TV Shows I Wanna Watch (Looking for More Recs)

I go through stages binge and drought stages when it comes to watching TV. I will either binge a show in a very short time, or I will not watch any TV for about 6 months. Every time I find a new show to binge, I always tell myself to take it slow, but I have no self control. Although I prefer to watch shows that are already finished, I hate having to wait a whole week for new episodes, there are quite a few new or newer TV shows that I’m interested in at the moment. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these, if they are good or bad, and what other TV shows I should add to my list.

TV Shows I Wanna Watch:

I actually already started watching this ne last Friday… and I’m currently on season 3.  See? No self-control! Screenshots of this show started popping up on my Pinterest feed and they were always so funny, especially anything related to Ron Swanson, so I decided to give it a try. OMG, so freaking hilarious! I’m loving this one.

The trailer for this show reminds me of Revenge and I do like that it’s a limited show, so I won’t have to devote so much time for it. I love Reese Witherspoon but haaaate Shailene Woodley and don’t really care for Nicole Kidman but I’m hoping this show is good anyway. Anyone watch this one yet?

Now this is one show I know a lot of bloggers watch and love, it was the first show Nick rec’d me when I asked her which TV shows I should be watching and will probably be the next show I watch. I have no idea what the Archie comics are a about…and I’m a little bit confused as to how a comic can become sch an angsty drama show and it is a little bit weird seeing Zac or Cody all grown up but this one sounds really good.

This one just started this past week so I’ll give it some time before I start watching it, but it just sounds so damn angsty and drama filled and sexy and a bit over the top which sounds like it could make for a very good or bad TV show. I’m hoping it’s a good one. Did anyone catch the first episode?

Another TV show that intrigued me with the trailers for it. I don’t know anyone that has seen this so I have no idea if it’s good or not but the reviews seem pretty damn good. Anyone watch this yet?

I love a good ship, and I have heard so many great things about the relationship in Bones. It’s such a long series though, but the good part (for me) is that it’s almost over so that I could binge straight through when I decide to watch it.


TV Shows I Wanna Watch

My list isn’t that long so I’m looking for more shows to add to my list. I’m currently only watching The Walking Dead (other than Parks) and I’m waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones so my TV watching schedule is pretty open. Shows I love are Friends, does TV get any better than that? I usually lose interest and/or the story lines start to drag a few seasons in with most shows (like Arrow, The Flash, The 100, Hart of Dixie, Revenge) so I’m looking for something that is good throughout the series. I don’t like shows about lawyers and have no interest in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder (I know, I know, some of the best reviewed shows but they just don’t interest me) and would love more funny shows like Friends or Parks because I already worry too much about my favorite characters dying with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. So if you have any shows that I should be adding to my list, let me know below!

Have you seen any of these shows yet? What are your favorite TV shows? Let me know in the comments!

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  • kindlemom1

    I started watching Riverdale and surprisingly really like it. it is strange but also weirdly additive. I love Bones! I’m sad this will be the last season but at the same time, I think it is due for it.
    I loved Castle, I don’t know if you ever watched that but I loved all the humor mixed in Nathan Fillion did such fantastic job with his character.

  • I’m addicted to Riverdale! I think you’ll really love it! It’s not very similar to the comics but I’m loving the liberties they took with adapting it. It works really well!

  • I started watching Parks and Rec a long time ago on Netflix and loved it. But I stopped watching, and I can’t remember where I left off!

    • It’s so funny that I wouldn’t mind watching it all over 🙂

  • The Arrangement sounds interesting. It’s on my “to-watch” list, but then again so are a lot of things.

    Parks and Rec is so damn bingeable! I think I watched like 4 seasons in a week. And all of the characters are so endearing. At work, we try to decide who is who from Parks and Rec. I am always April.

    Big Little Lies is super good too, very intriguing and just different enough from the books that it keeps me watching.

    And Riverdale is actual crack. To me it’s a mix of Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl. I know nothing of the Archie universe either, but this one is so fun. And yes, it’s weird seeing Zac/Cody grown up; he’s a little cutie.

    • Ha, I love that you’re the April of your work. She’s so funny. So trying Riverdale and Big Little Lies soon!

