March Bullet Journal Spreads

 I’ve missed my bullet journal posts so apologies in advanced but there are quite a few coming your way.  We have one week left of April but since I didn’t get to share my March spreads over my blog break, I wanted to share them now. This was my last month in my first bullet journal! I started bullet journaling in the beginning of September last year so the journal lasted me a good 7 months which I think is pretty cool. I know a lot of people think the Leuchtterm 1917 journals are pricey ($15-20 depending on the color, mine was 19) but it’s not bad at all considering it lasted so long. If I hadn’t gone through my ‘dailies’ phase, I could have probably gotten 2-3 months more out of it. As much as I loved this journal, I was excited to be done with it. In may ways, this was my trial and error journal. I tried sooo many different layouts and styles, some I liked, some I loved and some I hated. This month I finally found the style I want to keep with my new journal, as well as a color scheme. I keep going simpler and simpler with my spreads and the more plain I go, the more I love it. I don’t have much color in it anymore, which is perfect since I’m not a color kind of girl anyway, and I use simple and easy layouts, no doodling, and no time consuming spreads.  Also, sorry for the shitty pictures. My camera settings changed on my phone and I couldn’t find my good camera…

 This was my monthly layout for March. I thought I wanted to use that pretty green shimmery ink I have, but then I realized it didn’t really go with the pink/gray colors I wanted. Instead, I went with pink, black and gray (my favorite colors). I’ve loved this type of monthly layout because calendar spreads are not for me. The boxes take to long to draw and I feel like I don’t have enough space to write in them. I separated it into two columns, one for personal events and the other one for blog posts which I didn’t keep  after this month because I felt like I needed more space for my personal events. On the next page, I added my books read for the month and my monthly fails. As you can see, both were a huge fail cause I barely read and I didn’t meet most of my goal. Oh well.

Last month was my first month trying  vertical sleep and habit trackers and I liked it much more than the horizontal ones so I kept it this month. I’m not exactly sure what happened in the middle of the month but I forgot to track my sleep which is no biggie. I use my journal when I have time and don’t force it, I just started tracking it again towards the end instead of trying to remember what days I fell asleep and woke up those days I missed. I love my habit tracker although I failed so hard at making sure I drink at least i liter of water a day. I hate water guys.

 I love keeping track of my workouts. This is the first time I kept a time tracker for my workouts to log how many minutes I worked out a day. I had enough space for about 50 minutes a day and realized early on I needed more time since I usually do an hour a day (not including my walks). I liked seeing this bar type of chart and kept this for April. On the next page is my workout log for the first week of March to log my specific workouts.

 I like the idea for this layout but I hated the way it turned out. So much that I didn’t even feel like using it which is why it’s mostly blank. I liked some aspects of it so I tweaked it a bit for the following week.

This looks much better. I switched out the colors a bit and changed up the columns on the sides. I really liked this but felt like I could make better use of the sides.

I’ve been using this workout and food log layout for months because it’s fast and easy and has everything I need. It takes me less than 5 minutes to set up. I added the water drops to track my water intake, which was a fail.

I liked this a bit better but still thought I could use the sides a bit more. I still love how easy this layout is though, I have it memorized by now and it’s so fast to make. I forgot to make my workout and food log layouts for this week for some reason but I still worked out. What I love about the bullet journal is that I use it when it works for me and don’t worry about it when I don’t have time (or don’t feel like it).

Same layout as the week before.

THIS is what I wanted! I added a self care tracker on the side and another spot on the other page to write down any upcoming events.  The self care tracker is to log my mood, sleep, and productivity. Other than adding a water intake chart similar to this, this is the layout I’ve been using for all my weeklies in April. Takes up two pages and it has everything I need for the week.

Another workout/food log. Not sure why I didn’t log this the two weeks before but I feel much better keeping track of this. This is still the layout I’m currently using.

The last page in my old bullet journal, I wanted to add a page for my favorite March memories.

As you can see, sometimes a layout doesn’t work for me but that’s part of what I like about bullet journaling. I can try new layouts (cause I get bored easily) and keep what I like, improve on things I liked but need a few tweaks and move on from layouts I don’t like. I feel like I’ve really found the layouts/colors/spreads that work for me so I’m really excited for my new journal. I didn’t add any collections to this month because I wanted to wait to add them to my new one instead.

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That’s it for my March bullet journal layouts, anyone give bullet journaling a shot yet? Let me know in the comments!

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