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Like most readers, I am drawn to beautiful and eye catching book covers. I mean, ulmimately I care more about what’s on the inside of the book more than the outside cover, but no lie, it’s a pretty cover that puts most books on my radar in the first place. I have sadly been disappointed by many books with pretty covers but I’ve also found some real gems that have book covers that I normally wouldn’t have paid attention to. Since so many people showcase pretty covers all the time, I thought it would be a fun change to feature some of my favorite books that have ugly or not so pretty covers.

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, #1) Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2) Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid, #3) Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid, #4) Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid, #5) Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, #6)
This is hands down my favorite series EVER… but man oh man are these covers so ugly! I first read these only because I was on a Vampire Academy high and I needed more Mead. This series blew me away in a way that I wasn’t expecting and a way that has kind of consumed me. I have print copies of this series for my bookshelfs even though they are so ugly. They are even on my ‘favorites’ shelf. That’s how much I love this series. πŸ™‚

Forever, Interrupted After I Do
These books are emotional and depressing and beautiful in a way I can’t even begin to describe. Luckily, the inside is so amazing that it kind of makes you forget all about those odd covers. I just recently noticed last month that those were pillows on the cover of Forever, Interrupted. If you haven’t read these books, do so right away!

The Hook Up (Game On, #1) The Hook Up (Game On, #1)
I can’t tell which of these covers is worse… I’m gonna go with the second one. I hate book covers with half naked guys. It doesn’t matter because I freaking love this book so much, one of my favorite NA books. Luckily I have this one in ebook so I can ignore the horrible covers. If you want a good NA that isn’t all sex and over the top drama, and the best first kiss I’ve ever read, try The Hook Up!
The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #1) The Revolution of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #2)
These are so not my kind of books and the cover did nothing for me. The part of the MC planning to kill her husband did though so I gave this a chance and it’s one of my favorite series. So underrated…unfortunatly it may be because of those cheesy covers. I don’t know what it is but the white puts me off and the font and it’s just all wrong together. This is such a great dystopian series and everyone should read it. Great MC, great love interest and such a good romance!
Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1)
Urban Fantasy covers are often so bad…this may be the worst I’ve seen. I ignored this one because that cover was so cheesy but Nick read it and convinced me to read it and it was so good. Sadly, the cover for book 2 is just as bad, but I’ll be reading it anyway…if it ever gets released.
Remembering Joy (Joy, #1) Finding Joy (Joy, #2)
Sadly, not a lot of people know about this series, which is a shame because it’s so good. I’m not sure if this classifies as NA, but I don’t even care because it’s a damn good love story that started on revenge. The covers aren’t the best, but the inside is soo good!
Rule (Marked Men, #1)
I don’t know what I hate most about this cover. The odd cover size, the horrible font, the not cute guy, the bars at the top and bottom? I’m gonna go with the odd cover size. This is one of those NA books that is so dramatic and over the top… but I just love it anyway.
Slammed (Slammed, #1) Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2)
I forgot how much I loved these books, these were my first Hoover books I read (back when she didn’t annoy me and I liked her books) and they were both amazing and addicting. The covers are… interesting. They don’t look like YA or NA covers…more like textbook covers? But the stories and characters make up for them. I do believe these have new and improved covers but these still haunt me.
Stir Me Up
It’s Daemon and Katy! I don’t care what book cover they are on, what characters they are supposed to be, or what their real names are. I will always see Daemon and Katy when I see these two on a cover. I was so annoyed when I saw these people on yet another cover, but I ended up reading the book anyway and loved it. Another underrated YA contemporary.
Separate Beds
Nothing about this cover makes me want to pick it up… somehow I did when I found it at a used book store and it’s on my top 10 list of favorite books. This one is an oldie but goodie romance that gets to me every time I read it.
The Smell of Other People's Houses
This cover is as odd as the book title. I was sent a copy and after a few friends loved it I thought I would give it a try. Such an emotional and fierce book, I feel like it deserves a better cover and maybe a better name. A great coming of age story that will always be known to me as Smelly Houses.
The Hating Game Manhunting Bet Me Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys, #1) It Must Be Love Truly Madly Yours (Truly, Idaho, #1) Knock Me Off My Feet The Kept Woman
Any cover with cartoony characters on the cover because they look so 90’s and so cheesy. But these are some of my absolute favorite books. Do yourself a favor and check out any or all of the books above for fun and sexy romances.

Which books with ugly covers do you love? Have you read any on my list? Make sure to let me know in the comments!


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  • You made a great list because I agree, these covers are all awful πŸ™ I’m very shallow when it comes to choosing my next read, I rarely ever choose book with ugly cover no matter how intriguing the synopsis sounds. Buuuut this happens a lot to me with NA fiction. All NA fictions I read and love have topless guys on the cover and some of the guys are even too muscular. Like, wayyy too muscular. But I actually love the story haha and luckily, I never buy them in paperback, just like you, so I don’t have to feel self-conscious reading them in public.

    Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    • I especially hate when the half naked dudes are all oiled up. It’s like really? it wasn’t bad enough already now you have to oil them??? Thanks goodness for my kindle!

