Our Co-Blogging Experience & How You Might Be Able To Make It Work For You

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Lets Talk

When I (Nereyda) first started blogging, one of the very first bloggers I remember following is Nick. Almost 5 years later, I never thought that Nick and I would become such great friends, much less co-bloggers.  My first memory of Nick was a book haul post where she mentioned that she was auto -approved by Harper Teen on Edelweiss and I was like ‘whaaaaaat? this is possible???’ I started checking her blog regularly to see what she was doing that got her on the auto-approve list. To this day, I never did figure out her secret and I feel a little bit cheated. But I guess it’s all good because a great friendship formed because of that.

Nick’s Random Commentary: Hahaha! It wasn’t a big secret. The only thing I did do was pester them by requesting multiple times. They must have gotten tired of me and been like “here, auto approval, don’t bother me again!”. Can you guys believe it’s been 6 months since we’ve started co-blogging! It just feels like yesterday, when we decided to super secretly start to blog together! And I have loved every moment of these 6 months because I feel like I’ve gotten to know Nereyda so much better.

For a few years, most of our interactions was simply through comments on each others blogs and checking out each others Goodread’s updates. Once in a while, we would email if we had something else to talk about, but it was mostly comments. A few years ago, Nick emailed me to ask about Ignite Me since I had gotten an early copy and one thing led to another and it ended up being the longest email thread I’ve ever had. I finally made Nick get Hangouts since I suck at checking my emails and we’ve talked almost every single day since then. I think it’s funny that it was Ignite Me that really catapulted this friendship into what it is, since Nick haaaaates that series and I loooove it.  See, it’s possible for book lovers to still be friends and be respectful even when they don’t agree on the same books!

Nick’s Random Commentary: I LOVE that we started our friendship because I hated the book and she loved it. It goes to show just how different all our opinions are, but that simultaneously, it’s perfectly possible to be respectful of each other’s opinions. There’s a lot we disagree on, cold milk v/s warm milk in cereal – #teamwarmmilk, for example, but we actually respectfully discuss why and try to see the others’ viewpoint.

Nick and I had been joking around for a few months about coblogging together and honestly, she is the only person I would ever even consider coblogging with. Since taking the plunge, it’s been my favorite decision blogging-wise yet. Co-blogging may not be for everyone but if it’s something that interests you, you can definitely make it work! Here are some tips on our co-blogging process and how it works for us.

Make sure you really trust the person you are considering co-blogging with and you have a great friendship beyond books:

This is obviously the most important part. In the almost 5 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen co-bloggers split up or kicked out of their blog for some reason or another. Our blogs are important to us and we put a lot of work into it and we should only do this with someone we trust and who we know would never do something like try to kick us out of the blog. Although we always joke around with each other about doing this, I know it will never happen.  Obviously it was our mutual love of books that brought us together, but we also have a great friendship beyond the books. Most times, we don’t even talk about books. If there ever comes a day when we are no longer blogging, I think our friendship is safe because it’s become so much more than books and blogging.  Even though we don’t always like the same books, we have very similar taste in books which made things that much easier when we decided to coblog.

Nick’s Random Commentary: This is so important if you’re planning on co-blogging. Make sure that your personalities mesh well together. If you’re very different in personalities, the likelihood of co-blogging working for you is very low. We’re both weirdos, have similar tastes and have similar opinions about a lot of things. I think that we were good friends and also the fact that we’re similar is what makes co-blogging work for us. If you’re planning on looking for co-bloggers, I highly recommend getting to know them better before and after you take the dive. Communication is key to a successful co-blogging experience, in my opinion. Don’t always talk about books either. Talk about your lives, your pets, your insecurities. Basically, make your co-blogger your bestie. Nereyda and I are close to the point that I even know her passwords, what her kids look like and she knows what I weigh (maybe …) and what my workout routine is like. I’m not saying everyone should have that kind of relationship, but trust is really  important when it comes to co-blogging!


Nick was well aware of how much I suck as a blogger before we decided to coblog. I don’t really plan stuff (I’m trying to do better) and I never schedule my posts in advanced, they are always last minute, and she never makes me feel guilty or bad about it. I know Nick loves to make pretty graphics and buttons and loves to play around with fonts and our design layout and I’m perfectly fine with it. I know whatever font she picks or whatever graphic she add is gonna be great so I don’t even worry about it. She also knows that I’m a very slow reader so if we want to review a certain book together, she gives me plenty of time to get the book read. Since Nick and I live in different countries and have an 11-hour time difference between us, we always try to take advantage of the hours where we are both awake and online to do our joint posts.  Although the time difference doesn’t make things harder for us, I’m definitely ready for us both to be in the same country again!  And as much as we both care about our blog, we know that life comes first.

Nick’s Random Commentary: Here’s how I see it, I do my own thing, and Nereyda does her own thing. She doesn’t tell me how I should write my reviews nor do I tell her that she has to make graphics. I’ve never been a controlling person, so I don’t give a crap as to what Nereyda does with her days and neither does she. I think that has significantly made our co-blogging smoother.

Don’t be controlling or anal about schedules:

I think part of the reason why coblogging comes so effortless to us is that we are so laid back about it all. Since I’m not usually home or on my computers on weekends, Nick takes Mondays and I take Tuesdays. If we have an idea for a post we do it together on Wednesdays and we switch off Thursdays and Fridays and we do our weekly recaps on Saturdays.  She usually sets up her part of the recap first and adds our links for the week, while I add my part after and add the search terms. We never really established we would do things this way, it just kind of happened and it works.  We have a calendar where we sometimes write what we have planned on our assigned dates, but we don’t always use it or else those plans get changed last minute. If one of us (usually me) doesn’t feel like posting a certain day or is too busy to post then we just don’t and if one of us needs a break then we take it.  Above all, we always want to make sure we’re still enjoying blogging and treating it like a fun hobby.

Nick’s Random Commentary: Setting up a general schedule is helpful, in my opinion. Like Nereyda said, we know Monday belongs to me and we switch between Thursdays and Fridays. But I don’t go crazy on Nereyda if she misses one of her days and neither does she if I miss one of mine. I don’t think it helps if you’re chasing after your co-blogger to make sure she’s posting on her days. Reminders are okay with me, but if  Nereyda sent me passive aggressive tweets or messages telling me to post already, I’d tell her #byefelicia. She’d probably say something meaner to me if I did it to her – haha! 😀 Again, communication is crucial to a successful co-blogging journey. Even when she doesn’t post anything, I appreciate it when Nereyda tells me that she isn’t going to do it, because that way, I can decide to post a post or decide that I want to take a break as well. In the end, this is a hobby and real life comes first. I think if you put pressure on your co-bloggers to produce content, you strain the relationship, because really, who likes to be forced to do things?

In the end, co-blogging has really changed our lives in a very good way. I was honestly close to quitting blogging last year shortly before we decided to co-blog because it was starting to feel like a chore. Co-blogging has made us much happier and relaxed bloggers and most importantly, we’re actually having fun again. 🙂

Have you thought about getting on a co-blogger? If you have co-bloggers, what’s your favorite thing about it? If you don’t, what are your thoughts on co-blogging?
If you have any questions for us about co-blogging or want to help ease your mind about co-blogging if you’re planning on it, but are a little afraid, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Great post! Weirdly, I wrote about co-blogging today and have another post about it scheduled for later. :p

    I agree trust and flexibility are really important! It’s also important to find someone who /generally/ sticks to the schedule, of course, but you have to be ok with someone missing days here and there. 🙂

    • I’ll have to check out your post! There have been lots of great posts about co-blogging lately. The lovely ladies at Happy Indulgence did one too. I think it’s great so people get to hear it from lots of others so it might help give them the push to try out co-blogging especially if they want to do it, but are on the fence.
      Yeah, trust and flexibility are really important!


  • I have a co-blogger. Well, she only supports the blog with her reviews. My way is that to minimize my hiatuses with her books reviews. We both have different tastes on books but I think it’s good for the blog. We’re really far away from each other. Literally, on different sides of the world! But I am really really glad for my co-blogger. She’s really helpful and I like her. <3 We don't interact much aside from telling each other when to post a review and some changes on the blog.

    • Yeah I agree having different tastes can be good, especially because it can bring a wider audience to the blog, which is always a great thing. I’m glad you guys get along! 🙂


  • Lmaoo I mean you guys already know me and where I’m from but I can’t help myself. I love posts about coblogging because it might possibly be the best thing I’ve ever done in terms of my online life. I started my own blog awhile back in 2015 and I literally lasted MAYBE three months. I hated it. I deleted my blog. I gave up book blogging and swore it wasn’t for me! I even unfollowed most book bloggers on my twitter #byefelicia.

    During that time I’d been talking to Kelly for like a year – give or take. We quickly became best friends (no really she basically knows my whole life story). She even made my blog for me (sorry you wasted your time, Kells!). And it was October 2015 that Kelly was struggling and ready to lowkey quit blogging. So enter my sad ass, no place to go so I was like “Lol Kelly I could help you out *puppy dog eyes*” (at this point I kind of missed blogging). She said yes (probably due to my puppy dog eyes). And it’s eight months later and we’re still going strong.

    I’ll be honest I’m a terrible co-blogger. I’m a slow reader, I struggle with commenting, I write posts whenever I’m in the mood. But the biggest thing you need when coblogging like you guys said is someone who accepts you. Kelly knows I’m never going to be some speedster or an organized blogger. We mesh well because we don’t force restrictions or rules on one another and also because we talk about way more things than just books. Tbh she’s the only person I’d ever blog with. I wouldn’t be blogging today if it weren’t for her c:

    • I’m really happy you found Kelly as a co-blogger because I would have missed not knowing you, Kynn! I love that you two also mesh well together and seeem to have the same attitude to blogging as we do. It’s the best way to make co-blogging a good experience, imo.


  • what a great post. I love you guys and I love you guys co blogging. I have to admit I was only a Nick follower before this so this co blogging adventure led me to a new friend too. I can’t believe its been 6 months. wow.

    • Aww thank you so much, Jenn!
      I’m glad you discovered Nereyda as a friend thanks to the co-blogging. And right? I can’t believe how long it’s been myself!


  • I thought about getting a co-blogger for some time. I really have, especially when I let my blog go super quiet because of whatever is going on in my life. BUT my blog is my child and I’m not at the stage where I am ready to give up any of my control. You guys do it so well though! I almost couldn’t imagine it without the both of you.

    • I understand. It’s not for everyone!
      Thank you, Jazmen! 🙂


  • I thought about getting a co-blogger last year when I was really busy with work and my sister suddenly getting ill. But I really wanted to build up my blog and start connecting to more than the few blogs that I have been obsessed with for years, before I even started blogging. Only one person came to mind, my cousin Kevi. If there’s one person who loves to read more than me, it’s her. I talked to her about it, and she wants to wait until she finishes her Masters, when she can actually put in the time. She doesn’t have first hand book blogging experience (hell, I’m still clueless myself), but she does have a makeup channel on youtube, and some other outlets, so I think she will be a great fit for me. I trust her, and we both like different books and talk about them all the time. Great post!

    • I am really excited for your cousin to join you, Lekeisha! It will definitely be helpful to you and to her as well.
      Thank you! 🙂


  • I absolutely love that this has worked out so much for you two and I love that I’ve gotten to get to know Nereyda better because of it!
    As I’ve gotten busier I have thought about co-blogging but with whom and how would it work and, well, maybe it’s just easier not to for me right now LOL!

    • Thanks, Ali. We’re glad it worked for us too. 🙂
      It is kind of nerve-wracking trying to figure out who to blog with if you want to go ahead with it. I’m not going to lie, it came easily to us because Nereyda and I are so close, we’re always chatting day and night! So yeah I can imagine it being more difficult for others.


  • I love that you guys joined forces, I so adore reading your blog each and every day! I’ve definitely been thinking about a co-blogger more and more recently since my work schedule isn’t allowing for as much reading and blogging time (Nick, I have no idea how you run 2 blogs!), but luckily for now my family is really stepping in and helping me keep the blog going! I love it too much to give up on it, so I think having someone help me out is the way to go for sure!

    • Thanks, Jenny! That means a lot coming from one of my favorite bloggers! <3
      LOL, Jenny! I'm starting to regret that other blog a little and I'm sure it will turn into full-blown regret when I head to grad school.
      I'm glad that you're family is helping you out and I adore reading their posts too. Maybe they can become your full-time guest bloggers. 🙂


  • Great post, very much needed this to help me better myself with co-blogging. I have a co-blogger at Book & Movie Dimension a Blog and it is hard to coordinate things with each other. I don’t regret opening up my blog for others to blog alongside me but the coordinating thing is perhaps the hardest thing to get right.

    • I can understand why co-ordinating is hard. All I can say is TALK TALK TALK! 🙂 Communication really goes a long way. I hope you’re able to get a better hang of it in the future!


  • Awww this is such a sweet post ladies! I’m glad to see that you both just click together in so many ways, this is exactly the same for me and Rachel, we’ve been co-blogging for four years now and we just do our own thing, there’s no pressure at all if we post or not and we have this easy going friendship that I love! Here’s to many more wonderful years of blogging to come!

    • Yes, I love you guys and you inspired me to take the co-blogging step. Having an easy-going attitude to it is really the key, in my opinion. I can be controlling too, but at the end of the day, blogging is a hobby and not a job and there’s really no need for me to be controlling. The way I see it, my friendship with Nereyda is more important to me than controlling how the blog runs!
      Thanks, Jasprit! <3


  • I love this post! It’s a nice inside look at how ya’ll run things.

    I’ve thought about getting more guest bloggers, but haven’t really decided on that. It’s funny too, because I hated the idea of co -blogging and didn’t follow many blogs that HAD co bloggers but that changed about a year ago.

    • Thanks, Tonya! It’s nice when you want blogging to not feel like a chore which I was starting to feel last year.
      Oh and same, I couldn’t see myself co-blogging a couple of years ago, but I’m glad I took the leap!


  • Thanks for the post about the co-blogging experience. I’ve been curious about people that co-blog. I could never go that though because I am way too anal and controlling lol!!

  • I love that you guys co-blog now! You are both so awesome. I have thought about co-blogging as to alleviate the need to always be doing something for the blog -but I am anal and like my schedule. Also I would love it if one of my IRL friends would do it with me but I don’t see that happening. Great post ladies!

    • If you find someone as “anal” as you, I can definitely see it working. I think the important thing is to be comfortable around each other enough to communicate when you need to and have similar blogging styles/work ethics. If you do go for it, I hope you find a great one! 🙂


  • How funny! Briana @ Pages Unbound posted about co-blogging today. All put together, I’m starting to want a co-blogger! Heh! (No. Like really.) This was a great post, Nick and Nereyda! I’m so pleased that co-blogging is working out so well for you guys!

    • I’m going to need to check out her post!
      I hope you find someone you mesh well with, Ellen! 🙂


  • Honestly, my life is so much easier now that I have two lovely co-bloggers. I’m so happy I have Rachel and Liza and I can’t believe I waited so long to take the step of looking for a co-blogger. I don’t think I’d be able to do it on my own again. 🙂 I’m so happy things are going great for you guys!

    • Same, Bee! I honestly doubt I can do it alone again! I’m glad you’re experience has been so positive too! 🙂 That’s always great to hear!


  • This is such a great post, while I can easily allow for guest posts I have enough trouble fitting my own posts on the blog let alone sharing it..plus let’s face it we all know I am anal! Bwahaha.

    • LOL! You’re doing great alone, Kim! I doubt you’ll ever need a co-blogger! 😉


  • I love coming to your blog. And ever since you decided to pair up, I realize how many books out there that I need to read – especially in the Romance aisle. Also, Nereyda’s blog got me interested in make up. Lol. Me? Make up? Surely, you jest.

    I have so much love for you, two. I sometimes wish I can co-blog with someone, but I’m way too controlling so yeah. Also, I don’t play well with others. Lol.

    • Haha! I’m glad Nereyda has gotten you into make up! Her collection is insane!
      And thank you, Joy! <3 You're the best!


  • I’m kind of a control freak so I know that co-blogging isn’t for me. Haha. But I admire everyone who can make it work, especially you two!

  • This is a great post! I wish more co-blogging peeps shared their feedback on co-blogging as they went. I’m waaaaay too much of a control freak to ever consider co-blogging. I totally support the idea of co-blogging but it just isn’t for me. I post every day and I barely fit everything I want to fit – imagine if I split my time with someone, on the blog. o_o If I ever did get a co-blogger though, I’d try to reel in someone who can do fun things with graphics, like Nick. 😉

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Girl, you’ve already become habituated to this blogging thing and I doubt you’ll ever need a co-blogger to help you out with posts. And yes, it’s definitely NOT for everyone. I know some co-bloggers who don’t work well at all. It really depends on a person’s blogging work style and personality.


  • I’m so happy this is working out beautifully for you both – when I come to the blog it’s always great to see what you both are up to! Co-blogging seems like it can such a great experience if you mesh and share a friendship, values, and love of books first. You go ladies : )

    • Thank you, Kim! We’re both loving the expeirence! 🙂


  • I’ve never, ever thought about co-blogging before…Wait, I totally kid. haha I HAVE entertained the idea, but I don’t know how I would ever be able to share my baby just yet, but I imagine if things started to get like really, really busy that I would just have to suck it up, right? You guys areas always so organized and so nice! And I love the fact that you two formed a nice friendship out of it! <3 YOU GUYS ROCK!

    • It’s definitely a good avenue to look into when life gets way too busy, which is what happened to me and I was like you too, I didn’t even want to think about co-blogging. But now that I’m doing it with someone who is dear and close to me, I love it!
      Thanks, Keoionda! That means a lot. 🙂


  • i personally love co-blogging and love my co-blogger! claire, my co-blogger at Book Conversion, and i work really well together. both of us are laid back, but we also balance each other out. for instance, i’m a mess and she’s neat, i’ve been blogging for a while and she’s never blogged before. we’re not afraid to communicate with each other and tell each other what we want and need and when it’s too much. we both fully understand that we have lives and are busy. we also are real life friends who just get along really well, books aside!

    • That’s really awesome that you guys balance each other out. The fact that you communicate about everything makes you awesome co-bloggers. I think a lot of co-blogging experiences don’t go well because people don’t talk to each other enough.


  • Sometimes I think about getting a co-blogger, but Angel Reads is my baby and I would it find so hard to share it. I’ve been blogging as Angel Reads for nearly 5 years now and I would find it just too hard.

    I would love to releave the pressure of trying to post a couple of days a week – like this week for example: I just posted my first post for the week because I have been just so busy with university and haven’t had the time to write. There would also be more book reviews as it’s just more than me reading. It’s quite hard for one person to do everything.

    Thanks for sharing this girls, loved it.

    • I was like that too. I didn’t want to give up on my blog because it was my baby, but with school and life, I was getting so exhausted and I felt like I wasn’t being “rewarded” enough and it was a sucky feeling. Co-blogging is exactly what I needed to help me get that mojo back. One of the benefits for me other than relieving the pressure is that Nereyda inspires me to be more creative. We’re always discussing potential posts and review formats and it’s one of the things that has saved blogging for me. But I know others who have had not-so-great experiences with co-blogging.
      Thanks, Angel!


  • Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips, girls. It’s definitely food for thought. I’m happy y’all became friends and found a way to share your book passion with us while making blogging easier on yourselves. I love that y’all became friends over Ignite Me (I loved!) but have a friendship where you respectful of each others’ opinions and tastes. That’s true friendship! <3

    • Thanks, Brandee!
      I’m definitely glad for Ignite Me even though I’m not a fan of the book and Nereyda is. 🙂
      I will never understand people who can’t be respectful of others’ opinions when it comes to books. True friendships should be able to withstand a difference in opinion when it comes to a fictional piece of work!


  • I used to be a co-blogger. It’s actually how I got started. I had just graduated and needed more things to do, and a friend of my fiance’s recommended I “guest post” on her blog. That’s what we called it, but really I was a co-blogger without the title or the rights. I was reading and reviewing double the amount of books the blog owner was. It became frustrating because of that and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to schedule when my own posts would go up. They had to be approved. I slowly started my own blog, but I didn’t know what I was doing. Eventually I stopped sending things to be posted and a few months later I got a very nasty email. It was October. She hadn’t posted since Valentine’s Day. (This was also the beginning of the end of my engagement, little to my knowledge. Guess who my fiance lived with after the breakup? This “friend.” Yeah, they did that.) I am even still listed and linked on her blog, which has been inactive ever since with the exceptions of one post shortly following the breakup: a pregnancy announcement.

    I have considered having a co-blogger and I think it would be awesome and we’d have an amazing blog and be bloggy famous and all, but I also know I am very much type A personality and organized and scheduled and can manage and multitask beautifully (unless I have brain mush)…so then that devil’s advocate in the back of my mind tells me I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I also think I subconsciously don’t want anything to happen if I were a co-blogger. I’d probably have a long-winded moment if something ever happened to my co-blogger. I have thought about it on and off, but I don’t even know who I’d ask for a co-blogger. The jury is still out entirely on this one.

    • Oh wow! I don’t even know what to say to that awful experience you had. I’m sorry that happened to you.
      I can definitely understand about being nervous with the whole process especially with what you went through. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise going for it unless it’s someone you’ve grown accustomed to and have become close friends with. And having someone with a similar personality as you and blog working ethics too.


  • I was thinking of having a co-blogger months ago but then decided to just stay solo because the thought of co-owning my blog with someone scares me. >.< Mainly because I always feel anxious when talking to new people (especially one-on-one). But it does sound really fun! Maybe someday I’ll finally have the guts to co-blog. Awesome post! 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to try out co-blogging with someone, but then again I’d always end up backing out before I even apply because the thought of doing it makes me nervous. >.< I always feel anxious whenever I talk to new people so I've never really tried it out. It's a bit sad though because co-blogging sounds really fun. 🙁 Maybe someday I'll finally have the guts to apply. 🙂 Awesome post!

    • Oh I know it can be nerve-wracking especially if you’re looking for “new” people. It was a less anxious experience for me because I have known Nereyda close to 5 years now. It is really fun though and I hope one day you’ll find someone you’re comfortable sharing your blog with, Mara! 🙂


  • You two are the queens of co-blogging — I can tell that it works so well for you and I love both your posts together and your unique voices in your individual posts!!

  • You two are like… the OTP of co-blogging. Seriously, you work so well together and I LOVE IT. I think I am the kind of person who would do all the “DO NOT DO” things you talked about? So perhaps I should stay away from co-blogging hahah. No, I see the appeal. Very much so, in fact. I have considered (regularly) if I would be able to do it, because I really do see so many advantages to it. But at the end of the day, I feel like I’d be about as good a co-blogger as I was a college roommate- which is to say, not at all, and I would lose friends. I am kind of a control freak, but in odd ways? Like, I wouldn’t really care what anyone posted, but I think I’d be… not fond of sharing. But the potential extra sleep… it’s a tough call 😀

    • Shannon, you are the sweetest! Thank you! <3
      There are definitely pros and cons to it. There are weeks when I have lots of reviews to post and don't have enough days because I'm sharing the days and then there are weeks when I have very few things to post, which is when a co-blogger comes in handy.
      Haha! I was a TERRIBLE roommate myself. It works for the two of us because we've been friends for so long and we basically have the same mind.
      And I feel you about the sharing. For the longest time, I refused to want to share my blog but it just became too much pressure for me.