A Love Letter to Siren’s Song by Mary Weber

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A Love Letter to Siren’s Song by Mary WeberSiren's Song (Storm Siren, #3)
by Mary Weber
Series: The Storm Siren Trilogy
Release Date: March 1st 2016
Published by Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, YA
Format: eARC
Pages: 384
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

Nym and Draewulf prepare to face off in a battle destined to destroy more lives than it saves.

With the loss of Tulla still fresh in mind, Rasha’s fate unknown, and Lord Myles taken over by the dark ability, Nym and the few Bron soldiers rush to warn Cashlin’s queen. Only to discover it may already be too late for the monarch and her eerie kingdom. As the Luminescents are sifting through Nym’s past memories and the queen is reading into her future, Nym is given a choice of how to defeat Draewulf, but the cost may be more than she can bear. And even then there are no guarantees.

With that reality burrowing into her bones—along with the guilt of the lives she will sacrifice—Nym returns to her homeland of Faelen to raise an army of peasants through promises of freedom. But when the few friends she has left, along with the world and citizens she loves, are staring down the face of a monster and his undead army, will Nym summon every element her blood is capable of controlling . . . or surrender to a different strength—one of sacrifice?

Because in the end, death may be more merciful for them all.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Dear Siren’s Song

Writing this letter is a very bittersweet experience for me because it means I have to say goodbye to your world, to your characters and to the emotions you and your predecessors have given me. I have nothing but love for you, so while I’m beyond happy with the way you ended, part of me is also sad because I could have read on and on. Both your predecessors, Storm Siren and Siren’s Fury, were fantastic, but with Siren’s Song, you surpassed them both and not to mention, surpassed my expectations, which admittedly were sky high. I was a tiny bit worried that you wouldn’t live up them, but obviously it was silly of me to even doubt you just for a second.

There are many reasons why you were a stellar book, but my personal favorite reason is your protagonist, Nym. Nym is the kind of heroine that I wish every YA fantasy book would have, the kind of heroine that I secretly want to be like in real life, with the strength, determination and intelligence she exhibited through the entirety of this series. In you, Nym was fiercer than ever, but I loved that she also let us take a peek into her vulnerability. I have always loved Nym, but in Siren’s Song, she became a character that I connected with on many emotional levels. She one of the most memorable heroines that I’ve ever come across and one that I will always love.

Your secondary characters were also outstanding, Siren’s Song, and I grew to appreciate them so much more. I was especially excited to see more of Eogan, who is easily one of my top book boyfriends with his kind heart, loyalty and incredible bravery. Not to forget, some of the words that came out of this boy’s mouth had me melting into a puddle of goo, clutching my heart. We learn more about his heartbreaking past in you, and how it shaped him as a person. He and Nym made a great team and even though they frequently butted heads, they were respectful of each other. Their banter and romantic moments were a highlight of the story for me. You just convinced me that Nym and Eogan were a solid couple who were perfect for each other.

One character that surprised the heck out of me was Myles. He was always such a shady character. He battled with his own issues in this book, and much to my surprise, by the end, I was a huge Myles fan.  The friendship between Nym and Rasha too strengthened in this book and I loved just how determined Nym was to save her friend, despite it meaning she had to put herself in the path of danger. Female friendship is always a delight to read and you certainly had an excellent one. I also can’t forget to mention Draewulf, your despicable villain, who I have only grown to hate more  and more. Despite my hatred for him, he continued to be a complex, fascinating and power-thirsty tyrant who lit up a scene whenever he was in it.

The world building and plot set up in your predecessors also finally came to a full circle, especially when it came to the Kingdoms and the history behind the world. I will admit that many times in fantasy books, I don’t get the full picture, but with you, I had no such issues. Your plot made me nervous, especially as to how the book would end because of the prophecy, but all throughout you were able to keep me captivated, and swept me off my feet and ultimately, made my heart explode with happiness. Your author’s writing was as always stunning, vibrant, and beautiful in every way and made the reading experience a million times better.

Siren’s Song, thank YOU for ending the way you did. Thank you for giving me a series that I will not hesitate to re-read over and over again, for being one of the best YA fantasy series out there with your beautifully complex characters that were strong and real, action-packed story line and dynamic world building and for being a series that I will look back with nothing but warmth and fondness.

Lots of love


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Have you read any books in the Siren trilogy yet? Do you have any series that makes you want to pen love letters to them? 😉
Let me know in the comments below!

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  • The first book from this series has been on my GR’s TBR but I totally forgot about it until now! Definitely want to read it soon! Lovely review/love letter haha, great idea by the way! 🙂

    • I hope you try it, Kristin. It’s such an underrated series!
      And thanks! 🙂

  • I won Siren’s Fury last year, but I didn’t have the first book so I didn’t read it. I just found book 1 and 3 on NetGalley, so i plan to read them back to back here soon. I love this love letter to the book. Great idea, great post!

    Karen Blue recently posted: Review: BURNING GLASS by Kathryn Purdie
    • Reading them back to back is a brilliant idea. I had read the first 2 books when they came out, but I re-read them before starting this one and I think it’s what made me appreciate the book more.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • EOGAN!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS NICK!!!!! I can’t wait to read this, I loved the first two books so much:) I’ve missed Nym, and I’m beyond excited for more Nym and Eogan time. They’re such an outstanding couple! Must make time for this one immediately.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous letter my friend!

    • I hope you will love this just as much as I did, Jenny! You will love Nym & Eogan together. 🙂
      Thanks so much!

  • I’ve not started this series yet, but I have the first book. I didn’t add it as one of my TBR Pile Challenge books, but hopefully I can still read it this year. This review definitely helps motivate me!

    Lekeisha recently posted: The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell
    • I hope you can too, Lekeisha! 🙂

  • I haven’t read this series but I am glad this series ended well for you! LOVE the collage!

    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted: Review ~ Hidden Bodies
    • Thank you, Grace! I love when books end well for me. 🙂

  • This isn’t a series that was really on my radar but recently I’ve seen a couple reviews for this one and they’ve been really really good. So maybe I should think about looking up the first. I’m so glad to hear you loved it!

    • I can see you enjoying these books, Candace! They are fun and very entertaining. Thanks! 🙂

  • Fantasy is definitely not my go to genre but after reading your glowing review of the series ender (such an important thing for a series and I seriously feel let down by a lot of enders), I am definitely going to give this one a try! Lovely review Nick and I totally know what you’re saying about the series ender being bittersweet even when it’s great!!

    • I understand, Eva! It’s not the genre for everyone. And yes! I’ve been let down by way too many series enders. I hope you’ll like it if you give it a try!
      And thank you so much, Eva! 🙂

  • I grabbed an ARC of the first book after your reviewed it, and I am sad to say, I still haven’t read it. I am working diligently on clearing out the TBR, so hopefully I will get to it very soon. Fun post, Nick.

    • I hope you do, Heidi! This is a great series to binge read if you’re looking. 🙂
      Thanks, Heidi!

  • So, you’re saying I should read this book, or no? Lol. Sounds like a great series. I keep saying I’m going to get to it and I am at some point–and I hope to feel as good when I finish it.

    • Yes, definitely! 🙂
      I hope you’ll like it when you read it, Jazmen!

  • Why haven’t I read this series yet????? I’m seriously going to have to fix this very soon, it sounds amazing and I have heard nothing but great things about it. Plus, those covers are <33333

    • I hope you read them, Christy! It’s a really great series! 🙂 And I agree! The covers are even prettier in person.

  • Becca

    I started the first book but ended up putting it down, your reviews have me wanting to try this series again!

    • Aww! Sorry to hear that you couldn’t get in, but I hope you’ll give it another try. It might have been your mood.

  • I love this Nick! I love this series and it truly is one that just got better and better as it went.

    • Aww thank you, Ali! I agree. It’s such a great series! 🙂

  • I have not this series yet! I don’t know why I’m waiting, but I think it’s because of the Siren in the title.Lol.

    • She’s not actually the ocean kind of siren! 🙂

  • I am a believer/hopeful/advocate for more solid female friendships in all books. Like get rid of the cliques and mean girls trope (even if they exist). Maybe showing young readers that women can get along fine, or stories that promote strong female frienships, will spark change and we can all get along…

    wishful thinking! hahaha

    • Same! I want more of positive friendships and I’m sick and tired of mean girl tropes.

  • My heart was on hold for a moment hoping you loved this Nick! Beautiful love letter!! I should be reading this soon and it all seems bittersweet to say goodbye to this world Mary Weber has created. I can’t wait to see what happens with Nym, and I’m curious about Myles now. And I couldn’t agree more about Draewulf. I love a great villain and he’s got it covered. 🙂

    • I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, Kim! I hope you love it as much as I did!
      And ooh Myles is going to intrigue you! Draewulf is quite the great villain.
      Thank you, Kim!

  • I really need to get back to this series!!! And I adore female friendships in books! Oddly, there are few that I’ve found that I truly enjoy and think that have been written well. Eh, we’re all catty, jealous monsters 😉


    • Yes you do! 🙂
      I agree! I need to see more positive female friendships in books, especially YA!
      Thanks, Kristin!

  • What a fun idea Nick! I’m so glad this one lived up to expectations! I’m reading it next and you and Danielle have me so excited because you both were so satisfied. I confess, I’m a little nervous because it’s been awhile, so I’m a little afraid I won’t remember things! (I’ll just have to text at you for refreshers. LOL.) I’m also excited to see how I feel about Myles! He’s been a turd, but I’m excited to see some character growth! (Maybe? LOL.)

    • Jess, I didn’t remember a lot from the previous books too, like some of the world building details, which is why I went back and re-read books 1 and 2 so that might something to consider.
      And haha! Myles is interesting! I liked him quite a bit by the end! 🙂

  • That cover is gorgeous!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the ending to the series – sometimes series’ don’t end perfectly, and it’s awesome that you got a good ending for this one!
    I’ll definitely have to check out Storm Siren, after how much you’ve raved about this book and series here! 🙂 It sounds like such an AWESOME series! 😀

  • Nym sounds like such a wonderful protagonist, and I’m so glad that she grew over the course of the series! It sounds like the characters, friendship and villians were really well fleshed out. It’s exciting when a series goes full circle too when it comes to the plot. It sounds fantastic Nick!

  • I am so excited for this book. It is without a doubt among my most anticipated and I had no idea that the book was coming out so soon. I thought we’d be waiting until the summer haha. So far I have loved Nym’s progression in the books and I can’t wait to see where this book takes her. Eogan <3 After the pain we had to endure of book 2 I am so excited to see them work together. I can't wait. 😀

  • Nick, your graphics are always so so pretty! You have a true talent for visual art.
    I love the Storm Siren trilogy and am waiting not-so-patiently for my Siren Song copy to arrive. 😊 I like that we will get more insight in Myles. And I too admire Nym’s determined spirit. And I do love Eigan as a character. Glad we see more of him here!
    This is a beautiful tribute to an awesome series. Mary Weber is a very talented lady!