  • I have the first Succubi but man ugly!

  • I’ve actually avoided those Richelle Mead books BECAUSE of those covers. I loved Vampire Academy, but maaaaaaaan, those covers made them so unappealing to me – this sounds super judgemental, but I didn’t want everyone knowing I was reading a book with covers like that >.< Books with awkward/bad/unappealing covers make me happy that Kindles exist!

    • Haha, you should totally check those books out in ebook form. I bought the print copies but the covers are so bad I ended up getting the ebooks…and audiobooks for those.

  • I kind of love the cover TJR books!! They are delightfully weird to me. I agree on most of the rest though. The cover for The Hating Game totally put me off. Thank goodness it got so many good reviews I picked it up!! Really fun post!

    • I don’t hate the TJR covers, but if I didn’t know how good her books are I would never pick them up based on the cover alone.

  • Poor Richelle Mead. She’s cursed by the cover gods.
    I actually like the cartoony covers because people could never guess I was reading romance novels! I agree a lot about Ivy though. Those books need a makeover! And Burn for Me! Haha! Did I tell you that the authors think they are horrible too and they are always making fun of it? I NEED BOOK 2 ALREADY! It’s definitely coming, it just got delayed!

    • You would think they made sure Mead has good covers right?
      That’s good that the authors know their covers are bad, I always feel bad for authors that have bad covers, I feel like most are in denial of them haha.

  • For some reason, all urban fantasy covers sucked in the 2000s. Pubs only threw images of badass women on them…usually with some kind of weapon

    I also hate books that have bulging muscles on the cover.

    • I think the only urban fantasy book covers I like are the Chicagoland books. Merit looks like a badass on all of them πŸ™‚

  • I acutally like the cover for The Hating Game. I haven’t read the book, though. I do understand what you mean about drawn characters on covers. They do have the potential to look dated. I don’t feel that way about The Hating Game, but definitely those Rachel Gibson books.

  • I really dislike the title of The Smell of Other People’s Houses. It reminds me of walking up an apartment building’s stairs and smelling everyone’s gross food smells coming out of their apartments. JUST, YUCK!! The Book of Ivy covers are pretty bad and probably the main reason I’ve never even given them a second thought. And Chick Lit books are required to have terrible covers, didn’t you know?? πŸ™‚

    • The cover and title of smelly houses doesn’t do the book any favors. And Ivy has such bad covers but the books are so good!

  • Maggie Hasbrouck

    I kind of like the cheesy 90’s kind of covers, but I’m with you all the way on the half naked guys.

    • I prefer the 90’s covers over the ones with half naked dudes on them!

  • Jasprit

    I like this different take on book covers Nereyda, a lot of posts only do cover all the pretty covers, but like you said you can find a gem of a book in the most awful of covers. This is definitely how I felt about Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book, but inside her work is just so beautiful! I also got sick of seeing Daemon and Katy everywhere, that I didn’t even give a lot of the books they were on a go because of that. And I’m off to see what The Hook Up is about, hopefully it’ll be another book that can fuel my current NA obsession!

    • I saw a cover a few weeks ago with Daemon and Katy and I was like for reals? Are we still with this?

  • Ari

    I totally agree with you on the cartoony character on the covers because they do look cheesy. Which is exactly why I passed on requesting The Hating Game in the first place. I almost missed out on a cute romance because of the cheesy cover. Same goes for Bet Me. If my friend hadn’t kept pushing me to read it, I probably wouldn’t have read it. I wish they would do away with this trend. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    • That is exactly why I passed on The Hating Game too, publishers should know we readers judge books by their covers!

  • Great post. I feel the same way about Mead’s series. I love VA and went right into her succubus series but the covers were lacking. Not that VA was any better though. The worst one, in my opinion, is Succubus Heat. The angle of the photo of that poor girl is horrible. She looks like a zombie or something. So not a fan of that one.

    • I think Succubus Blue is the worst, but the others come in close second. Succubus On Top is the most decent of the covers, I think the girl is different too, which is weird since the other girl is on all the other 5 covers…

  • HAHA okay, I’m really glad you included Burn For Me because it’s one of my favourite UF/paranormal romances of the past few years, but it’s cover is horrible. Most of Ilona Andrews’ covers are bad, sadly. The White Hot cover was just redesigned and it’s…yeah. Similarly bad. But surely the book will be great! πŸ™‚

    • Why redesign a cover only to make it equally bad? I have to look it up and get ready for the cringe πŸ™‚

  • Yep totally agree. I hated the cover for Burn for Me. I even noted it in my review. I also don’t like the Georgia Kincaid covers. The Slammed and Point of No Retreat covers are terrible too. I am also not a fan of the Hating Game cover but I loved the book. Great post.

    • Burn For Me and Georgina are the worst I think, shame since the books are so good!

