My Favorite Concealers & How I Deal With Stubborn Dark Circles

 I’ve always had some pretty intense under eye dark circles, which has always been an insecurity of mine. Since I’m so pale, I feel like they are even more noticeable on me. As a kid, I was so pale and my hair was blond and my eyebrows were so light they might as well be non-existent and it always made me look like I was sick. People used to always ask my parents, even strangers if I was sick. When I got old enough to wear makeup, I was so excited to use concealer because I thought I could finally cover up my dark circles. I was wrong. NO matter what shade of concealer I used or how light I would go, the concealer would always make my dark circles look ashy and gray and even worse. I finally gave up on concealer and it wasn’t until about 2 years ago when I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube that I realized what my problem was. If I really wanted to cover up my dark circles, I had to color correct first. Depending on your dark circles and their color (some have a blue tone, purple tone, etc)  and the color of your skin, you have to color correct your dark circles by cancelling them out.

My dark circles have a blue/purple tone to them so I need a peachy color corrector. I’ve seen people with darker skin use orange or red concealer to cover up their dark circles and it looks crazy but it works. Once you color correct, then you can apply concealer. Here are my favorite color correctors and concealers.

My Favorite Color Correctors:

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer – $24
This is like magic in a tube! This color correcting concealer is amazing because it color corrects and conceals in one step. This concealer is really thick and definitely full coverage so make sure to set it with powder to prevent creasing. It’s also waterproof if that is something important. The Light shade is way too light for me surprisingly so I use the medium shade, which is their most popular shade. The full size tube is $24, but I buy the trial size tube at Ulta for only $10 and it last me 2-3 months since I only need the smallest amount. I only use this on my under eyes and my chin to cover up my redness. This concealer and this brand in general are sooo good!

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector $30

This was the first color corrector product I bought and eve though it’s really pricey, I liked it. This is more of a color corrector and brightener for your under eyes so you will still need to apply concealer after this step. I don’t particularly like layering on that many products under my eyes so while this definitely does the job, I prefer the It Cosmetics one. I still really like this product and they have color correctors in orange and red too if you need something else for your skin tone.

Wet n’ Wild Mega Cushion Color Corrector – Peach – $5.99
For a more affordable color correcting option, this Mega Cushion from Wet n’ Wild is a great option. They have a few color options but I have the peach one. I use a damn beauty blender or brush to apply this (as I do for all the others) and it does such a good job at color correcting my dark circles. Since this is just a color corrector, I also have to use a concealer after this step. My only problem with this product is that I don’t know how well it would work on darker skin tones. If you’re looking for affordable color correcting options, ELF and Nyx have really great products. Maybelline and L’oreal have some products to color correct too.

My Favorite Concealers:

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – $6.49
I don’t really know what it is about this concealer but I just freaking love it. It’s light and doesn’t get cakey but it provides such a natural coverage. When I don’t want to go through the hassle of color correcting my dark circles, I just use this on my under eyes, my chin and on my eye lids (I use it on my eyelids every day either way because it makes your eyeshadow go on nicer and stay longer, just don’t forget to add some powder on your lids after you apply the concealer). Most days, I just use this and some light powder all over my face and call it a day as my base.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer – $8.99
This claims to be a concealer and color corrector and although it does an okay job at correcting (maybe my dark circles are just too intense) I like this more as a concealer. It’s like the Fit Me concealer, it provides a very natural coverage without looking cakey. I’ve also heard some great things about the Better Skin foundation and powder from Maybelline.

Maybelline Master Conceal – Conceal & Camouflage – $8.99
If you like a more heavy duty or full coverage concealer, then this one is for you. This one will cover freaking anything! This has a more thicker consistancy but it still doesn’t look cakey on your skin. I love the entire ‘Master’ collection from Maybelline.

Don’t Forget To Set Your Under Eyes!
Unless you’re extremely lucky, chances are if you don’t set your concealer, your under eyes will crease. Make you to set your under eyes with some light powder to set it and prevent smudging and creasing. I just use a brush (you can also use a sponge) and dust some loose or pressed powder under your eyes to set it and you’re done!

Have you used any of these products? What are your favorite concealers or color correctors? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Ari

    The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer is one of my favorites as well. That sucker covers everything and I don’t even have to use foundation afterwards. I didn’t know that Ulta had trial sizes! I totally have to look out for them next time I go because the larger size last a really long time and the trial size sounds like a better option.

  • I don’t really use concealer. Since I only wear powder or a BB cream, I use a foundation as a concealer since it does a great job. But as I mentioned on another post of yours, I’ve been getting more into make up so I’ve been wanting to get a concealer. This helps a lot!

  • Very helpful tips. I always struggle with concealers because I don’t know how to blend it in with my foundation. Got any tips for that? Lol.

  • I love IT Cosmetics so much! I currently use the Maybelline Fit Me and I’ve already gone through one tube, it is incredible and stays on all day. I always forget to set my undereyes actually and wonder later why my makeup is smudged lol.

  • You know my under eyes circles are insane. I remember getting told I always looked tired as a kid (luckily I managed to avoid the ill comments as I have such rosy cheeks. It’s something I am reasonably paranoid about even though people say it’s not that bad. I will definitely try out your suggestions. I’m normally too lazy for colour correction and mostly embrace the fact I have massive glasses that sort of hide my dark circles because the glasses are more noticeable (the art of distraction is awesome sometimes). I’ve eyed up the Maybelline Fit Me range before and not actually bought it. I may have to change my mind, I do need a new concealer after all. And high street make up is cheap enough that if I hate it I don’t feel too much guilt getting rid of it.

  • I don’t have bad dark circles but I have some hyper-pigmentation from old acne scars, so concealer is my friend. I’m convinced that Maybelline Fit Me is basically a dupe for Nars Creamy Concealer, which explains why it’s so awesome. 😂

  • As you know I love IT products, so I use Bye Bye Under Eye. I always have dark circles, it doesn’t matter it I sleep or not. Bye Bye is amazing and covers other imperfections (like pimples or red spots) really well too.