My First Memoir: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

My First Memoir: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna KendrickScrappy Little Nobody
by Anna Kendrick
Release Date: January 1st 1970
Format: Audiobook
Length: 6 hrs
Pages: 304
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A collection of humorous autobiographical essays by the Academy Award-nominated actress and star of Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect.

Even before she made a name for herself on the silver screen starring in films like Pitch Perfect, Up in the Air, Twilight, and Into the Woods, Anna Kendrick was unusually small, weird, and “10 percent defiant.”

At the ripe age of thirteen, she had already resolved to “keep the crazy inside my head where it belonged. Forever. But here’s the thing about crazy: It. Wants. Out.” In Scrappy Little Nobody, she invites readers inside her brain, sharing extraordinary and charmingly ordinary stories with candor and winningly wry observations.

With her razor-sharp wit, Anna recounts the absurdities she’s experienced on her way to and from the heart of pop culture as only she can—from her unusual path to the performing arts (Vanilla Ice and baggy neon pants may have played a role) to her double life as a middle-school student who also starred on Broadway to her initial “dating experiments” (including only liking boys who didn’t like her back) to reviewing a binder full of butt doubles to her struggle to live like an adult woman instead of a perpetual “man-child.”

Enter Anna’s world and follow her rise from “scrappy little nobody” to somebody who dazzles on the stage, the screen, and now the page—with an electric, singular voice, at once familiar and surprising, sharp and sweet, funny and serious (well, not that serious).

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This is my first non fiction book (that wasn’t required school reading) and also my first memoir. I mostly follow Anna Kendrick through her tweets, which are freaking funny. I believe I have only seen her in Twilight and New Moon (never finished watching the movies) but she always seems like a sweet and down to earth celebrity. I’ve been intrigued by a few celebrity autobiographies but was worried I would be bored by them. With Anna’s brand of humor, I thought this would be the perfect first book for me.

I think out of everything in this book, I’m mostly shocked as to why anyone would want to be an actor really. Hearing about her early struggles as an actor, living with strangers, having no money just to chase your dream, missing out on normal teenage experiences, not living with your parents, it all sounds pretty crazy to me, but I’m such a homebody. There were times when I wasn’t sure if Kendrick was being sarcastic or if she really went through all of that, but she enough she did which makes me like her more for not giving up on wanting to be an actress.

Although I enjoyed the book, it was very entertaining and her narrative made it even more enjoyable. I didn’t really like how the timeline jumped, she would go from talking about Up In the Air to Twilight to when she was still struggling. Although it made sense with whatever particular chapter she was talking about, I’m so used to and prefer books that are in chronological order.  The gossipy side of me kind of was hoping that there would be more juicy tibits of information, especially about the Twilight series. It’s kind of hard for me to rate this one, because I did like it, but not in the way I normally love a fiction book. I am more open now to listen to more books similar to this, especially another one by Anna Kendrick. In the meantime, I’ll stick to reading her tweets and maybe watching more movies she stars in. Any recs?

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  • I’ve haven’t really read many memoirs either. There are a few that people always recommend like crazy, like Tina Fey’s books and this one, but I was never sure if it would hold my attention. I’m glad you didn’t hate it and seemed to enjoy some parts. Great review!

  • I enjoyed this one too. A lot of the memoirs/essays jump around like that and I agree I find it distracting. I have liked Tina Fey’s, Amy Poehler’s and Mindy Kalings first book. Great review!

  • Eh, when I read nonfic I want something from somewhere dangerous

  • Anna Kendrick is so much fun to watch. I don’t doubt how difficult it is to break into Hollywood stardom and can only imagine the struggles she went through. She’s so funny so the narrative must’ve been equally so!

  • You should watch Pitch Perfect!!! The only memoir I listened to was Amy Schumer’s and I know you don’t like her. I have the audio for Jennifer Wiener’s book and the little I listened to, it was great.
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  • Sometimes I enjoy a witty memoir, but I never find them to be completely amazing. Like, good, but not “blow my mind” kind of good? I like Chelsea Handler’s, and Tina Fey’s. And even though I like Mindy Kaling, I simply could not get through hers at all. I think I have to be in the right kind of mood. For me, oddly enough, I generally only read memoirs in the bathtub hahah.

  • You’ve only seen the Twilight films! That is definitely not Anna’s best. I really liked a film she did with Sam Rockwell called Mr Right. It’s weird but I just found it hilarious. Also, Pitch Perfect is just hilarious, a film I rewatch constantly. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious which she’s done I really enjoyed End of Watch even though she’s not really the star in that.

    Anyway, onto the book. I ended up getting this at Christmas after it was released and I really enjoyed it. Her humour comes through in the book perfectly. Sure, the timeline jumped a bit but I kind of liked that as it gave the book a more casual tone like she was chatting and jumping all over the place as she remembers stuff.

  • Michelle

    I loved her in Into the Woods! She played Cinderella, and I thought did a really good job with the role — man, that girl can SING! I really liked HER in Pitch Perfect, even if there were aspects of that movie I didn’t really like.

  • I love Anna Kendrick! This is so on my TBR list and I’m wondering if the timeline jumping around will bother me. I guess I’ll see when I finally get around to this. Thanks for the review!

  • Interesting! I have yet to read any actor memoirs (besides Tina Fey) but I did order Anna’s for the same reasons you were hoping for. I haven’t gotten to it yet but I’m hoping to soon! I also want to read Mindy Kaling’s first book and Lauren Grahams!

  • I’m not big on non-fiction either, but I do enjoy a good memoir – I may have to snag this from the library. And I completely agree Nereyda: some people go through absolute hell to chase their career goals and it mystifies me!

  • I love Anna! I’ve been meaning to get this audiobook. It sounds really fun. I never really understand why people want to be actors either!