  • I LOVED Burn For Me, such a good book. I am not a fan of cartoony covers at all!!! Its probably why I haven’t read The Hating Game, even though I am pretty sure I will love it hehe I agree about the Hook Up (Great book), and even though I like my half naked men, that cover just doesn’t work right at all. The Richelle Mead series there—the covers are just awful. But I will have to look into the series if you love the books so much. Although some of those indie book covers are just horrid. I do love a pretty cover though. So especially when it comes to books I love, it hard to see a cover that just doesn’t work, or the author doesn’t make sure the cover is attractive. Great post here!!!

    • Cartoony covers don’t do anything for me either but usually the books are good so I have to stop hating on them. Ay The Hook Up covers are just bad.
      Georgina Kincaid is such and amazing series, such a shame that the covers are so awful.

  • Lol, yeah Succubus and Hoover’s series you mentioned do need make overs.

    • The Slammed books got makeovers a few while back, but I will always remember these ugly covers.

  • Oooh some of those covers are SO bad. I actually adore the cover of Smelly Houses, but that could just be me πŸ˜‰ Totally agree about Ivy though, the covers are cringe-worthy but the books are awesome! And those Richelle Mead covers give me a case of the sads. I feel like she may have pissed off the cover gods at some point in her life, because she has had a LOT of unfortunate ones and only a few good ones. Slammed and PoR are so bad. SO. BAD. And yeah, every other cover on this list, I am 100% with you on their suckiness. I LOVE this post, Nereyda! Covers are FUN- even the bad ones πŸ˜‰

    • Poor Ivy, that series is so good but the covers are fugly…
      Richelle Mead does seem to get stuck with ugly covers, such a shame. You would think Penguin would give her decent covers!

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm, question for you then. πŸ˜€ So you don’t like covers with half-naked dudes… which set of covers do you hate (or maybe you like them?) more, the new or old ones, for The Deal/The Mistake, etc.? Personally I haaaaaate the new covers, they are so cheesy. πŸ˜‰

    A book that I LOVED but hated the cover – The Winter King by C.L. Wilson. The cover was so off-putting but the synopsis sounded amazing, and, well, I’m glad I went for it, because it’s still one of my favorite adult romance novels (if not my favorite). *wonders if she can reread it right now….*

    Great post, Nereyda! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Answer: I don’t like either of the covers haha. The new ones look like womens fiction and they are just boring and cheesy. But man the laf naked covers annoy me so much too. Good thing I have the ebooks πŸ™‚

  • This is awesome, I literally have a post sitting in my drafts with the same EXACT title hahah. I also have one that’s “best covers of books I hated” too! I actually love the TJR covers here for some reason. Maybe because they’re simple and ordinary, and she does a good job of integrating daily life into this life-changing situations? (Wow clearly I’m reading into those plain covers a LOT).

    Great post! I’ll have to get myself moving on my draft too πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I hacked into your blog and stole your idea haha.
      Kidding aside, I do believe I got the idea from your post. I would love to see your post on it!
      I never thought of TJR that way but that totally makes sense.

  • The Georgina Kincaid covers are NOT my favorite but those books are fantastic! I actually don’t mind the cover of The Smell of Other People’s Houses, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen worse. Haha! I laughed out loud when you said “Katy and Daemon!” Haha! I really enjoyed Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels but the cover is not great!

    • Ah Georgie, poor Georgie and poor Richelle Mead for getting stuck with fugly covers…
      Smelly Houses looks like a fiction book set in alaska, something I would never read.
      Ah yes, I have seen that cover and it’s no bueno…

  • Ugh, there are so many books I love with embarrassing covers (like totally awful covers). I mean, I have a lot of feelings about Burn For Me and White Hot and their absolutely shocking covers that don’t do the books justice (I’m guessing on the second book as it’s hopefully out next year). I have been put of reading The Hook Up by the cringe worthy cover as well. It was awful! Maybe I need to change my mind and invest in the ebooks. I just think romance covers in general can be pretty cringe worthy. You’d think they’d make them more attractive rather than just selling sex on the cover when they are so much more than that.

    • Burn For Me is…yikes! And The Hook Up is just cringe worthy too. Luckily the books make up for the ugly covers πŸ™‚

  • Oh, I love posts about covers. I have favorite books with awful covers too; I actually had a similar post on my blog. As a visual person I often pick up books based on their covers. There were books that I passed because I didn’t like their covers only to find out later that all of my friends loved them. I wrote a post about it in my Cover Talk Feature. I feel the same way about covers featuring cartoony characters.

    I actually like covers for After I Do and Forever Interrupted. And I love the cover for The Smell of Other People’s Houses! Well, I guess we all have our own preferences.

    • I don’t hate those covers as much as the others, but I would have never picked them up on the cover alone.

  • Jazmen

    Sometimes, covers can be really cheesy, or just down right ugly. I haven’t read most of these but I’ll be doing my best to ignore the covers. πŸ˜›

  • Chrystal M

    I agree with the TJR book covers. They are terrible, but I’ve heard great things go about the books.

  • Eva

    oh man, totally agree with you re: ALL of these (except The Smell of Other People’s Houses). Especially Georgina’s and all the cartoon covers. Plus both Hook-Up covers UGH! I feel the same re: The Deal and that whole series plus all of the new covers. SO BAD!!!!!!!