The Weekly Recap (226): NYC Adventures & What’s Up With Mother Nature?

Weekly Recap

Nereyda’s Recap:

I am currently taking time out of my very important Netflix binge of Parks and Recreation to write this post. Netflix and Birthdays, that pretty much sums up my week. My little one turned 7 on Thursday and since my other daughter turned 10 last month, we always do their birthday parties together. Their party is Saturday (yesterday since this goes up on Sundays) and I’ve been spending most of the week getting things ready for that and for my daughter’s birthday…and watching Parks and Recreation. I started it last Friday and I’ve watched… 3-4 seasons in a week. I have issues. After 2 or 3 weeks of crazy weather where it was cold and windy and raining and fucking annoying, we finally have our normal weather back! It was 90 degress today and I’m so happy for the sun! I’ve lived in Arizona all my life where 115 degree Summers are the norm so this weather is comforting to me in some kind of weird way. I even took out my short shorts yesterday and ahhhhh, it just reminded me how much I despise fucking pants…unless they are pajama/stretchy/workout pants. Other than a few audiobooks, didn’t even tough my kindle all week. Once again, I blame Parks and Recreation and my complete lack of self control. Next weekend, my boyfriend and I are going to El Paso for the weekend for a concert. It’s for a mexican band we love (words I never thought I’d say since I used to hate most mexican music, especially bandas) but we’ve been trying to see them for about a year so I’m super excited for the concert, for the trip and for the time away. That’s pretty much it for me with this recap. I’m gonna try to relax with my Netflix binge next week so I can get some reading done… but like I said, I have zero self control. I’ll update my books on next weeks recap since I currently cant find my kindle. I do know I got Walk of Shame by Lauren Layen and you all know how much I loooove her books so yay!!!!

Nick’s Weekly Recap:

Hi everyone!

It feels like I haven’t posted a Weekly Recap in a long time, even though we only missed one last weekend. As I mentioned, I was in NYC visiting my friend Jess, from Lovin Los Libros last weekend. It was a blast overall and I’m really glad I got to see her. Not going to lie, New York was a little overwhelming for this small island girl and I wasn’t as bowled over by it like most people are. Sure it’s a fun tourist destination with loads to do, but live there? I shudder thinking of ALL THE PEOPLE. NYC did have AMAZING food though, and that’s what Jess and I spent most of our time and money doing. LOL. We also did walk a lot around NYC. She took me to a couple of neighborhoods, and we also went to The Strand, as well as the Natural Museum of History and the Brooklyn Bridge, where I took stereotypical tourist photos. The weather was horrid though. It was freezing cold and there was an awful wind. Overall, it was a great weekend, though I did come home, exhausted and slept for like 2 days.

Speaking of the weather, what is up with Mother Nature? We had perfectly lovely spring weather early in the week, but then on Friday it SNOWED. And we’re expecting even more snow this coming week. My body is not dealing with these weather switches very well and I need to be fit because finals are coming up for me soon!

Here are my reading updates:

What I Read:

10 Things I Can See from Here Act Like It (London Celebrities, #1) Mine Till Midnight (The Hathaways, #1) The Hating Game Etched in Bone (The Others, #5) Seven Days of You Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly, #4)

These are the books I read over the past two weeks. I liked most of these! I enjoyed re-reading Act Like It and Mine Till Midnight. I also re-read The Hating Game … and I sadly, wasn’t a fan this time around. I don’t know why because I loved it when I first read it but I noticed lots of annoying things about the characters and the dialogue this time around. I also finally got around to reading Etched in Bone and it was terrific as expected. Seven Days of You just plain annoyed me. It’s a book set in Japan, and I was hoping to see lots of culture in the book, but nada! And ehh the romance was super boring for me. I jumped on Walk of Shame as soon as I received my copy and absolutely LOVED it. After the last LL book didn’t work for me, I was quite bummed, so it was great to read a really good book from her again. 

What I’m Currently Reading:

Blood Rose Rebellion (Blood Rose Rebellion, #1) You're Welcome, Universe

About 30% into You’re Welcome, Universe and I’ll be reading Blood Rose Rebellion soon as well.

