4 YA Books You Should Pre-Order ASAP

Happy Saturday everyone!

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of books that don’t release for a while, which also means I won’t write full reviews for them until closer to release date. BUT, there are some books that I can’t stop thinking about and that I want to shout out my love for at the top of my lungs. So I’ve decided that I’ll be occasionally posting quick mini pre-release reviews so that I can either put these books on your radar, or convince you to pre-order them. These four books that I’m featuring today were all outstanding reads, and I hope you’ll consider buying them or already putting holds on them at your library.

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon


When Dimple Met RishiSo this book. THIS BOOK. When I first held the book in my hands I actually cried a little because I had an emotional moment to seeing a brown Southeast Asian girl on a YA cover. I didn’t wait very long to pick it up, and I’m thrilled because this book is easily one of my favorites of the year! Here are some of my quick thoughts on When Dimple Met Rishi:

-Dimple is a terrific heroine. She’s smart, level headed and so passionate. As a daughter of South Asian immigrants, I saw so much of myself in her, especially her thoughts of not really fitting in anywhere.

In all seriousness, I NEED more nice boys like Rishi in my books. He was sweet and charming and just the greatest. And I loooove that he was the more romantic one out of the two. The boy made me swoon so hard!

– I love the incorporation of Indian culture and I totally adored the homage to the Bollywood movies.

-The ship is one of the shippiest ships of all time. These two dorkballs were EVERYTHING. There were so many swoony kisses and so many shippy moments! I can’t stop and won’t stop flailing over them!

-When Dimple Met Rishi was also very sex positive YA, that discussed the expectations that culture poses on you v/s what you want in a very thoughtful way.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett


Alex, ApproximatelyAlex, Approximately was yet another book I was ridiculously excited about, so I didn’t hesitate to jump into the book as soon as I received a copy. Yet again, Jenn Bennett, a favorite author, has proven just how talented she is. If you enjoyed The Anatomical Shape of a Heart/Night Owls, then you’re in for another amazing book by this wonderful author. Here are some things you can expect to find from this book:

– A heroine whose voice just works in every way. Bailey was a lovely character and I saw so much of myself in here.

-An awesome girl friendship  between Bailey and Grace, who seriously were the best together.

– An OTP that squeezed my heart and made me swoon so hard. Seriously, I am melting just thinking about them!

– THE BOY – ohmygoodnesswherecanifindaPorter????? – I’m going to let you discover more of him on your own. 😉

– A super sex positive YA and there’s an even a scene with girl masturbation – teens need to see this more in YA to show them that there’s nothing wrong or sinful in pleasuring oneself.

– A really great father-daughter bond

– A lovely beachsetting and quirky museum

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer


Letters to the LostI’ve been a huge fan of Brigid Kemmerer’s books for a while now, but I have to say reading Letters to the Lost was a whole other experience for me. I was engrossed in Juliet and Declan’s story from start to finish. THIS is exactly the kind of YA contemporary that I love reading, with the perfect dash of angst and romance, written so so well.

Here’s what you can expect from Letters to the Lost:

– Gorgeously fleshed-out characters – both Juliet and Declan had voices that held me hooked to the story from start to finish. Their stories are full of grief, but also lots of hope.

– Side characters and friends that were just as developed as the protagonists. I particularly loved Rev and his friendship with Declan. Side-note, Brigid Kemmerer is writing his book too!

-A love story that will squeeze your heart and that develops through letters. I’m a sucker for letters in books or romances that start off as penpals and here, it was quite possibly the best aspect of the story.

-Complex and very real  family dynamics.

-Tears. Lots of em.

Changes in Latitudes by Jen Malone


Changes in LatitudesI discovered Jen Malone through her book, Wanderlost, last year and I fell hopelessly in love with her writing and her swoony book boy. Like all of the previously mentioned books, Changes in Latitudes was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017 and it lived up to all my expectations. Once more, Jen Malone has written a charming story with a lot of heart.

