at the gym too, and I think it’s time I finally take the plunge and buy some gloves. My hands are getting so sore and torn up without them! Those Nike ones look great. That shimmery grey ink is gorgeous, I’m excited to see more from your bullet journal. 🙂

    • Gloves are the best for lifting weights, you should definitely try them! These Nike ones were like 10 bucks at Ross.

  • I like to lift hand weights as well and jumping rope is the worst…I swear its worse than going for a run where cardio is concerned, and I still don’t know how to do it well. My fitness instructor makes it look so easy. But I don’t have a gym, since I just do at home workouts and go running. But eventually I would like to do more at a gym. I just moved so still figuring out the best types of fitness centers here. I have the same color on my bullet journal and LOVE it.

    • I love dumbells and my kettleweights! I want to progress to some heavier ones soon. Jump roping is hard but I prefer it over running any day haha. I have a gym 5 minutes away and I rarely use it. I do all my workouts at home, gyms intimidate me…

  • Love your new journal! And I love the color scheme you chose too, they look great together! I do wish I was artsy enough to do that. Also, your jump rope reminds me of when my dad used to make me jump rope in our garage. Like, in the few weeks that swimming even HAD an off-season. So I am twitchy at the thought hahah. I hate cardio too. Honestly, swimming is the only exercise I have ever tolerated hhaha. I don’t really own makeup so I am no help there 😉 My favorite thing I got last month… well, Idk, but THIS month I got The 100 Funkos, YAY!

    • You don’t need to be artsy at all! My new journal has no art whatsoever and I love it. Jump roping is hard! I love that it’s a really good cardio in such a short time cause ugh, running is the worst!

  • Love your new bullet journal and I love you’ve got a colour theme going on and it matches the cover! That layout looks brilliant, I need to find a layout which works for me. I think I’ve got a good weekly layout for now but the great thing is you can always change things up.

    I understand wanting to wear less on your face as the weather heats up, I’m trying to wear less as it gets warmer because I feel like it all gets smeary in the warm weather and looks awful, defeating the point of my putting it on. I will check out that primer if it’s out over here because I always find primers I see either don’t work or they have glitter in them so I never want to use them (it’s brightening or some crap, all I know is I don’t want to look like a 12 year old who got there first glitter stick from the 90s).

    I’d forgotten jump rope was such a good workout thing, I used to love jumping rope as a kid so what a fun thing to do and cardio yay, it’s always a chore so anything that could be slightly fun is good. And really, who cares if you jump rope forwards or backwards, it’s all the same thing.

    Glad you enjoyed your blogging break Nereyda and glad to see you’re back. Breaks are always worth it, you can take some time off and remember what you like about blogging again.

  • Nereydaaaaaaa! I hope you are doing well! I feel like I haven’t talked to you or commented on a post of yours in forever. I AM SORRY! I’m sprinting towards graduation and pretty much tripping over myself in the process (actually I don’t think this metaphor works, never mind). You get the idea! How are you??? I’m glad your blogging break has done you well! I miss your bullet journal posts and book looks and sassy reviews!

    Your Very Important Stuff journal is super cool! Your trackers are so neat and precise. I love the variety of different things you track, very interesting!

    Have a great weekend, Nereyda! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!