Review: Fight With Me by Kristen Proby!

Review: Fight With Me by Kristen Proby!Fight With Me
by Kristen Proby
Series: With Me in Seattle #2
Release Date: 01/04/13
Published by Self Published
Genres: Adult, Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 274
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Jules Montgomery is too busy and content with her life to worry about a man, especially one Nate McKenna. If growing up with four brothers has taught her anything, she knows to stay away from sexy men with tattoos and motorcycles. That goes double if he's your boss. During the one incredible night they shared, he violated the no fraternization policy...among other things, and it won't happen again. Jules won't risk her career for mind-blowing sex, no matter how much her body and her damn heart keep arguing with her.

Nate McKenna could give a shit about the no fraternizing policy. He wants Jules and he'll have her. The rules could bend around them, or be damned. He's not a man to be taken lightly, and Jules Montgomery is about to find out just how he responds to being pushed aside after the best night of sex he's ever had. She can fight all she wants, but he'll have her in his bed in the end.

FIGHT WITH ME is the second novel in the With Me In Seattle Series.

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I’ve had my eye on this series since last year and have been looking for the perfect excuse to start reading them. When I signed up for the blog tour for book #4, Rock With Me, that seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get started on this series.  Don’t ask me why (because I really don’t know) but for some reason I started with book #2, Fight With Me.  (Actually, the tattooed guy on the cover must have had something to do with that choice)  I really wanted to read the next couple’s story and I ended up reading Play With Me in one day.  Then I wanted the next couple’s story and I started reading Rock With Me right after.  After this I plan on finally going back and reading book #1, Come Away With Me, because Natalie and Luke’s story sounds just as amazing as the rest of them!

Jules loves her job and she’s damn good at it too.  The only drawback is her hot boss, Nate McKenna.  Eight months ago, Jules and Nate shared a smoking HOT night together which totally violates their non-fraternization policy.   Jules panics and leaves his place after that night.  At first, Nate tries to talk to Jules about that night but she is determined to keep things between them strictly professional, even if it kills her.  Nate eventually stops trying with Jules, until now.  Nate is tired of fighting his feelings for Jules and he’s out to show her how much he wants her.  Poor Jules never stood a chance against Nate McKenna.  He invites her to spend the weekend with him to see where things take them.  Jules ends up agreeing and although tries to fight it at first, it’s not soon after that they end up back in bad.  Only this time Nate isn’t going to let her get away again.  They start a relationship which must be kept a secret at work.  Still, Jules isn’t sure if she’s willing to risk her job for Nate.

Jules was such an awesome character!  Growing up with four brothers has toughened her up, in a good way.  She’s a tough, she kicks ass, she’s strong minded, and she’s a take-no-crap girl with a dirty mouth.  My problem with her was how much she fought against the idea of a relationship with Nate.  She was practically living with him and she was still doubting their relationship.  It’s obvious he likes her, wants her and cares about more than just sex with her and he makes it very clear to her over and over.  Nate was such a surprise.  I knew he was a tattooed and pierced ex fighter and I assumed I was getting a bad boy.  I was very surprised to find out that he was actually a very sweet, caring and romantic guy.  He was most definitely not boring though.  When it came down to it, he was a bad boy in all the ways that counted.  This is an adult book and the scenes reflect it.  There were some very hot and steamy scenes in here .  Although they started to get a little repetitive towards the end, they were still good scenes to read and didn’t really bother too much.

My main problem with this book is that Jules and Nate were almost too perfect.  They were both very rich and insanely hot.  Throw in the fact that they both love to cook, love to workout and were just too good to be true, it started to be a bit much.  The plot also wasn’t overly eventful.  They get together, hide their relationship, eventually get caught and HEA.  The climax of this story wasn’t too exciting, to be fair it didn’t really bother me.  I read this book after reading some intense and highly emotional books so it was nice to take a break from all of that.  Fight With Me is one of those addicting guilty pleasure books.  Sweet, romantic, funny and definitely sexy.  Despite these few problems (for me) I enjoyed this one, it just wasn’t my favorite.  I just finished Play With Me (book #3) and it was sooooo good!  I’m reading Rock With Me and so far it’s really good too.  I’m excited to read all of the books in this series and I just want to get to know all the members in the extended Montgomery family.  I already feel like I’m a part of the family!  I can read about these people forever and plan on going back and reading Luke and Natalie’s story when I’m done with the latest book.  The With Me series is one that I will definitely keep reading!

I don’t know what to rate this…maybe a 3.5 or 4 stars.  Oh, I really like Nate’s tattoo so that bumps it up to a 4 😉

Some of my favorite quotes from Fight With Me:
-“It’s just dinner, Julianne.”
“You’re not looking at me like you just want dinner, Nate.”
He cocks his head to the side and a smile kisses his lips. “How am I looking at you?”
“Like you’d like to fuck me on this desk.”

-I comply and hear him pour more gel in his hands, then he’s rubbing my back, my shoulders and neck, massaging me. “Oh, God, babe, that’s good.”
He chuckles behind me.  “You’re a little tense, sweetheart.”
“I have a stressful job.  My boss is a tyrant.”
He slaps my ass with a soapy hand and I yelp in surprise and then giggle.  “Okay, he’s a sexy tyrant.”

-“I’m a badass, but there are times that I need someone to hold me up too, and I didn’t know until I found you that that doesn’t make me weak, it means that I’ve found my partner.”

-“I love it when you look at me like this.”
“How am I looking at you?” I whisper and push my fingers into his thick hair…
“Like I’m all you see.” He whispers back to me.
“You are all I see.”



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