Here are some points that might convince you to buy the book:

– Cassie was very very relateable as a teen. She’s angry at a lot of things and I thought that would make it difficult to connect with her at first, but there was something that about her anger that I found realistic. I think why it works here is because you see why she’s angry and you understand why she’s angry and at the same time, if you were in her place, you would also be angry. She’s dealing with a lot of changes in life, and this is the story of her adjusting to these changes and learning to accept them.

– Changes in Latitudes was another terrific story with very complex family dynamics. I was particularly fond of Cassie’s relationship with her mother. There were ups and lots of downs, and Jen Malone did a great job at writing this mother-daughter bond.

– The boyyyyyyy! OMGGGGG! He charmed me from the very first meeting and the more the story progressed, the more obsessed I became with him. Jonah was the sweetest and the swooniest. And as expected, the romance was just wonderful with a lots of swoony moments and delicious kisses!

– An ocean trip with lots of descriptions of sights and scenes and even a meeting with some fun dolphins.

Have I convinced you to read any of these books? Which book are you most looking forward to?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Nice ones 🙂

  • I am so excited for When Dimple Met Rishi! It sounds like such a great and cute story 🙂

    • It’s wonderful! 🙂

  • I am so pumped for When DImple Met Rishi, Alex, Approximately and Changes in Latitudes!! I am so glad you loved them!

    • You’re going to love them, Grace!

  • Three out of four are already on my radar. Netgalley ignoring my requests for Dimple/Rishi but I will order. Already ordered Alex. And I think I have an ARC of L to the L. Wasn’t a huge Wanderlost fan so I’ll wait to see what you think of C in L….

    • That’s awesome! You’ve got some great books waiting for you. 🙂

  • I’m so pumped for Alex, Approximately and When Dimple Met Rishi! Your review only makes me more excited for them!

    • I’m glad to hear that, Tasya! I hope you enjoy them.

  • Keira

    I loved Night Owls so I hope Alex, Approximately is just as good and When Dimple Met Rishi is definitely one I’m looking for!

    • I think you will love Alex since you liked Night Owls! 🙂

  • OMG. I KNOWWWWW. I want these books so badly I can taste it. LOL. I tried requesting Letters but I got declined. *sobs* I guess I’ll just have to wait for their release dates.

    • UGH WHY. You deserve this book!

  • Wonderful post, Nick! I have
    first three books on my tbr-list, I especially looking forward to read Letters
    to the Lost. I haven’t heard about Changes in Latitudes, thanks for putting it
    on my radar. I added it.

    • I hope you’ll enjoy them!

  • Three of these are already on my TBR, and I will probably be adding a fourth after reading your review. 🙂 I’ve been hearing nothing but incredible things about When Dimple Met Rishi– I need to get my hands on it ASAP! And all three other books sound like fantastic contemporaries. Awesome list, Nick!

    • Dimple is so amazing. I’m really excited to see all the buzz for it. 🙂

  • Angel @Angel Reads

    Basically I need all these books haha. Letters for the Lost doesn’t come out till April here, so I am trying to hold off just a little bit longer – don’t know how much more I can take it. Thanks for this post Nick!

    • I couldn’t wait lol! I HAD to read it!

  • Wow, 4 YA 5 star books from you, gives me hope for the genre! I have 3 of these so that’s a great start. I know what I’ll be reading soon 🙂

    • These were the books I were telling you about! A+ to all of them!

  • Well Dimple met Rishi was already on my radar, but I had no idea there was a new Jenn Bennet due.

    • Yes, it’s out in early April! 🙂

  • Ahhh these all sound so great! I’m especially excited about all the sex-positivity in When Dimple Met Rishi and Alex, Approximately. It’s kind of messed up that books like Judy Blume’s “Forever” (published 1975) is more sex positive than the average modern YA book, you know?

    • I agree! More books need to be sex positive. I’m so excited for you to read Dimple & Alex, Danya!