  • Parks is awesome!
    Hmmm, you seem to watch genres I do not, but things similar to parks and friends…drawing a blank

  • I recently finished watching A Series of Unfortuante Events. This one is absolutely brilliant!

    Some of the shows on your list are also on mine but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to check out any of them yet.

    • I wish I could have a day or week to do nothing but binge on all the shows I wanna watch 🙂

  • I also really want to watch Riverdale! It’s all people on tumblr has been talking about. Maybe you should try Stranger Things? A lot of people, including me, really love it 😀 Also Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Each episode is only 20 mins, and they’re funny 😀

    • Oh I’ve heard so much about Stranger Things, but is it scary cause I’m a chicken shit. And Brooklyn Nine Nine does look funny, I need t check it out.

  • Looooove the first three shows on your list! So good! I’m terrible with TV show recommendations so I’m going to slip out and avoid that part of your question hahaha

  • Gosh I haven’t watched any of your shows. I just rarely find the time to sit and watch. However, I have been watching This Is Us for the last few weeks, and it is so good. Check it out.

    • I saw the first 2 episodes cause I love Mandy Moore, but OMG, all the twists and cliffies and what’s his name dying and it was just too emotional for me to handle. At least on a weekly basis, maybe once it’s done.

  • I’ve not been watching much TV lately but I’m like you I either get obsessed or take forever about watching. Or abandon watching when it just gets boring, like Arrow. My current shows are Broadchurch, Legion (I love X Men and marvel things) and Emerald City. I don’t watch much else. I’ve been thinking about watching Quantico but the story did get a bit convoluted towards the end of last season. I’ve got nothing else to recommend, I did start watching This Is Us but the episodes kept making me sad despite the awesome storylines so I both looked forward to watching but was put off by the potential for tears.

    • I used to love Arrow, then Felicity started getting on my nerves with how mad she was always at Oliver. And I used to love Felicity and Oliver, up until they got together…
      I love Marvel/DC shows/motives too.
      And OMG, This Is Us….I watched two episodes and I was like oh hell no, I can’t do this shit. Too emotional for me! It does look so good though.

  • I’m not too into TV, except in the form of reality shows – I’m a diehard FaceOff and The Voice fanatic! – but one of my favorite series to recommend to everyone is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Especially if you’re into antics, weird humor, and unexpected musical numbers, which I think most people are. 🙂

    • Oh man, I can’t remember the last time I watch a reality show, those are like crack!

  • Jasprit

    Nereyda I am exactly the same, usually when I watch a show I binge watch the heck out of it, and then I can go a couple of months without watching anything at all. I definitely want to watch Parks & Recreation, I’ve heard so many good things about it and I definitely need a funny show in my life. I’d never heard about Riverdale before, so I certainly want to see what that show is about too! Nick you definitely need to give Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder a go, the first episodes in both series were not all that, but once you try it you’ll certainly be hooked! I hope you do decide to try them! And I hope you’re both able to find some great recommendations!

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one like that. I honestly don’t even know how people watch several shows on a weekly basis. I only watch TWD every Sunday and I freaking hate having to wait. I also hate that I HAVE to watch it on the day the show it premieres because of spoilers.

  • Rummanah Aasi

    I loved Animal Kingdom the movie but I don’t know how similar it is to the tv show. I’ve been keeping up to date with The Flash and I recently finished the first season of Victoria.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t even know there was a movie. Is The Flash still good. I LOOOOOVED the first season so much but I hated Iris so I kind of lost interest in the show…

      • Rummanah Aasi

        Season 2 is really good and this season seems to be moving along okay.

  • Katie

    I’ve been loving How I Met Your Mother, I watch it along with Friends! I watched the first episode of Riverdale and I really like it. Also I loved A Series of Unfortunate Events!

    Beauty From Katie

    • I keep forgetting to add HIMYM to my list but I hear such good things about it.

  • Jessamine Julian

    I absolutely love HIMYM and The Magicians!

    • My sister really loves HIMYM too, I need to add it to my list. Haven’t heard of The Magicians yet.

