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Review: Of Darkness and Crowns by Trisha Wolfe!Of Darkness and Crowns
by Trisha Wolfe
Series: Goddess Wars #2
Release Date: 03/20/14
Published by Self Published
Genres: Dark, Fantasy, New Adult
Format: eARC
Pages: 213
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Source: ARC received for review purposes

The moon goddess has taken up residency within Prince Caben, darkening his mind and soul. Now he hunts the very women he sacrificed his life to save, his conflicting desires for love and power raging a battle within him. Kaliope possesses the key to setting Bale free, and Caben will stop at nothing to see his goddess restored. Even if that means destroying the kingdom he’s sworn to protect, and the infuriating woman who torments his thoughts.

Kaliope, now the leader to the newly formed Nactue Guard, has vowed to save Caben. But with a traitor lurking among her people, and powers she’s unable to fully control, Kaliope’s mission becomes shrouded with doubt. Her new role as watcher over Caben’s kingdom brings a burden she’s unable to bear alone, and appointing the right person in charge of the prince’s affairs has turned a kingdom against the Nactue leader. Saving her stubborn, willful prince from the darkness overtaking him will be the battle of her life, and she needs people she can trust by her side. But bad blood between members of the Nactue obscure Kaliope’s journey, while her feelings for Caben cloud her judgment.

When the time comes to do what she must to destroy the goddess of chaos, will she be able to if it means losing Caben forever?

Book two of the Goddess Wars is told in dual point of view from Kaliope and Caben. New Adult Dark Fantasy, intended for readers 17 years of age and older.

ARC received for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Guys, Trish sure knows the way to my heart.  Withing the first couple of pages, we have Kalliope, our kick ass heroine, in the midst of battle cutting off someones head. That definitely had my attention!  Trisha’s books are some of the few Fantasy books I’m willing to read mostly because I know I’m in for a tough girl MC and a hot guy.  I was such a big fan of Of Silver and Beasts last year, and after that killer ending, I’ve been waiting for this book to come out.  Despite the somewhat-reading schedule I was trying to follow, I pushed all of it aside the moment this arrived in my inbox.  I’d read a few chapters last year and was especially looking forward to this because this time we get Caben’s POV’s.  I’m doing my best at keeping this spoiler-free so forgive my vagueness…

After the shocking ending of Of Silver and Beasts, Caben is not the same guy that Kal fell in love with in the the under realms.  The fact that Caben is determined to kill Kaliope is putting a damper on their relationship.  But, no worries because Kal is prepared to kill Caben if necessary.  Or she tries to convince herself of that at least.  Even though Caben is under otherworldy influences, his commands to kill Kal are underlined by his love.  One moment he wants her, the next he wants to kill her.  Having someone in your head will surely fuck you up.  I loved that we got Caben’s POV scenes this time around because we got to see his internal struggles.  Even though this thing is demanding he destroy Kal, a bigger part of him still loves her.  But is that part powerful enough to overcome his inner demons?  I wasn’t sure how having View Spoiler » was going to turn out.  Trisha sure pulled it off!  In fact, Cabe’s chapters became my favorite to read and some of his View Spoiler » evil thoughts became my favorite quotes.  We slowly get to see Caben fight the darkness a little bit more each time.  But this might end up costing him his sanity and his life…or Kal’s…

Caben isn’t the only one struggling.  Other than trying to not let the guy she loves kill her, Kal is facing the possibility that ending Caben’s life might very well be the only possible outcome.  When her loyalties are tested, Kal starts to question everything her beliefs and who she can trust.  Of Darkness and Crowns takes us on a dark journey into Kal and Caben’s oh-so-complicated relationship this time around.  Some of these scenes between them had my heart pounding!  I’m glad Trisha pushed the envelope with this one because we need more books like this.  Even when they hated each other and were trying to kill one another (actually especially when they were trying to kill each other) the chemistry between these two was so hot!

I wasn’t aware that there would be another book planned in this series and I was getting a little bit worried when the end was coming up and we didn’t have a complete resolution.  Even though this didn’t end the way Of Silver and Beasts did, the ending still leaves you wanting to read the next book!  My only issue with this was the final battle at the end.  While it was a good one with plenty of twists, I thought it maybe dragged on a little.  Or it could be the fact that I have a very short attentions span.  Or the fact that I was dying to get to the next part to see what happens next.  Either way, Of Darkness and Crowns was a very thrilling book and a worthy sequel.  In a market flooded with contemporary NA’s, it’s so refreshing to see a New Adult Fantasy book.  Looking forward to the next book!

Some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes from Of Darkness and Crows:

A sudden flash of a smiling, laughing Kal blurs my vision, and I shake my head.  There’s only one way to rid my thoughts of that woman.  Kill her.

Games.  Oh how I love them. And with Kaliope? It’s the ultimate sport.

Desire to own her, body and mind, consumes me.  And I’m almost saddened that I must end her.  Almost.

I extend her hand to caress her dark hair.  She flinches yet holds her stance as my fingers take in its softness.  I sigh.  “You only claimed I’m not leaving here.  Not that I’m not leaving here alive.  You’re not ready to kill me, love.  You can’t.”

Us, together, bound by love and violence.  We’re the spark at the center.  Two halves fighting for dominance.  Both light and darkness.

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  1. OMG THIS BOOK SOUNDS HAWT 😀 I loved the first book, and I have the second one (yay it’s finally out!). I’m so glad that the sequel did not disappoint! Not that I expected anything less from Trisha. I’m so excited to read this book WOOHOO! Terrific review, Nereyda 😀

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  2. Ooh yay I’m glad that you loved this one so much! I need to start reading Trish’s books soon because I actually have one but I just never have thetime to get around to it. But seriously I’m always looking for a book that’s a great fantasy with a wonderful MC 🙂
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