  • These all sound fantastic….I have heard some great things about Jenn Bennett.

    • She is amazing!


    Okay so you know my feelings about When Dimple Met Rishi… all the love to those characters! <3 <3
    I also enjoyed Letters to the Lost much more than I expected. It's a 4 stars for me, but only because I kind of wished for more romantic progression? But sigh, the exploration of grief was really quite well-written and the characters – and their mistakes – so easy to relate to.

    I ADOREDDDD The Anatomical Shape of a Heart so of course I'm eagerly waiting for Approximately Alex. 😀 Jenn Bennett is an author after my own heart.

    I wasn't as big of a fan of Wanderlost by Jen Malone (I do recall a 2.5/3 stars? Just believability issues I guess and I didn't find the romance as charming as I thought it would) but I'm still picking up Changes in Latitude. It still seems really light, fun, sweet, and contains a great exploration of family dynamics.

    You know I'll follow every contemporary you read Nick 😉 Can't wait for these books to come out!
    – Aila @ Happy Indulgence

    • When I finished Letters, I did wish it had more romance, but I also felt like too much romance would have felt out of place given all the angst?
      I’m excited for you to read Alex! The boy is amazing.
      And hmm… if you didn’t like Wanderlost, I’m unsure if I want to rec this, but if you have a copy, I say give it a try. 🙂

  • Nick, you know I complain every time you tell us to read something? I’m gonna be doing that again. I now have 3 more books on my TBR list… well, that’s a lie. All of these books are on my to buy list already, but I now have to move them up the list.

    They all sound awesome, you’ve also reminded me I’ve still not read Wanderlost, so that’s got to be remedied as well. I just wish you weren’t telling me to read them when they’re not even out yet! How cruel.

    • I’ve come to expect that every time I post a positive review, Becky. LOL! Still makes me smile every time you do!
      I KNOW. I SUCK for doing it. I absolutely hate writing reviews so early, but I’m hoping these mini pseudo reviews will get readers to pre-order if they haven’t yet.

  • I can’t wait to start Letters to the Lost!!! OMG I’m so excited for Jenn Bennett’s book! I need it in my life. I was eh on Changes in Latitude but I guess I misjudged it hard and now I want to read it. Lovely reviews!!
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

    • I hope you like Letters and Jenn’s book! You should add it to your TBR. Changes has the best boy ever!

  • Ooh I so can’t wait to get to When Dimple Met Rishi!!! I hope to read it during my flight to Mexico. It sounds like the perfect book to pass the time. And I also love that the summary mentions Rishi being more romantic!! xD

    ~Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

  • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    Ummmm I need ALL of these books asap!! I have When Dimple Met Rishi and Alex Approximately preordered ( I looooved TASOAH) and requested the others at my library. Looks like there are a lot of awesome contemps on the horizon 😀 Yay for good ships!!! And great characters.

  • WOW Nick, I NEED THESE! Good news? I have them alllllllll! Which is really quite exciting. Bad news, I have to sloth through a few review books that are not really keeping my interest. I was going to say I was looking forward to When Dimple Met Rishi the most but… it’s a tough call, because they are all books I am really anticipating- and now even more so! GAH you have me so excited to read these- ALL 5 stars?! Seriously, this is exciting!

  • kindlemom1

    Absolutely loved Letter to the Lost! Like, seriously loved it!

  • I have all of these and I’m so excited to read them!! I’m hoping to read Letters to the Lost next month.

  • All four of these are on my TBR!! I’m hoping to start Alex, Approximately first, simply because I adore Jenn Bennett and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book. But the others are also on my READ RIGHT NOW list, so I’m so excited to see you adored every single one of them! 🙂

  • Totally agreeee! The only I haven’t read is Changes in Latitudes and Danielle just sent me her copy. I loved the other three. I think Letters to the Lost didn’t hit me as hard as other early readers so far, but I still really enjoyed it!