Review Copies Haul:

The Garden of Small Beginnings The Hundredth Queen The Adjustment (The Program, #3) Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly, #4) The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (Rokesbys, #2) Geekerella The Evaporation of Sofi Snow

Thanks to friends and publishers for the review copies!

Our Weekly Recap:

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I hope you all had a wonderful week as well! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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Nick & Nereyda

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Nick & Nereyda
  • Nereyda Parks & Rec is great!! Loved that show so much. I have been paying way too much attention to Netflix too!! Happy birthday to your kids and hope they had a great party! Have fun at your concert next weekend!! Nick yay for NYC!! Glad you enjoyed it. I couldn’t live there either but love that I live close. Sorry The Hating Game wasn’t as good a second time around. Enjoy your new books and have a great week ladies!!

  • Nereyda, I have been slacking on my reading due to binge watching as well. I just discovered that Investigation Discovery has an app for the apple TV. I have not left the couch all weekend!!! I regret nothing.
    Nick, I can’t imagine living in NYC either. I was there for Thanksgiving years ago. So, with the holiday, the Macy’s parade and black Friday shopping…I was one seriously overwhelmed introvert. But, its a cool place to see and there is so much to experience! I was happy to go home though!
    Hope you both have a great week!

  • Happy Birthday to your daughter. Agreed Nick, NYC is nice to visit, but I would feel trapped and oh lord its too peoply!! Have a great week!

  • Nereyda – Happy birthday to your littlest!! And honestly, why get off the couch in this weather, I say stay stick to Parks and Rec!! I can’t believe you got rain, though!!! o.O

    Nick – I’m sorry NYC was overwhelming!! Yeah, people aren’t really my thing, I think that’s why I’m a little scared to visit. I can handle Chicago b/c it has less people and LA you can escape anywhere in a car 😉 And WOW on your re-read of The Hating Game! Who knew that would happen!!! Intriguing…

    I’m starting Etched in Bone SOON!! YAY!! It’s that or A Gathering of Shadows – It’s going to be a tough choice 😉

    Have a great week!

  • Thank you! I really disliked Seven Days of You as well 🙁 I was so excited because Japan but it was such a disappointment. And I hear you about NYC! I’m someone who lives here and constantly feels overwhelmed by it.

  • laura thomas

    Happy birthday to the young ones. Don’t blink or they will be all grown up:) I was talking about spring being here on my Sunday Post. I get up to rain and chills. But the sun is back out now and its warmed up again. I can’t wait for pool weather to lounge and read my books!

    My Sunday Post

  • Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ooh nice!! Those are totally new to me reads! Hope you both enjoy your newest additions!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • Charlie Anderson

    Nereyda, that’s kind of how I feel about shorts (because fat legs, ugh) and pants altogether. Let me wear my black yoga or long gray (I guess yoga?) pants and I’m good to go. In fact, several years ago when I was engaged my MIL got so tired of seeing me each week during the summer wearing yoga pants that she took me shopping. (And no, I didn’t like my choices. Thankfully I dodged all those bullets!) I hope you enjoy your concert weekend!

    Nick, I think Mother Nature might not have taken her medication. It was quite chilly yesterday and mid-morning/afternoon today. I’m ready for some light, warm spring weather.

  • Nereyda, your week sounds really fun!! I hope the birthday party was a success. 115 degrees is normal?!!! What even?!! Here in PR doesn’t go that high. I think it can go up to a little over 100 in the east side which is all city pretty much.
    I didn’t get Walk of Shame and I’m a sad person *sobs*

    Nick, I’m glad you got to have fun at NYC! My friend came to PR from Pennsylvania to spend time with family and friends and when she had left, the weather had been nice, but when she arrived, there was snow everywhere. She couldn’t deal with it LOL
    I hope I can start Blood Rose Rebellion soon! Let me know if it’s good.

    Have a lovely week, ladies!

    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  • oh what a week you have both had!! I agree with you Nick, I would HATE living in New York. I mean I struggle sometimes with DFW, especially if I am in downtown I just want to get away from the people and the traffic. i do love Kleypas, so a good re read is always in order.

  • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    I love Parks & Rec!! And I did the same thing, but when I started watching there were only 3 or 4 seasons I think. Still, it’s hard not to binge it all! And it’s one of those shows that I think is solid all the way through, although season 3 is a definitely favorite 🙂 I binged New Girl in January and watched all 6 seasons in about 3 weeks, yikes! Haha! NYC, how funnn. I haven’t been in ages. I could never live there either; I love cities but I like to visit them. Sounds like you did some great things despite the awful weather. I’ve heard not great things about Seven Days of You, not as eager to read it anymore :/ Happy reading to you both!

  • Glad you had a nice time in NYC. Yeah, it’s fun to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. At least no for long. Oh no! Don’t say that about The Hating Game. This is one reason I don’t want to reread books. 🙁

    Have a great week, ladies.

  • Nereyda: Happy birthday to your LO! Birthday parties are the best… and the worst! LOL. I hope it was fun!

    Nick – I’m glad you had a good trip! I’m sorry the weather was a bit uncooperative though. Wishing you luck both staying healthy and for finals!!

    Keen to see what you make of Blood Rose Rebellion and I love the cover the The Hundredth Queen – it’s also on my TBR!

    Wishing you both a fantastic week!

  • Nereyda, enjoy the binge watch while it lasts. I’ll always love a good binge watch, even though I begin to feel guilty about the book I have piling up. It’s great getting lost in any story, even if it’s a comedy on TV. And isn’t it weird how our tastes change, I remember thinking I could never like some music, like country music, when I was younger and turns out I actually enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the latest Lauren Layne.

    And Nick I’ve not been to NY but I am pretty sure I’d feel the way about it that i feel about all cities. I like to visit them but I struggle with the number of people in them in the long term. I like living in a town which I can travel to a city instead. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting, though. It’s always nice doing something new especially with food involved. And oh no for not liking The Hating Game second time around! I am planning a reread in a couple of months because the paperback gets released in the UK and I’ve not reviewed the ARC I got on my blog yet. Hopefully I’ll still have positive thoughts but we shall see. I know the ending bothered me a little and I found the storyline a bit bizarre at first because I couldn’t figure out why they disliked each other so much. And I am so jealous of you julia Quinn ARC! I cannot wait for that book!

  • I think I’d melt in Arizona haha. I’m too used to the rain and chilliness of the UK. 😛 I am impressed with you binge watching skills as well. I’ve never binge watched 3/4 seasons in a week. I’m too easily distracted to concentrate on one show for too long. Have a great time at the concert.

    I think I’d be overwhelmed by New York City as well. I live in a rural village so while I’d love to visit NYC and do all the typically touristy things I could not see myself living there. It sounded like you had an awesome time. I can’t believe you guys are getting more snow. Spring has literally sprung in Wales and I find it so weird to see the sun after so many months of non-stop rain with a sprinkling of snow haha.

  • I love Parks and Rec!! That was such a good show and I miss it. Happy binge watching, Nereyda!

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed Walk of Shame, Nick. I’m so happy to not be scared to read it anymore. Ha! I can’t wait to read it. I’m in the middle of a re-read of Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas and it’s just as lovely as the first time I read it. I should have started with Mine til Midnight. I loved that one too.

    Have a great week, ladies! Come out and say hi, Nereyda! Haha.

  • I go to NYC for BEA and it is quite overwhelming. My family from Puerto Rico are coming to visit in July and we are going there, can’t wait for that adventure.

    The Hundredth Queen and Julia Queen’s new books! Both are in my TBR list 🙂

  • Parks and Rec is the best! Totally binge-able, because I think it gets better with time. I hope the joint birthday party was a success Nereyda, and that you and your boyfriend enjoy the concert! Going to see live music is the best.

    OMG Nick! We have the same feelings on NYC, haha. Loved the food but the crowds – and transit – were horrid. It’s not a very walkable city either (at least as a tourist), which was a bummer. I’m glad that your visit was so good though, that totally makes up for it! Eeeee, the new Julia Quinn! I hopes it’s fantastic!

  • I’m so effing behind it’s not even funny! I’m glad you both had good weeks, and I hope this past week was great, too.
    NYC is huge, but it’s a place I absolutely love to visit – there is so much going on, you know?
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews