Mini-Review Comments and Plagiarizing…WTF?!

Posted June 18, 2012 by Nereyda/ 6 Comments

Over the last couple months I have been getting these weird comments on some of my reviews where the person commenting basically leaves like a mini review of the book I reviewed.  At first I thought I thought it was weird, then it started getting annoying but I didn’t really think anything of it.  Until yesterday when another blogger contacted me and told me people were leaving mini review comments on her blog too.  She thought it was weird so she googled the comment and a link to my review on my blog came up.  I’ll be doing the same thing to those comments I got and I will be notifying the person who originally posted the review.  I don’t know if this has happened to any of who other bloggers out there but I thought I might point it out just in case it has.
So yup…I’ve been plagiarized.  Should I be flattered that someone liked my review enough to copy?  Nope I’m just pissed!
For those of you who have blogs:  Have you been getting these mini-review comments or have you been plagiarized?  If so, what did you do?


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6 responses to “Mini-Review Comments and Plagiarizing…WTF?!

  1. I wish I could credit where I saw this, but on a few blogs, I saw one of those linky/badge type things to this website:

    I signed up about when I started blogging a few weeks ago. Not only do they provide “proof” via email of what and when you post, they also run checks to see if other people are using your content. Not sure how well the second part works- I wouldn’t know unless someone took content, used it, and myfreecopyright didn’t catch it. But, it’s free, so why not?

  2. Yeah, I’ve gotten a few of those a few months ago, I just marked them as spam and haven’t gotten one since then, although that might be a coincidence, but I didn’t realize they might be plagiarized, and the commenter’s names were always countries from Europe.

  3. I had this happen to me recently as well. Another strange thing that happened with mine was that they did a mini-review on another book in the series, not the one I reviewed. Like you suggested, I Googled the comment and found that it had been taken from another blogger. I will be contacting this blogger and then reporting them as spam. Like Aleksandra mentioned, the commenter’s name was France, but I couldn’t get anymore information about it. Weird!

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