February Bullet Journal Spreads

 I haven’t done a bullet journal post in a while, but I still use it every day (except for when I was really sick). I’ve been wanting to show a full month in my journal so I thought now would be the perfect time to show you my layout for February. I usually use more pages for a month but I’m nearing the end of my current journal and I’m trying to make sure I have enough pages until I get my next journal so I’ve been condensing a few pages. I’ve also been simplifying my layouts a lot and when I start my next journal, I want it more minimalist, with a lot of gray and black and a few accents of color here and there.


(apologies for the light teal color, it looks great on paper but not good on camera)
I love this monthly bullet journal layout and decided to add two rows for this month, one for personal stuff and events like birthdays, appointments and bills due and another one for blog stuff. I really liked this layout and copied it for my March monthly overview. For the next page, I added a tracker for the books I read in February. I filled out the books with the title and colored them in as I finished them, although I just realized I forgot to fill in the last few. I saw a layout for this type of tracker on Pinterest and wanted to try it to track things like when I did a blog post, when I worked out, when I read, when I washed my face at night and my mood for the day. I have a key for my moods on the bottom of the left page. I liked this layout okay, the book boxes were a bit small and although I love the way the mini calendars look, my usual habit tracker is much faster to do.


I normally do a horizontal layout for my sleep and habit tracker but wanted to try out this new vertical layout for both and I really liked it. As you can see, I started my tracking in the middle of the month because I was really sick in the beginning of the month (sick most of the month but it was worst the first few weeks) and I didn’t bother to track anything. I kept with the pink and teal color scheme and I also tried out watercolors on the left page but made the mistake of trying to erase pencils marks (below the watercolors) which made it smear. Oh well.

 This is my first official weekly layout for February since I didn’t use my journal in the first few weeks.  As you can see, my weekly layout on the left is much more simple than what I used to do and I love it. On the right, I combined my meal tracker, water intake and workouts for the week on one page. Since you can’t see the teal color that well on camera, I simply draw a water drop in each square for each glass of water I drink that day.  As you can see, I’m terrible at drinking water, I hate water and I hate having to pee every 5 minutes when I do drink water. But that is something I am constantly trying to get better. This was the week I started feeling a little bit better so I eased in the workouts in the middle of the month by doing pilates and yoga.

 This is my last official page for February, since the month ends on a Tuesday, I added the last week to my March weekly layout. This was when I got my new fountain pen and all I wanted to do was write with it so I kind of ignored my color scheme and just used the pink ink. I also wanted to practice my cursive so I’ve been writing in cursive a lot, it’s gotten better since this. I changed my weekly layout to match the page on the right…and I wasn’t a fan. The spaces were so small, it was hard to fit stuff in. I didn’t even want to write in what I would normally write in because I knew I wouldn’t have space. On the right, I kept the meal, water, workout tracker but changed the meal tracking section a bit. I added 4 rows instead of 3 squares. I have a B, L, D, S on each line to track my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the day.

As you can see, sometimes a layout doesn’t work for me but that’s part of what I like about bullet journaling. I can try new layouts (cause I get bored easily) and keep what I like, improve on things I liked but need a few tweaks and move on from layouts I don’t like. As of right now, my current journal will last me 7 or 8 months. I’m waiting on the silver limited edition journal to come out and as soon as it does, that baby is mine. I’m really excited to start my next journal but I love my first journal. Even with all of my mistakes.

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That’s it for my February bullet journal layouts, anyone give bullet journaling a shot yet? Let me know in the comments!

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