  • i’ve just been watching movies while i wait for the new season of house of cards, to be honest. LOL. my last binge-watching adventure was Community.

    • Ha, I mostly watch YouTube or listen to audiobooks in between my binges. I’ve heard really good things about Community 🙂

  • I am loving Big Little Lies!! I read the book so I know what happens but I think the tone of the show is great and it is pretty well acted. I also love that it is limited. I really liked The Good Place. It was short binge since it was a 13 episode season. Have fun watching 🙂

    • I would like to try he book or audiobook after I watch the show, I’m weird like that. But so good to know you’re loving the show!

  • I hadn’t heard of Arrangement nor Big Little Lies so I have to check them out! There’s a new show called The Catch that looks really interesting but it hasn’t come out. It will be on abc 🙂

  • If you like Friends you should check out New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! 😀

  • If you want something funny watch Jane The Virgin and if you speak Spanish or even understand a little bit you’ll find it hilarious. I know everyone talks about it but Orange is the New Black is isshhh. Very funny and interesting and a bit crazy. Big Little Lies is on my list too. I watched the first episode of The Arrangement but I need to watch more to really tell you if it was good or not. If you want angst you have to watch The Royals soooooo good. Also, today Colleen Hoover released a trailer of The Confess Show by Awestruck that has to be good I mean its Colleen Hoover.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  • But… but… The 100! ::SOBS:: Okay, I can try to move on, I guess. I did watch Bones, but I did get a little bored of it eventually, but maybe if I was able to binge it, I might have cared more? I feel you with Shailene Woodley too. Blech. And I am not the biggest Nicole Kidman fan either. I do want to watch that show one day, but alas, no HBO. Same with Game of Thrones haha.

    So okay. I watch… what do I watch? The 100. ::Grumbles in disapproval:: Sorry, I promised moving on. This is Us, but there are LOTS of tears, so Idk… Timeless I really like, but Idk if it is going to be renewed yet. Umm I watch Jane the Virgin, New Girl, The Middle, and The Challenge, because I am elderly and it still appeals to me, okay? 😉 I need to find new shows too, I should scour your comments 😉

    • I loved seasons one and two of the 100…but like I said I tend to lose interest in shows. And I feel like I need some real Bellamy progress…is there any so that I can add it back on my list????

      I have Sling with the HBO option. Chepaer than cable and HBO 🙂

      I just cant with the emotions in This Is Us. I saw the first two episodes and really liked but I cant devote that much emotikns into another show…

  • I don’t watch much TV but seen the first episode of Little Big Lies (I haven’t read the book) and it’s messed up, you’d love it. The only shows I’ve ever really been invested in is The Walking Dead and there was a show a few years ago called Revolution, but they cancelled that after two seasons. I’ll be scrolling your comments to find a few new ones too <3

  • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    OMG I LOVED the Archie comics when I was a preteen! I still have a huge box of them in my attic. I haven’t started the show yet though. I have watched Bones from the beginning though. I’m sad to see it ending in a few weeks.

  • Yeah, I’m only watching The Flash, TWD and How to get away with murder at the moment. I would like to start some of these shows though like Riverdale.

  • I actually loved the first season of The Flash and then….I just lost interest? Also Friends always make me laugh so that is my background noise and I can watch this show all day!

    I watched the first couple of episodes of How to Get Away with Murder but I didn’t like it. But I love courtroom drama shows and crime shows! Which means Criminal Minds is one of my favorites! Oh, and People V OJ was AMAZING! I love that it’s only 1 season and also has fewer episodes but acting was spectacular!

    I am also a TWD and GoT fan! For TWD though, I am not as updated as I should be because I absolutely HATE Neegan. sigh* He is even worse than the governor and he is unwatchable. Also Glen 🙁

  • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    Parks & Rec, yessss! I’m really liking Riverdale too even though I’m three eps behind at the moment. I also need to catch up on the last two seasons of Game of Thrones. If you like that, I’ve heard Vikings is really good (another show I need to watch). And I’d rec New Girl, it feels like a 2010s version of Friends in a way! Happy Endings is also SUPER funny and tragically only 3 seasons, but I love it.