48 Book Tropes & Ideas That I Am Weak For

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today’s post is inspired by Sil & Sue, who I know from Twitter and who are two fabulous people you should probably follow for awesome book recs. Last week, they asked Twitter what some of our favorite book tropes/romance kinks were, and basically my mind was buzzing with all the ideas. Since I was too lazy to actually tweet my entire list, I thought I’d make a post out of it!

Book Tropes That I Love And Would Love To See More Of

  1. Romances that take place over letters, emails and texts.
  2. Fake-dating/marriage
  3. Hate-to-love chemistry
  4. Romances that rely heavily on subtle, but charged touches, and glances
  5. Grumpy heroes who are softened by heroines
  6. Grumpy heroes who are annoyed by perky heroines, but 5 seconds later can’t stop thinking about her
  7. Consent, safe-sex and discussions of expectations of sex
  8. Couples that talk instead of running away from each other
  9. Characters who are in STEM fields
  10. Couples that talk nerdy to each other
  11. Heroes with glasses
  12. Guy sees heroine in a pretty dress and can’t take his eyes off her
  13. Airport engagements
  14. Forbidden love
  15. Books where kisses are as hot as the sexy times
  16. The girl initiates the first kiss and the guy freezes for like a second, but then greedily responds
  17. Couple has pets that also fall in love with each other
  18. Office sex romances
  19. Age-gap romances
  20. When a couple who aren’t in love yet are forced to share a bed, and they start the night at each edge, but then by morning they are all tangled in each others arms
  21. Forehead kisses
  22. When a couple falls on each other and they can’t stop staring at each other
  23. Hero who winks at significant other all the time
  24. Hero who loves family more than anything
  25. Bad boys who are actually just giant bears on the inside
  26. Feminist heroes
  27. Lots and lots of banter
  28. Positive female friendships
  29. Characters who speak out against slut-shaming
  30. Road trips
  31. Fantasy set in anywhere other than the generic European setting
  32. YA books with no love triangles
  33. Books set anywhere other than the US
  34. Books that explore religion without being preachy
  35. Books with great family dynamics
  36. Happily Ever Afters
  37. Animal side-kicks
  38. Mulan, Pocahontas & Anastasia Retellings
  39. Description of food, especially baked goods
  40. Non-white characters
  41. Fantasy that don’t describe POC as “savages”
  42. Island settings
  43. Chubby main characters who find love
  44. Exploration of disability
  45. Portrayal of the Deaf community and culture
  46. Dragons
  47. Lady pirates!
  48. Books with tons of diversity a.k.a anything that’s representatives of the real world

OK well, judging by this list, I’m obviously very much obsessed with romance. No regrets!

Are any of these tropes favorites of yours? What are some of your favorite tropes/ideas not in the list above?
Let me know in the comments below!

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